Jhang  is the capital city of Jhang District, in the province of Punjab, Pakistan. It is situated on the east bank of the Chenab river. According to the 1998 census of Pakistan, it had a population of 293,366. According to the 1998 census of Pakistan the district’s population was 2.8 million, of which 23 percent lived in urban areas; and covers an area of 8,809 km.[1] Jhang District- glance In 2009 the tehsil of Chiniot became the separate Chiniot District.

Type:Municipal Corporation
Local Language Name:جھنگ
Coordinates :31°16′10″N 72°18′58″E
District:Jhang Distric
First settled:1849
Official Language:Urdu
Native Language:Punjabi
Other Languages:Urdu,Punjabi,English
Density:6,166 km2 (2,381 sq mi)
Total Population:293,366
Time zone
Time zone:PST (UTC+5)
Postal code:35200
Dialing code:47
Vehicle registration:Three letters beginning with J and random four numbers (e.g. JHA 1234)

Jhang Famous Point Jhang Sultan BahoJhang Mazar Heer Ranjha Jhang Sadar ChowkJhang Trrimu Bridge


Jhang An Old Building
Under the British Raj, the towns of Jhang and Maghiana, lying two miles (3.2 km) apart, became a joint municipality, then known as Jhang-Maghiana.Maghiana lies on the edge of the highlands, overlooking the alluvial valley of the Chenab, while the older town of Jhang occupies the lowlands at its foot.

Population of Jhang

Jhang is the capital city of Jhang District
According to the 1981 census of Pakistan , the
population of Jhang was 1,970,944 with the
434,495 housing units in Jhang. In the 1998
census, population of Jhang was 2,834,545,
with an annual growth rate of 2.16%. The
male population was 1,474,099 (52.00%) and
the female population was 1,360,446
(48.00%). Languages mostly spoken in Jhang
are Punjabi and Urdu . Jhang is a Muslim city
with Sunni and Shia communities.[2] Population of Jhang


Jhang main city
District Jhang is divided into four Tehsils,
Jhang, Shorkot, Ahmad Pur Siyal and, 18
hazari.Jhang Saddar is the administrative
center of Jhang tehsil (a subdivision of the
district), the tehsil itself is divided into 55
Union councils.[3] Administration

Famous people

Jhang city map

  • AL- Haaj Sheikh Muhammad Akram– Bussiness man and politition
  • Shiekh Waqas Akram S/O Sheikh akram– Present M N A
  • Abdus Salam – Nobel laureate in physics
  • Syeda Abida Hussain – politician (former federal minister and Pakistani ambassador to the United States)
  • Dr Abul Hasan Ansari – politician
  • Nazeer Naji – journalist
  • Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada – leading Islamic scholar and mufassir
  • Tahir-ul-Qadri – Islamic scholar and politician
  • Faisal Saleh Hayat – politician
  • Gulshan Esther, a Christian writer and evangelist now residing in England
  • England
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  • Pakistan
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  • AL-Haaj Ghulam Ahmad Khan– politician
  • Dr. Muhammad Ajaz Hussain Sial Assistant Professor Sargodha University, Sargodha[4] Famous people

