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2017-06-02 00:25:29International Islamic University, Islamabad
Founded in 1980, International Islamic University, Islamabad is a non-profit public higher education institution located in the the urban setting of the large city of Islamabad (population range of 1,000,000-5,000,000 inhabitants), Islamabad CT. Officially accredited/recognized by the Higher Education Commission, Pakistan, International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) is a large (enrollment range: 25,000-29,999 students) coeducational higher education institution formally affiliated with the Islamic religion. International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor degrees, master degrees, doctorate degrees in several areas of study. This 36 years old H.E. institution has a selective admission policy based on entrance examinations and students' past academic record and grades. International students are welcome to apply for enrollment. IIUI also provides several academic and non-academic facilities and services to students including a library, housing, sport facilities and/or activities, financial aids and/or scholarships, as well as administrative services. [1] Islamic University
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  • Motto:

    Islami Study and Facilitating Institutes of higher learning to serve as an Engine of Growth for the Socio-Economic Development of Pakistan.Who has taught (writing) by the Pen, has taught Man that which he Knew Not.

  • Motto In Urdu::

    وفوق كل ذي علم عليم

  • Type:

    Education Institution public

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  • Chancellor:

    President of Pakistan

  • Vice Chancellor:

    Mohammad Bashir Khan, Vice President (Academics) Dr. Muhammad Munir (Higher Studies & Research )

  • President::

    Ahmed Yousif Ahmed Al Draiweesh

  • Dean::

    Dr. Muhammad Sher Dr. Aqdas Naveed Malik Dr. Muhammad Bashir Dr. Tahir Hakeem Dr. Munawar Iqbal Gondal Dr. N.B Jumani Masoom Yasinzai Dr. Ahmed Yousif Ahmed Al Draiweesh

  • Provost::

    Muhammad Amin Makki

  • Rector::

    Masoom Yasinzai

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  • Location:

    Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

  • Headquarter:

    Islambad, Pakistan

  • Director::

    Dr. Eatzaz Ahmed

  • Campus:

    Urban area

  • Colours::

    Celadon, Green, White

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    HEC, PEC

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Islamic University About
Islamic University About
The foundation of the Islamic University, Islamabad was laid on the first day of the fifteenth century Hijrah i.e. Muharram 1, 1401 (November 11,1980). This landmark of the beginning of the new Century symbolizes the aspirations and hopes of the Muslim Ummah for an Islamic renaissance. The university was created to produce scholars and practitioners who are imbued with Islamic ideology, whose character and personality conforms to the teachings of Islam, and who are capable to cater to the economic, social, political, technological and intellectual needs of the Muslim Ummah. Islamic Research Institute and few other units like Iqbal International Institute for Research & Dialogue, Dawah Academy, Shariah Academy and Institute of Professional Development are situated within the premises of majestic Faisal Masjid (spread over an area of 189,705 square meters) which is a symbol of International Islamic brotherhood and unity. In conformance with the Islamic precepts, the university provides academic services to men and women through separate campuses for each segment. These campuses, along with the central library, administrative wing and hostels, are located in sector H-10. [2] University About

The Vision

Islamic University Vision
Islamic University Vision
To provide every opportunity for an all round and harmonious development of individuals and society and reconstruction of human thought in all its forms on the foundations of Islam in order to encourage and promote education, training the research in Islamic learning, social, natural, applied and communication sciences and other branches of learning to ensure the Muslim Ummah’s ideological, moral, intellectual, social, economic and technological development in accordance with the values, ideals, principles and norms of Islam.Action Plan Segment-I
  • To consolidate the existing faculties, institutes, academies and centres of the University, namely, Faculty of Shariah and Law, Usuluddin, Arabic, Languages and Literatures, Social Sciences, Management Sciences, Applied Sciences, Academy, Shariah Academy, Centre for Basic Studies and the Iqra College of Technology.
  • To establish new faculties, departments centres, units and cells and strengthen the existing faculties, institutes, academies and centres the order the ensure diversification and deeper specialization in the relevant areas and to promote higher learning, research adn training in various branches and specializations falling under the purview of the concerned faculties, institutes, academies or centres.
  • To strengthen pre-doctoral and post-doctoral research programs in the existing faculties and institutes.
  • To develop and consolidate the Female’s Campus as a premier sear of higher learning for female.
  • To develop a faculty committed to the cause, vision and mission of the University on the one hand and responsive to the requirements, professional competence and an enhanced Islamic understanding on the other.
  • To develop a rich multi–lingual resource centre in the areas of interest to the University.
  • To develop centres of expertise, research and consultancy in the fields o Islamic Law, Islamic Economics and Banking, Islamic Finance, Information Technology and Engineering and Technology.
  • To develop a nerve center of higher Islamic education in Pakistan through affiliation of leading institutions of Islamic education, establishment of regional campuses and centres, and coordination with eminent personalities working in the fields of Islamic education, research, instruction and training.
  • To produce scholarly works and other reading material in the fields of interest to the university , especially Law, Jurisprudence, Islamic Thought, Economics, Banking, Political Science, International Relations and Business Administration.
  • To establish Faculties of Medicine and Health Sciences and a Faculty of Engineering and Technology with expertise drawn, as far as possible, both from Pakistan and overseas.
  • To establish a faculty of Communication and Media with view to produce experts in the fields of media, communication and journalism.
  • to establish branches and affiliated institutes of the International Islamic University outside Pakistan especially at places where higher Islamic learning is not available [3] Islamic  Vision 


