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The High Court of Sindh is the highest (law-related) institution of the area of control/area of land of  Sindh   Pakistan. It was established in 1906.It is l

The Lahore High Court (LHC) is located in Lahore Punjab Pakistan.The Lahore High Court (LHC) has legal control/area of legal control over Punjab.It was establi

It was established under IHC Act, 2010 after the 18th amendment in the Constitution of Pakistan in 1973.Before, the IHC was established by the Former President

The National Accountability Bureau (Urdu: قومی احتساب ادارہ‎; reporting name:NAB), is an autonomous and constitutionally established federal in

Balochistan  has an eventful history dating back to the Stone Age. Recent research and archaeological excavations at Mehrgarh have revealed 9000 years old civi

The Supreme Court of  Pakistan  ( Adalat-e-Uzma Pakistan) is a highest and an apex court in the judicial hierarchy of Pakistan[1] Constitution – PakistanE