Lahore Flying Club
Lahore Flying Club

The Lahore Flying Club was founded by a group of dedicated philanthropists initially named as “Northern India Flying Club”. This is the first flying club established in Indo-Pak Sub Continent in 1932. At the time of partition, this organization would have been wound up but for the keen interest taken by some members including Mr. G. Mueenuddin, C.S.P. and Dr. J. B. Sproul, a keen aviator and an eminent American Dentist who served the Club for 8 years as Honorary Secretary
In 1950, the club was patronized by the PAF by sending their cadets for abinitio training in the Club. The Director General, Civil Aviation Authority introduced a new Subsidy Scheme in 1953 and entrusted the Club with the training of Commercial Pilots for Pak Air, Orient Airways and Crescent Air Transport. In 1954 all the three Airlines merged into PIA and the Lahore Flying Club continued to train pilots for the National Carrier. At present, the Club is the owner of 5 Single Engine aircraft. [1] About LFC

Established:Indo-Pak Sub Continent in 1932
Honorary Secretary:Mr. G. Mueenuddin, C.S.P,Dr. J. B. Sproul, keen aviator ,eminent American Dentis
Line of Business: Flying School, Charter, Aerial Work
Owner:Non-Profit Organization
Aircrafts:Cessna C-337 , Cessna C-310 , Piper PA-28 , Cessna C-152 , Cessna C-150
Capt Anthony Choudry:Chief Pilot ,Chief Flying Instructor
Phone:+92 320 532 1930 ,+92 42 99230392 ,+92 42 99230393
Address:Lahore Flying Club, Walton Airport, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Working Hours:10am-5pm
Chief Engineer:Malid M Anwer
Chief Ground Instructor:Sheikh Nawaz
Chief Flight Instructor:Captain Khalid Mahmood
Working Days:Mon-Sat
Flower/Leaflet Drop Services:Available
Charter Services:Available
Joy Ride Services:Available


To provide our students with a dynamically structured curriculum delivered by highly trained and qualified instructors using modern, safe equipment, and equip them for the challenges of being a successful pilot. [2] LFC Mission


Our Vision is simple, yet the foundation of everything we do here at Lahore Flying Club…to embrace the human spirit and let it fly. [3] LFC Vision


Piper Pa-28 Cherokee Warrior
Cessna 172 RG
Cessna 152  [4] LFC Fleet
Our Well Maintained hanger is fully equipped to hold all manners of Air crafts. With on ground engineers, we make sure all our planes are kept in the best of shapes. [5] LFC Hanger


LFC provides the best environment for learning in our well equipped classrooms. With projectors and screens, we indulge our students in learning. [6] LFC Classrooms

LFC Cafetaria

The Perfect place to kick back after a heavy day of flying. Providing hot meals and cold drinks to all our students and members alike  [7] LFC Cafetaria


  • TRAVEL (CHARTER SERVICES)[8] Lahore Flying Club Services

Joy Rides

The city of Lahore has several splendors that you can enjoy from an aerial view! This weekend, head out for a beautiful and scenic aerial joyride around Lahore in an aircraft and get your adventurous photographic friends too! A joy ride above the city is an unforgettable way to experience the breathtaking beauty of Lahore and its surrounding areas.[9] Lahore Flying Club Joy Rides

Travel Charter Services

In this day and age, while most people have had the experience of travelling on a commercial airline, either for business or pleasure, fewer have had the pleasure of chartering a private jet for executive travel. . When you choose Lahore Flying Club to secure your executive jet you and your companions will be treated to VIP service and a level of convenience and privacy not available anywhere except on a charter flight.[10]Lahore Flying Club Travel Service