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2019-03-11 06:11:46Hasnain Lehri
Hasnain Lehri is one of the most handsome models of Pakistan who is in the industry since 2014 and today he is considered to be one of the top models of Pakistan after winning a number of awards for the Best Male Model. This article contains all the information about Hasnain Lehri biography, Hasnain Lehri Instagram and Hasnain Lehri career.
  • Personal
  • Name:

    Hasnain Lehri

  • In Urdu:

    حسنین لہری

  • Famous As:


  • Nationality:


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  • Education:


  • Alma Mater:

    University of Karachi

  • Religion:


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  • Height:

    5 ft 11 Inch

  • Awards :

    he got number of awards

  • Born
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  • Parents:

    His father is the Sardar of the Lehri tribe that resides in Quetta.

Hasnain Lehri biography

There are many people who want to know who is this handsome and captivating personality who is winning the Best Male Model award consecutively. We came to know about his Balochi background when he announced in an award show after winning an award that he being a Baloch, he had to struggle a lot to become a model. Like many other artists, he also had to scuffle a lot to continue this field of Modeling.  His family is a true businessman due to which they didn't support his profession in the start. His father is a Sardar of the Lehri tribe in Quetta

Date of birth

He was conceived on June 24, 1984, in Balochistan but currently, he resides in Karachi due to his work.

Husnain Lehri education

He completed his graduation from the University of Karachi and then joined showbiz to pursue his dreams.

Hasnain Lehri Relationship

Hasnain, the perfect person who makes the vast majority of the Pakistani female populace slobber, is authoritatively taken, starting at one entire year now. Dating a standout amongst the most dazzling on-screen character and model, Sabeeka Imam, the team makes a lovely couple, one that can set the world ablaze with their sizzling science. The disclosure came when Sabeeka Imam shared an excellent video of the team and Hasnain Lehri remarked on how he got butterflies when he saw her; even following a full entire year, to be exact. Many fellow actors gave their wishes to the love birds including Sadaf Kanwal, Ayeza Khan and Alyzeh Gabol as mentioned in oyeyeah.com

Hasnain Lehri career

Hasnain became a part of Modeling in 2014 when he was recognized by a few designers due to his looks. He has worked for different best structure fashioners of Pakistan. He has moreover walked around the slope of unending structure demonstrates both national and around the world. He has been a bit of many structure weeks and marriage couture weeks as a model. Pakistani structure show who has transformed into the substance of campaigns by tremendous name designers like Faraz Manan, Nomi Ansari, and Deepak Perwani. He has graced the front of magazines like Elan, Chronicle, and Sapphire.

Achievements of Hasnain

Begun his career in 2014 he has built up himself as one of the main models working with surely understood brands and fashioners. Hasnain Lehri is rank as Pakistan's Most Handsome Faces was picked as one of the Top 100 Sexiest Asian Men in a survey directed by Eastern Eye in 2017.

Discrimination between Balochi and Punjabi

According to Hasnain, there is a lot of discrimination between the Balochi and Punjabi which is also portrayed in the entertainment industry as well. Lehri calls attention to how Baloch culture isn't spoken to appropriately on TV or in movies. "In TV dramatizations, I see how they show Punjabi Sardars and their family units and it interests me on the grounds that the existence they appear on TV is a really Baloch convention, and not Punjabi. They acquire our way of life and way of life however don't give us credit." But Lehri claims that the Baloch don't need TV shows dependent on them, or more media consideration. "We need love and appreciation. We are likewise a piece of Pakistan!"

List of Awards

 Year Award Category
 2015 3rd Hum Award Best Model Male
 2016 Lux Style Award Best Model of the year - Male
 2017 Lux Style Award Best Model of the Year - Male
 2018 Page 3 Awards Best sensational Model - Male
 2018 Lux Style Award Best Model of the Year - Male

Social Media Handles

Hasnain Lehri Instagram and Twitter accounts are as follows
  • https://www.instagram.com/hasnainlehri/
  • https://twitter.com/hasnainlehri

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