Khayyam Sarhadi

Khayyam Sarhadi (Artist)

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Veteran actor Khayyam Sarhadi died of cardiac attack during recording of a TV play in Lahore . He was around 70.He was son of film producer and lyricist Zia Sarhadi who produced three films “Hum Loag”, “Footpath” and “Awaz” before the partition of the Indian subcontinent.The actor had 2 wifes and four daughters. Khayyam Sarhadi was first married to TV actress Atiya Sharaf and then to film star Saiqa. His daughter Zille Sarhadi is an actress and model.[1] Veteran actor Khayyam Sarhadi 

Title Description
Name: Khayyam Sarhadi
In Urdu: خییام سرحدی
Native Name : Khayyam
Famous As: Actor
Nationality: Pakistani
Residence: Lahore, Punjab
Religion: Islam
Profession: Actor, Television personality, Radio personality
Zodiac: Capricorn
Awards : Pride of Performance Awards – (1991)
Date: 1948
Place: Bombay, British India
Spouse: Atiya Sharaf (divorced) Saiqa (wife till his death)
Children: 4 (daughters) Zarghuna Khayyam
Parents: Zia Sarhadi (father) Zahira Ghaznavi (mother)
Relatives: Zhalay Sarhadi (niece)
Date: 3 February 2011
Cause of death : Heart attack
Rest Place: Lahore, Punjab
Drama Credits: 1
Last Drama: Series Meri Zaat Zarra-E-Benishan 2009


Khayyam Sarhadi did some theatre

Khayyam Sarhadi did some theatre

Early Age

Khayyam had it in his genes to become an entertainer par excellence. His maternal grandfather, Rafiq Ghaznavi, was a musician and since  his parents were writers, he was into showbiz from an early age. When the Ayub Khan regime imprisoned his father for his political views, the young Khayyam was packed off to the United States to study. From there, he received his Masters degree in cinematography and he travelled through Europe making documentaries before returning to Pakistan in the ’70s, after the death of his mother.[2] Early Age 

About Family

Khayyam Sarhadi’s father, Zia Sarhadi, the famous writer-director-lyricist, had Indian classics Hum Log (1951), Baiju Bawra (1952), Footpath (1953) and Awaaz (1956) to his credits as a writer, lyricist and director, whereas he wrote Laakhoon Mein Aik in Pakistan. Carrying the Sarhadi legacy was a challenge for Khayyam who made his debut in the ’70s.[3] About Family 

Early Career

Once back home, Khayyam did some theatre before he was picked up by noted TV producer Yawar Hayat to act in his plays. Not only did he portray roles of substance throughout the next three decades, he also worked in Jamil Dehlavi’s films — he had a minor role in The Blood of Hussain (1980) and he portrayed Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar in Jinnah (1998).[4] Early Career 

Khayyam Sarhadi bid adieu to Lollywood

Despite his father’s long-standing association with films, Khayyam Sarhadi bid adieu to Lollywood after some experiences turned sour. He bowed out after acting in a handful of films which included Bobby, in which he had a small role. His co-star from the film, Javed Sheikh, remembers him as a versatile actor, “Khayyam was a lovely person to be with and he was an institution into himself due to his vast experience. He portrayed every possible role an actor could wish for. One of his last plays — Anokha Laadla — is produced by my brother Saleem (Sheikh) and we are all saddened by his death.”[5] Sarhadi bid to Lollywood 

Views of Ahsan khan

Actor Ahsan Khan remembers Khayyam Sarhadi as an actor who always improvised, “I always benefited from his fatherly figure as he cooperated with the juniors on the sets. Even in two of his last plays — Parsa and Dastaan — he was there to guide us and make us learn from him. His scripts were always written in Roman since he couldn’t read Urdu. Even that didn’t stop him from improvising, speaking his own lines at times which gave his acting the natural touch we all would die for. I am honoured to have shared the screen with him in Dastaan, Ghuroor and Imtihaan. Sadly, in Parsa, his character Joseph dies of a heart attack and that is also how he left us for good.”[6] Khayyam Sarhadi as an actor 


  • Bol
  • Jinnah
  • The Blood of Hussain


  • Anokha Ladla (TV Series)
  • Daddy
  • Dastaan – guest
  • Deep Sey Deep Jalay
  • Dil-e-Abad
  • Eendhan
  • Ghulam Gardish
  • Khali Aankhen
  • Kisi Ko Maan Liya Apna
  • Man Chale Ka Sauda
  • Makan
  • Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan
  • Manzil
  • Mirza and Sons
  • Mujhe Hai Hukum-e-Azan
  • Mutthi Bhar Mitti
  • Paranda
  • Parsa
  • Saiqa
  • Suraj Kay Saath Saath
  • Waris
  • Yariyan
  • Zeenat Bint-e-Sakina Hazir Ho
  • angar wadi
  • Jhumka Jaan (HUM TV DRAMA)


  • Pride of Performance Award – (1991)


Sarhadi died with a sudden heart attack on 3 February 2011 at the age of 62 in Lahore. His funeral was held at his residence in Defence Housing Authority, Lahore.[7] Death -  Death 

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