Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority (Education)

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2017-04-10 11:06:48Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority
  • Details
  • Location:

    Educational institution in Peshawar, Pakistan

  • Phone:

    (091) 9218318

  • Chief Minister:

    Pervez Khattak


    Moneeb Khattak

  • Secretary Industries:

    Farah Hamid

  • Chairman :

    Arshad Ali Umarzai

  • Email:

  • Institutes:

    Polytechnic / Colleges of Technology Women Polytechnic/Vocational Centrs Vocational Institutes Shaheen Vocational Training Institutes (SVTIs) Accredited Institutes

  • Academic Programmes:

    RAMMES DAE / B.Tech CBT Courses Vocational Trades

  • Assistant Director, HR-2(GTVCs/SDCs:

    Mr. Afsar Halim

  • Assistant Director, HR-1 (GCTs/GPIs):

    Mr. Shah Riaz

  • Assistant Director, Admin:

    Mr. Imtiaz ahmad

  • Assistant Director, Legal Affairs:

    Mr. Mohammad Rasool

  • Deputy Director M&E:

    Mr. Israr Ahmad

  • Deputy Director P&D:

    Engr. Mughal Baz

  • Director Academics:

    Alamzeb Khan

  • Director Admin & HR:

    Engr. Abid Iqbal

  • Website:

  • Objectives of National Skill Strategy:

    Providing Relevant Skills for Industrial and Economic Development Improve Access, Equity and Employ ability Assuring Quality

  • Vision:

    Prosperous and economically stable Khyber Pakhtunkhwa through competitive skilled work force for meeting domestic and global market demand.

  • Mission:

    Youth engagement in demand driven skillful training in sync with the market based technology for improved employ-ability and meaningful contribution to the socioeconomic development of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Establishment of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Technical Education Vocational Training Authority

  1.   As  soon  as  may  be,  after  the commencement  of  this Act,  Government  shall  establish  an Authority to  be known  as  the   Khyber  Pakhtunkhwa  Technical  Education  and  Vocational Training Authority (hereinafter referred to as the “TEVTA”), to impart such technical  education  and  vocational  skills through  institutions  under  its administrative  and  regulatory  control,  which  is  based  on  syllabi  acceptable nationally  and internationally,  is  accredited  with national  and international institutions,  is  responsive  to  the  market  needs  and  provides nationally and internationally acceptable hands on experience to its trainees.[1] Khyber Pakhtunkhwa technical education Establishment KPK-TEVTA
  2.  Soon after the notification of the establishment of TEVTA in the official  Gazette, by  the  Industries,  Commerce  and  Technical  Education Department, TEVTA shall, except  colleges  of  commerce,  business administration  or  management  sciences, take  over  the administrative  and regulatory control over all colleges, institutes and centers by whatever name called, imparting technical education and vocational trainings and which are working under the  administrative  and  regulatory  control  of  Directorate, immediately before existence of TEVTA.
  3.  The TEVTA shall  be  a  body  corporate  having  perpetual succession,  and  a  common  seal  with  the  power  to  acquire  and  dispose  of property both movable and immovable and shall by the said name sue and be sued: Provided  that  the  movable  and  immovable  property  owned  by  the TEVTA  shall  not  be  sold,  leased out  or  otherwise dispensed without  prior approval of the Government.
  4. The  main office of the TEVTA shall be at Peshawar and shall have such other regional offices at such places in the Province as Government may deem appropriate.
  5.  The Board in discharging its function shall be guided by such direction as  Government  may  from  time  to  time  give  and  shall  be  accountable  to Government for its performance.
  6. Section-3 of “The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority Act, 2015”


    Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority
    Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority
        The overall objective of the Technical Education and Vocational Training policy is to provide the economy with qualified and competitive workers and to train citizens able to participate in sustainable growth and poverty reduction by ensuring training opportunities to all social groups without discrimination. The main objectives of National Skill Strategy are:Providing Relevant Skills for Industrial and Economic DevelopmentImprove Access, Equity and Employ abilityAssuring Quality

