Hawks Bay (karachi)

Hawks Bay (karachi) (Tourism )

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Hawke’s Bay Or Hawkes bay is a famous beach in the city of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It is located over 20 kilometers south west of the city Karachi. It is approachable through Mauripur Road (previously known as Hawkes Bay Road) or the Mubarak Goth Road from the city of Karachi. The name of the beach is derived from Bladen Wilmer Hawke, later ninth Baron Hawke of Towton, who had a beach house there in the year of 1930s. He utilized it for the weekends and other of his contemporaries joined him making the houses.It is a very popular tourist resort. It is a spectacular sandy beach with clear blue water. Every day hundreds of people from the city of Karachi visit there and amuse picnicking, fishing, swimming, and camel and horse riding. Huts are also present for the rental there.
Hawksbay is believed to be one of the beaches in the world where the unique green sea turtles come to lay eggs.  It hosts one of the unique reptile species.[1]Hawkes bay Karachi 

Title Description
Location: Pakistan
Location: Karachi,Pakistan
Hawke's Bay around near: Hawks Bay – Haunted Hut,Hawke’s Bay Town,Hawke’s Bay Incident,Hawksbay Beach HUT
People Come: For Picnicking, Fishing, Swimming, and Camel and Horse Riding.
Tribal area: Allāh Bano, Mann
Longitude: 66°43'14.17
Latitude: 24°50'17.84
Coordinates: 24° 51′ 36.73″ N, 66° 51′ 49.15″ E
Decimal: 24.860202, 66.863654
Geo URI: geo:24.860202,66.863654
UTM: 42R 284146 2751161
Regiion: PK
Hawkesbay: Also known as Hawkesbay road or Mubarak Goth Road.It is a very popular tourist resort.It is a spectacular sandy beach with clear blue water
Stream: Hab River
Address: It is located over 20 kilometers south west of the city Karachi.

Karachi Wont be Karachi without the Sea

Hawks Bay (karachi)

Hawks Bay (karachi)

Karachi is Pakistan’s largest and most populated metropolis. It is also the country’s busiest trading post and a highly pluralistic city. But the crime rates here have been the highest in the country; and its politics have been complex and fractious, mostly due to the economic and political tensions between the various ethnic groups which reside here. Karachi has a long coastline along the Arabian Sea. It was here that small fishing villages first sprang up more than 2000 years ago. Some of them are mentioned by Greek commander, Nearchus, whose forces arrived here in 325 BC.These villages began to expand from the 18th century onward, until the area became an economic hub and a multicultural conurbation under the British. The city grew even more briskly after it became part of Pakistan in 1947.[2] Karachi won't be karachi without the sea

Hawksbay Hut

Hawks Bay (karachi)

Hawks Bay (karachi)

Our HUTS located at hawksbay.Properly maintained bedrooms, drawing room,Dining area,kitchen,and Luxurious sitting areas facing towards the sea with scenic view of the beach large open porch on sea front. Our huts consist of wooden floors, proper bathrooms and Stand by Generators and Clean Water facilities as well as sufficient Car Parking space within a secured boundary wall in order to spend some quality time with family and friends. We also provide services for corporates for their Annual Picnics,Beach events,Sales Conferences & much more.Our Beach Events are unique and designed to give you an excellent opportunity to enjoy the beach like never before with Super grilled Sea food,Live BBQ Lunch/Dinner , Beach sports , High cruise speed boats with floatable water sports tubes , Super Jet ski , Dirt bikes , Racing Boats , Dj sound , Gazebos with lodges , Armed security Guards , Snorkeling , Scuba diving , Beach decor , Ambience lights and various beach activities.[3] Hawksbay hut

Hawksbay Hut Services

Premium Services for Corporate Events and Individual Clients who demand the Best in Life. Since the last 6 years, Karachi Beach Huts has been steadily progressing towards the goal of providing Hi-Quality Premium Water Based activities at the beach to the Corporate Sector and Multinational Companies of Pakistan. We have provided adventurous events to some of the Worlds most prestigious organizations including UNHCR - The United Nation Refugee Agency, Pakistan, Tameer Bank, Efu Life Assurance, Engro, 3M Pakistan, H&M (International Apparel Company), Maersk Line ( Biggest Shipping Company ), Agha Khan Hospital, South Asia Pakistan Terminal, Star Marketing, Mobilink and Third Party Events of Uni Lever, P&G, HP, Mobilnk and Various other Prominent Companies of Pakistan.[4] Hawsbay hut services

Hawksbay Deluxe

3 Bed Rooms with 3 tiled bath, Main Lounge,2000sq yard building,Dinning Area,Well-furnished,Jhooley Excellent Sandy Beach, Separate Shower Area, Private Parking,Covered Tarrace,American kitchen with Gas Cylinder. Generator (Petrol u need to bring).[5] Hawksbay deluxe

Hawkes Bay Town

Hawks Bay (karachi)

Hawks Bay (karachi)

Hawke’s Bay Town is situated in Keamari Town in the city of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Hawke’s Bay Town was notified in the month of July, 1984 by the Karachi Development Authority. It is basically a residential Scheme for low / medium income people. Hawke Bay Town is also being established as a neighborhood to settle approximately 250,000 persons displaced by the establishment of Lyari Expressway. Although the whole Hawke Bay Housing Scheme No.42 isn’t for the settlement of displaced persons of the construction of Lyari Expressway. Hawke’s Bay Housing Scheme No.42 has been categorized into 71 districts, generally called as blocks or sectors. A few of Sectors/Blocks (Sector 6, 9, and 10) has been assigned to displace persons of Lyari Expressway, and other sectors/blocks have been assigned to citizens of the country Pakistan through public ballots, and some sectors to media persons or journalists and government workers.[6] Hawke’s Bay Town

Hawks Bay Haunted Hut

They say that this particular hut has never been rented out, and if someone is foolish enough to rent it, they never make it through the night there. For during the night especially on a full moon, weddings are held by Jinnat. They do not take kindly to uninvited guests. So beware before renting this hut at Hawk’s Bay.[7] Hawks bay haunted hut

Hawkes Bay incident

This was a drowning tragedy of Shia pilgrims in the month of February 1983.[8] Hawkes Bay Incident

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