Most Famous Darbars in JhangDistrict

Jhang sadar junction District Jhang is divided into four Tehsils

  • zrat Sultan Bahoo (RA) – Tehsil Shorkot
  • Darbar Hazrat Hafiz Faiz Sultan (RA) – Tehsil Shorkot
  • Darbar Hazrat Manzoor Sultan (RA)– Tehsil Shorkot
  • Darbar Hazrat Dr. Mujeeb Sultan (RA) – Tehsil Shorkot
  • Darbar Hazrat Sultan Noor Muhammad, Sultan Muhammad Nawaz and Sultan ul Asr Hazrat Ghulam Dastgir Al-Qadiri near Darbar Hazrat Sultan Bahoo
  • Darbar Hazarat Peer Maharaj Syed Shabbar Raza of Pubbarwalla Sharif
  • Darbar Hazrat Sultan Noor Hassan and Sultan Abdul Majeed near Darbar Hazrat Sultan Bahoo
  • Hazrat Peer Jabbo Shaheed (RA), Mouza Uch Noori Gul Imam
  • Darbar Hazrat Sultan Muhammad Azeez near Darbar Hazrat Sultan Bahoo
  • Darbar Hazrat Sultan Dost Muhmmad near Darbar Hazrat Sultan Bahoo
  • Darbar Hazrat Sultan Ahmad Bakhsh near Darbar Hazrat Sultan Bahoo
  • Darbar Hazrat Sultan Muhammad Hassan near Darbar Hazrat Sultan Bahoo
  • Darbar Sultan Shah Sakhira At Mari Shah Sakhira
  • Darbar Mahni Sharif – Kot Lakhnana, 6th Mile, Gojra Road, Jhang
  • Darbar Mangani Sharif Hazrat Pir Karam Hussain
  • Hazrat Shah Jewana (RA) – Shah Jewana, Tehsil
  • Sial Sharif – Sial Sharif, Sargodha Road, Jhang
  • Maai Heer – Faisalabad Road, Jhang Saddar
  • Peer Hathy Wan – Jhang City
  • Darbar Shah Kabir – Jhang City
  • Shrine of Athara Hazari – Athara Hazari Jhang
  • Peer Hazrat Syed Dargahi Shah
  • Peer Uch Gul Imam
  • Baloki Shareef – Mochi Wala, Faisalabad Road, Jhang[5] Most Famous Darbar’s in Jhang
  • Hazrat Shah Sadiq Nahang – Shorkot Multan road, Jhang
  • Darber Rodoo Sultan – Garrh MahaRaja road, Jhang
  • Darbar Peer Gohar Shah
  • Darbar Peer Mohammad Shah Bukhari
  • Darbar Peer Noor Ahmad Hashmi kot sai singh jhang
  • Darbar Mian Murad
  • Peer Mirak Sial
  • Darbar Mae Bap – Shorkot, Jhang. (Bahoo Sultan)
  • Peer Abdr Rehman
  • Peer Hasu Balail
  • Darbar Noori Nahra
  • Dhaji Peer
  • Peer Durki Shah
  • Darbar Hazarat Farid-e-Millat Dr. Farid-ud-Din Qadri (RA) Basti Saleh Shah, Jhang
  • Peer Hafiz Abdulkarim Yousaf Shah Road, Jhang
  • Jagat Guru Nanak Dev Ji – This sacred shrine of Jagat Guru Nanak Dev Ji is on Toba road outside Jhang. Buses or mini buses going to this place from Jhang are easily available. Its bus stop is on the bridge after Bagha Wala. From the bus stop one has to walk upstream along the canal. A Gurdwara was built by the followers on the mound where Sat Gur Dev Ji had stayed. A primary school is housed in the Gurdwara now.
  • Mazar Hazrat Shah Balail in Hassu Balail
  • Mazar Hazrat Noor Ashab Near Hassu Balail
  • Mazar Hafiz Abdur Razzaq in Imam Kot Hassu Balalil
  • Darbar Peer Chiragh Shah Bokhari at Thana Mason Taseil Jhang
  • Darbar Baba Ghareeb Ali in chak no. 211 J.B. Titraanwala
  • Darbar Baba Haji Ahmad Darvesh Baghdadi – Shaheed road Jhang
  • Darbar Noor Muhammad Awan Marhoom – Mai heer Jhang
  • Derbar peer fatah Shah Chak Hundlan Bhowan Painsra Road Chiniot
  • Darbar Peer Muhammad Shah Chak Ramana (Khushal Ka) Bhowana Painsra Road Chiniot
  • Darbar Peer Hazrat Shah Sharief Chund Jhang City
  • Darbar Lal Shah Wara Thatta Mohammad Shah, Chiniot Road, Jhang
  • A Mandar (name unknown) at Wara Suleman, Chiniot Road, Jhang
  • Darbar Mian Bakha Sharif Moza Balo Shahbal, Chiniot Road, Jhang
  • Darbar Hazarat Peer Shahbal Shah Moza Balo Shahbal Jhang (by Malik Aman Ullah) Karodia Autos Jhang
  • Derbar Tiban Piran Shrif, Hazrat Pir Muhammad Hussain Shah Hamdani, Purana Khushab Road, Via 18 Hazari, Near Kurhianwala
  • Darbar Sultan Pakra(Syed Johdi Jamal ud Din) Chak No.259/JB Te.& District Jhang.
  • Darbar Hazrat Hafiz Jamal (Mian Wadda) Barana tehsil Lalian, Distt. Chiniot


Punjabi folk dances such as Jhummar and Sammi are popular in this area. Jhummar is a dance for men while Sammi is for women. The famous form of folk music is known as Dhola or Jhang da Dhola. The men wear turbans and dhotis (like a kilt) though in recent years people have started wearing the national dress which is Shalwar Kameez. The old women still wear dhotis (skirts) but the younger women wear shalwar kameez. Tent Pagging (naiza baazi) and kabaddi are very popular among the people of Jhang.Teeyan and Trinjan was an important activity for women in which they used to weave cloth using the spinning wheels, but this trend no longer exists.[6] Information – gov.pk


University Campuses

Lahore College for Women University (Jhang campus)
University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (Jhang campus)

Schools and Colleges

Government Post Graduate College, Jhang Government College University, Lahore, Jhang campus
Chenab college jhang, jhang

Other Notable people

Sultan Bahu (ca 1628  1691), saint, founder of the Sarwari Qadiri Sufi order ,  Abdus Salam, Nobel laureate in physics, Aleem Dar, cricketer and umpire. Member of the International Cricket Council Elite umpire panel, Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, Sufi Scholar, Politician, Founder of Minhaj-Ul-Quran International and Pakistan Awami Tehrik , Asif Mahmood, Famous political and financial analyst , Nasir Abbas Nayyar, Famous critic and essayist.[7] District – dc.lhc