        Administration and Human Resource Wingol

          The Directorate of Administration and Human Resource, has the following Terms of Reference in KP-TEVTA.[2] Administration and human resource wing
          1. Keep the Board, the Chairperson and Managing Director of the Authority informed about the day to day business of the Authority and the institutions under its administrative control;2. Ensure service discipline and good order in the Authority and its institutions;3. Coordinate with the monitoring and evaluation wing and shall, on the recommendation of the said wing, enforce   the punishment and reward system;4. Process cases of appointment by initial recruitment, by transfer and by promotion in accordance with this Regulation;5.Initiate, process and pursue all amendments in the laws, Rules and regulations;6. Protect the rights of employees of the Authority conferred on them by the law;7. Allot the official residential accommodations to the employees of the Authority, on the terms and conditions as specified for government servants of the Government;8. Install office and residential telephone connections as per policy of the Authority;9. Assist the Managing Director in preparation of agenda for the meeting of the Board, recording minutes of the meeting and pursuing implementation of the decisions of the Board;10.Arrange training, workshops seminars and courses for the teaching staff for its capacity building;decide, in consultation with the Directorate of Academics, the number of seats for admission to various courses and training in the institutions under the Authority;11. Advise schemes and explore venues for provision of funds for creating scholarships and stipends, for the talented students/ trainees and trainers of teachers, within the country and abroad;12. Formulate mechanism for generation of funds by introducing special courses and arranging service outlets in various fields for financial sustainability of the Authority;13. Undertake a continuous process to discover opportunities, venues and Industrial Market and prospective business requirements and to evaluate the quantum of experienced hands and skilled personnel’s needed to the market which should be produced by the Institutions, Colleges and Centers of the Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority and make available to the market;14. Intimate to the Director Finance all appointments, promotions, resignations and terminations of the employees. For every employee, a proper service book or personal file shall be maintained containing all information of his service from recruitment till his retirement, termination or removal from service, as the case may be.15. The passed out trainees shall register themselves with the Wing and the Wing shall maintain data of all such trainees, regularly updating the same.16. The unemployed personnel may keep liaison with the Wing for seeking jobs.17. All the Regional offices and Institutions under the administrative control of the Authority shall submit in the form Annexure-I, monthly progress report of their performance to the Wing. The Wing shall compile such reports and place the same before the Board on quarterly basis

          Operation Wing ol

            The Directorate of Operation , has the following Terms of Reference in KP-TEVTA[3] Operation wing KPK
            Supervise all the colleges, institutions and centers of the Authority for proper, effective and fruitful implementation of the aims, objectives, policies and orders of the Authority’s Administration.Undertake a continuous, process of discovering opportunities, venues and industrial market and prospective business requirements, shall evaluate the quantum of experienced hands and skilled personnel, needed to the market , to be produced be the institutions of the Authority.Liaise with the institute management Committees, employers in the industrial sector, Overseas Employment Corporation of Pakistan, Overseas Employment Promoters, Employment Exchange, apprenticeship and other relevant agencies for the jobs within the country and abroad.Explore the possibilities and devise schemes for joint ventures based on public private partnership programs with the private sector agencies.Follow up the timely and vigorous compliance of all the orders, policies and decisions.Supervise the Regional Offices of the Authority and ensure efficient performance of all the subordinate offices/institutions.

            Academics Wingol

              The Directorate of Academics , has the following Terms of Reference in KP-TEVTA.[4] Academic wing KPK
              Formulate such policies and methodologies pertaining to academic technology education so as to ensure smooth functioning of the institutions.Prescribe standard curriculum, teaching learning material text books, student work books, training manuals, lesson planning, practical internship programs and the prescribed format for the submission of thesis by the students/trainees on completion of their internship program.Devise training modules for various courses of technical education and vocational trainings as per the requirements of the market for skilled and technical professionals in the public and private sector industries/professions at the local, national level.Ensure quality training program through subscription to suitable accreditation system.Update periodically the curricula keeping in view the day to day developments in technology as per market demand.Find the new scientific and technological advancement with the help of research and development initiatives and in consultation with the directorate of human resource and the institutional management committees (imcs), besides constant and vigilant contacts with other provinces of pakistan and international agencies of science and technology.

