Hub (Urdu:حب) (also known as Hub Chowki) is the capital city of the Hub Tehsil, located in the Lasbela District of Balochistan, Pakistan. Hub is an industrial city and its original name was Hub Chowki because once there was a police and customs check post (which is known as chowki in Urdu), named Nakahi. After the development of factories and many other industries, the town was renamed to Hub. Hub is one of the largest industrial centres of Balochistan, and because of its proximity to Karachi, it is becoming a Commuter town of the Karachi metro area.

In Urdu :حب
City Council:Government Of Balochistan
Type:Capital city of the Hub Tehsil
Local Language Name:Balochi
Coordinates :25°1’42.14
District:Lasbela District
First settled:1701
Sites of interest:Shrine of Shah Bilawal, Lahut-i-Lamakan, Kumb Shrine, Shireen and Farhad, Sassi and Punnu, Pir Fida Hussain, Pir Moosiani, Pir Mohiuddin, Mai Gondrani Hinglaj, pir koonana, pir shah bukhari, pir meeran
Historical buildings:Shah Jamai Mosque, Tomb of General Muhammad ibn Haroon, Tomb of Colonel Robert Sandeman, Karia Pir
Official Language:Urdu
Government Type:Government Of Balochistan
Time zone
Time zone:PST (UTC+05:00)
Postal code:90250
Dialing code:+92-853-XXX XXX
Vehicle registration:Three letters beginning with H and random four numbers

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Hub Top View
There are several ethnic groups in Hub including: Brahuis, Balochis, Muhajirs, Sindhis, Punjabis, Kashmiris, Seraikis, Pakhtuns, etc. The majority of the population is Muslim, while there is small Hindu and Christian minorities. Increased commercialization in this area has led to many social, political and hygienic problems. Worst state of roads and streets in area has made the everyday life more difficult. Roads are too busy as the area serves a hub between Balochistan and Karachi, that is one of the main reasons behind the lack development in this area. Presence of political parties usually lead to bad law and order situations that affects the life and commerce in many ways declining the economy of country to certain extent.


  • Sadiq Public Secondary School has five campuse
  • Special Public High School (Zehri Street Hub)
  • The Citizens Foundation (TCF) has nine campuses in Hub [1] “List of – TCF Schools
  • Ideal Public High School
  • Balochistan Kids Academy Hub
  • National Cambridge High School (Allahabad town Hub)
  • Wajah Arbaz Memorial School
  • Govt Primary School (Goth Haji Mohammad Amin Shaikh, Allahbad Town Hub)
  • Pak Grammar public High School(Lasi Road Hub)

Other Schools

  • Language Center
  • Private colleges
  • HSC colleges
  • Public Library

Courses provided by colleges in Hub include FSC, FA, BSC and BA, however, these universitues/colleges lack education for IT,, Engineering, Medical or ICS. Students from Hub have to transfer to Karachi, Uthal or other cities to proceed to university-level education.


Hub economically
Hub is economically one of the largest industrial cities in Balochistan. Hub is emerging as a commercial centre due to its proximity to Karachi. The Bazaars and markets are full with varieties of goods as well. The Byco Petroleum’s refineries,Hubco Power Project,Bosicor Oil Refineries are located in Hub near Karachi.[2] A matter- Hub refinery 

Hub Chowki

Hub Chowki
Once a small check post at the entrance of Balouchistan on RCD highway just outside Karachi Sindh, today Hub is fairly a big town. It has become an important town of Lasbela District of the Balochistan. Due to Industrial parks developed by Sindh & Balochistan governments for the conveniance of Industrialists from Karachi Hub is now a Industrial city of Balochistan.Hub is economically one of the largest industrial cities in Balochistan. In terms of demographics, the ethnicity of the residents is mainly composed by the Brahuis, Balochis, Lasi, Sindhi, Pukhtons and Muhajirs (Migrants from india). Over 90% of the population is Muslim with a small Hindu minority.[3] Hub – travel-culture

Important Place

Hub Important Place
The most important place to See in Hub is the nearby Gaddani beach and Ship Breaking yard, once a very important Ship breaking Industry where thousands of retired ships were broken for recycling, now a day is a bit slow but it is worth a look to go and have a look at it. Foreigners require a permission from Pakistan Navy to go to the yard. Travel & Culture Services offers a private day Excursion to Gaddani [4] Hub –  travel-culture 

Sites of interest

Hub map Pakistan


  1. Shrine of Shah Bilawal
  2. Lahut-i-Lamakan
  3. Kumb Shrine
  4. Shireen and Farhad
  5. Sassi and Punnu
  6. Pir Fida Hussain
  7. Pir Moosiani
  8. Pir Mohiuddin
  9. Mai Gondrani
  10. Hinglaj
  11. pir koonana
  12. pir shah bukhari
  13. pir meeran
  14. pir bukur
  15. Darga Baba Juman Shah Uthal

Historical buildings and Archaeological Sites At Bela

  1. Shah Jamai Mosque
  2. Tomb of General Muhammad ibn Haroon
  3. Tomb of Colonel Robert Sandeman
  4. Karia Pir
  5. Sassi Waro-Chodo (Sassi’s Spring), near Paboni Naka, about 68 km from Karachi.
  6. Bakkar Buthi, a small Harappan site located in the remote mountainous area to the east of the Las Bela plain.[5] Bakkar Buthi, a small – Harappan site
  7. Shehr-e-Roghan
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