Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases
Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases

The Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases (KIHD), is located in Karachi, became functional on June 3, 2005. It is the second cardiac care facility of the metropolis after the National Institute of Cardio Vascular Diseases (NICVD). 
As compared to the other hospitals of the city, the KIHD will be charging considerably less for the facilities provided and the tests carried out there. For instance, a patient having
angiography at the new institute would be charged only PKR 3,000, as compared to about PKR 10,000 at the NICVD and PKR 25,000 at the private ones.[1] KHID biogra[phy

Similarly, those having angioplasty at the KIHD would be charged PKR 35,000 in case of one stent and PKR 50,000 for double stents. A patient is charged at least PKR 125,000 for single-stent angioplasty in other hospitals.
Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases (KIHD), is one of the main tertiary care teaching hospitals of Pakistan. It is located in the center of city, Karachi and has started functioning on June 3, 2005.

The main function of the institute is to undertake modern treatment of cardiovascular diseases, carryout research, prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases, undertake training of medical students and nurses both undergraduate and postgraduate level and develops itself into a center of excellence for treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

KIHD is 370 beds teaching hospital, including 22 beds fully equipped Emergency Room, CCU, Medical Wards, Surgical Wards, Private Wards, Intensive Care Unit, Two Cardiac [2] Cardic KHID  Catheterization Laboratories, Two Surgical Theaters, ECHO, ETT and Nuclear Imaging Department, Rehabilitation Center, Research Department and Laboratory for routine blood investigations.[3] Karachi institute of heart disease zahanat.com

Landmarks: UBL Sports Complex
Hours:Open 24 hours
Email: kihd.cdgk@gmail.com
Care System:Government
Gender Admission:Male
Business Hours :7 Days a Week [24 Hours]
Bussiness Headings:Colleges and Universities Hospitals
Admission Office:ST-15, Block-16, Federal B. Area, Karachi-75950, Sindh, Pakistan
Affiliated University:Karachi University
Hospital Type:Semi Government
Emergency Department:The emergency of KIHD is 20 bedded and can be extended up to 25 beds.The emergency department works round the clock. The medical and paramedical staffs are posted in 3 shifts. Approximately 73,000 patients visit Emergency Department of KIHD yearly.

Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases held its third annual symposium at Karachi recently. Karachi Institute of Heart DiseasesKarachi Institute of Heart DiseasesKarachi Institute of Heart DiseaseKarachi Institute of Heart Disease

Departments and Facilities

Clinical Cardiology | Interventional Cardiology | Nuclear Cardiology | ESMR | Non-Invasive Cardiology | Epidemiology & Research | Cardiovascular Surgery | CME & Training | Pediatric Cardiology | Workshop & Symposium


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The emergency of KIHD is 20 bedded and can be extended up to 25 beds. It is a large spacious hall equipped with state of the art equipment. All the beds have ECG & BP monitors (Welch Allyn, USA), central oxygen & suction, computerized ECG machines, Defibrillator (Life Pack-20, Medtronic,
USA) with external pace maker are also available. There is a separate area for female patients.
The emergency will work round the clock. The medical and paramedical staffs are posted in 3 shifts.


Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases
The coronary care unit of KIHD is a 20 bedded unit. The CCU is also equipped with state of the art equipments. All the beds have ECG & BP monitors (Welch Allyn, USA) with some other parameters and are connected with the 3 central monitors (Welch Allyn, USA) at the nursing station.
There are central oxygen and suction lines, ECG Machines (Mortare,USA), Defibrillators (Life Pack-20, Medtronic,USA) with external pace makers and ventilators (Viasys Health Care- Bird, USA) besides other routine patient care facilities.


Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases is the first institute of cardiology of Pakistan providing separate OPD facilities for male and female patients. The entire staff of female OPD including doctors, technicians and nursing staff will be female. Both the male and female OPDs have large waiting areas, doctor’s rooms, consultant’s room, ECG rooms, ETT and Echo facilities separately.


There are 3 wards each with 20 beds, Male ward I and male ward II and one ward for female patients. The private ward has 20 rooms. Each ward has been provided with ECG machine, Defibrillator with external pacemaker and other equipments.


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The ECG system is of Mortara, USA providing multichannel ECG connected with a centralized computer system and accessories at predefined PC bases stations.


The Institute has a fully automated and computerize laboratory which is 4 working under the supervision of a Consultant Pathologist and qualified and trained staff. The laboratory is equipped with the following equipments:
• Chemistry Analyzer automatic – Selectra E (Netherlands)
• Chemistry Analyzer Semiautomatic – Microlab-300 (Netherlands)
• Electrolyte Analyzer – Beckman Coulter EL-ISE (USA)
• Hematology Analyzer – Beckman Coulter ACT-18 Channel (USA)
• Cougulometer – Sysmex CA-50 (Japan)
• Urine Analyzer- Urykon 300 (Germany)
• Microscope -MC-200 A, Micron (Austria)
• Sterlizer (Hot air/ oven) ED-53, Binder (Germany)
And other necessary equipments.


The x-ray [4] X-Ray wikipedia  department of the institute works under the supervision of a consultant radiologist. It is equipped with;
• High frequency C-Arm with fluoroscopy.
• X-Ray Machine 500 mA
• Mobile X-Ray with 100 mA
• Automatic X-ray film processor.


There are four ETT machines, one for male OPD and other for female OPD. These ETT machines are fully computerized; one is Aspel and the other are Schiller ETT Systems. The ETT labs are equipped with all the necessary equipments including defibrillators and emergency resuscitation facilities. The ETT labs will function under the supervision of a trained Registrar and experienced technician.


Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases

There are three Echo[5] Echo duppler studies machines, one for male OPD and one for female OPD and one for paediatric OPD. These are the latest version of Toshiba Nemio 35, Xorio. The Echo lab has facilities for trans esophageal echo and stress echo also. This will function under the supervision of qualified and experienced staff. All the reports will be reviewed by a consultant before final reports are issued.

Ambulatory ECG BP Lab

The ambulatory BP monitoring and ambulatory ECG[6] ECG wikipedia.com (Holter) monitoring lab of the institute is fully equipped with latest equipment in the field. The system is fully computerized and both the systems are of Schillar.

Cath Lab

The cath lab is equipped with two latest versions of Toshiba Angiography machine (Infinix -CSi) with all accessories, including physiological monitoring system (Pruka MacLa-2000 GE, USA) and electronic injector. There is a recovery room of 3 beds attached with the Cath lab equipped with invasive monitoring system, ventilator and defibrillator.