The Islamic University has very close academic collaboration with the following universities:
  •  Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt.
  •  Ummul Qura University, Makkah, Saudi Arabia.
  •  Islamic University, Madina, Saudi Arabia.
  •  Imam Muhammad Bin Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  •  King Abdul Aziz University, Jaddah, Saudi Arabia. [4] University Collaborations 

Male Campus

The Government of Pakistan very generously allotted Islamabad, Sector H-10, comprising 704 acres of land, to enable the University to construct and shift to its own new premises and meet its ever increasing needs. At present three academic blocks and five hostel blocks have been completed and all University faculties are now functioning in new buildings with effect from January, 2002. In addition one academic block is under construction. As envisaged in the Master Plan of the new campus, the University will be completed in phases of which Stage-I of Phase-I has reached culmination while stage-II is nearing completion. When constructed in its entirety, the University will accommodate 30,000 students (20,000 male and 10,000 female) in 22-25 faculties. In addition, there will be 57 hostel blocks for male students and 28 for female and partial accommodation for teaching/research and administrative staff. The layout of the campus and all the buildings to be constructed there have been designed by renowned architects. Due regard has been paid to landscaping and providing a suitable background to all the structures. The architectural is a judicious blend of the modern and traditional Islamic styles, in keeping with the spirit of the International University. Apart from the administrative blocks and teaching departments, the buildings of the various institutes and academies and the hostels, there is to be a beautiful central mosque and a unique central library. Provision has been made for a commercial center and shops for the resident staff and the students. Altogether the total campus when complete will be an attractive addition to the existing architectural charms of Islamabad. [5] Male Campus 

Female Campus

The International Islamic University is unique in the aspect of providing an exclusive and separate academic environment for girl students. From its inception when the university was awarded its Charter in 1985, two separate Campuses were setup, the Female section being housed in a residential house in Sector E7 with 8 girl students. It was later shifted to a larger house in F-7/2, then in F-7/4 and then back to F-7/2 in a rented University building. A decade later the female campus shifted to the hajji Camp, Islamabad, and finally in December 2000 the Female Campus along with the rest of the University ultimately found its permanent building in H-10 Sector, Islamabad. The Campus has 36 departments of the nine Faculties, and One Hundred Thirty Eight (138) degree programs of the University, with a teaching staff about 218 including 5400 Doctoral and Post Graduate students. As regards the number of students, this has been increasing every year from 813 in the year 2000 to 8,970 2014. Being an International university, there are students from 50 countries who are enrolled, with the largest representation coming from China. The University embraces students from around 50 countries of the world. Its multilingual, multiracial and multicultural environment presents the true picture of the diversity of the Muslim Ummah. The University is indeed a symbol of global unity as it welcomes students from all over the world, no matter what culture, cast, creed and religion, they belong to. There are four Academic blocks on the campus with well equipped IT labs, Engineering labs, Language Lab, Bio Informatics Lab and a modern state of the Art Auditorium with a capacity to accommodate 185 people. There is an adjacent Seminar/resource room which is used for holding meetings workshops, seminars and other academic activities. According to UI Green-metric ranking of world Universities 2013 International Islamic University Islamabad has been placed among top 300 best universities of world and is placed at 283 position. This is great achievement for IIUI and it shows that IIUI is truly an International Level University. Residential accommodation in four hostels in provided to Accommodate 1600 students. However, the occupation is higher always. A well organized fleet of buses is provided by the University for girl students coming from the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad to the university. Other facilities include a Day Care Centre, where the staff leave their Children in comfortable surroundings. Currently the Day care center cares for 103 children. University is providing separate and equal educational facilities to the female students as well equipped and air-conditioned class rooms, laboratories and Computer Labs. A cafeteria and shopping Complex have been opened on the campus to facilitate students to do their shopping. A medical Center is also available, two banks First Women Bank and Allied Bank are located here to facilitate payment of fees. This is a fast growing female Campus and an Academic Science Block, equipped with classrooms and labs. [6] Female Campus 

The Mission

To optimize integration and Islamization of the contemporary knowledge and human thought in international perspective through established institutions and academic endeavors to achieve excellence in all branches of knowledge. [7] Islamic University Mission


  • Sector H-10، Islamabad 44000
  • Phone: (051) 9257988

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