              The Directorate of ICT has the following Terms of Reference in KP-TEVTAol

              • Prepare strategic and operational plans for the Information and Communications Technology tools, processes and systems to meet the requirements of business and contribute to the achievement of short and long term goals of the Authority.[5] The Directorate of ICT
              • Manage and provide oversight for the implementation of an Information and Communications Technology security strategy and disaster recovery plan that minimizes the risk of data loss and breach of privacy of the Authority’s information.
              • Ensure development, implementation and maintenance of policies related to Information and Communications Technology services, including procurement, distribution and assets management.
              • Develop and manage the planning and budgeting for the Authority’s Information and Communications Technology services.
              • Develop sourcing strategy to ensure appropriate procedures for selecting proper equipment and services vendors of Information and Communications Technology.
              • Oversee the implementation and maintenance of technology infrastructure in line with the Authority’s growth plans, and changing business requirements for technological advancements.
              • Provide methods, tools and procedures for data integrity assurance and guarantee daily operation.
              • Ensure Information and Communications Technology systems comply with regulatory and legal requirements.
              • Exercise control and monitoring of corporate Information and Communications Technology projects progress.
              • Oversee special projects, including planning, scheduling, managing and progress reporting for new system implementations.
              • Ensure continuous improvement of the quality and cost efficiency of the Information and Communications Technology services.
              • Computerize all the activities of the head Office, Regional Offices and colleges/institutions of the Authority.
              • Arrange proper networking of all the activities of Head Office, colleges and institutions of the Authority and update it from time to time.
              • Develop a website of the Authority for hoisting all  the programs or events or progress in different fields and achievements of its Directorates, offices, colleges and institutions.
              • Coordinate in training of teachers and students in the information technology, software and hardware.
              • Perform any other function relating to the Information and Communications Technology, as assigned by the Board or the Managing Director.

              Procurement Wing

              The Directorate of Procurement, has the following Terms of Reference in KP-TEVTA[6] KPK Procurement Wing KPK
              1. The Wing  shall make procurement on the recommendations of the Procurement Committee, as mentioned in the Rules.Provided that procurement of less than the value of Rs. 0.2 million shall be made, subject to sanction of the Authority, by the Director of the respective Wing, without the recommendations of the Procurement Committee.
              2. The term of the Procurement Committee shall be two years. The Board, may, however, dissolve it at any time during its term and constitute a new Committee. The Board may extend the term of an existing Committee or a member thereof for a further period of one year.
              3. Quorum for spot procurement shall be four members including the Convener.Provided that if the Convener is not in a position to accompany the committee, he may nominate any of the members to act as convener for any spot procurement.

              Planning and Development and Works Wing

                      The Directorate of P&D / Works  , has the following Terms of Reference in KP-TEVTA
              1. Prepare a blue print of the existing technical education and vocational training facilities pertaining to the infrastructure of the institutions and offices of the Authority.
              2. Prepare  short term and long term institutional development plans, keeping in view the futuristic uplift in the industrial and technical fields.
              3. Prepare new schemes for inclusion in the Annual Development Program of the Authority as well as Public Sector Development Program of the Federal Govt, submit the same to Strategic Planning Committee for clearance and subsequent approval of the Board.
              4. Liaise with the concerned quarters at provincial and federal level and follow up for approval of the developmental scheme.
              5. Undertake project formulation, appraisal and evaluation of the schemes approved by the competent forum.
              6. Prepare PC-IV of the completed developmental schemes of the Authority and its follow up.
              7. Carry out feasibility study for identification of sites, prepare detail designs and drawings of the new developmental schemes and prepare detailed cost estimates of the new projects for inclusion in the PC-Is/PC-iis.
              8. Execute, after approval of the new developmental schemes by the competent forums and release of necessary funds there for, construction work strictly in accordance with the procedure laid down in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Procurement Regulatory Authority Rules, 2014and the standard criteria contained in the building code.
              9. Carry out the routine repair and maintenance work of the existing infrastructure of the offices and institutes of the Authority as per provisions of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Procurement Regulatory Authority Rules, 2014.
              10. Perform such functions as may be assigned to it by the Board for addition, alteration or up gradation of the existing institutions or establishment of new colleges, institutes or centers as per laid down procedure.
              11. Liaise with Donor organizations to secure funds for developmental projects.
              12. The Managing Director, within the Authority, shall have the power to approve projects upto the value of Rs. 5.00 million out of TEVTA generated Fund.

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