Hascol Petroleum (Company)

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Hascol Petroleum Limited is engaged in the purchase, storage and sale of petroleum products like High Speed Diesel, Gasoline, Fuel Oil and FUCHS lubricants. Hascol also markets LPG and currently there are 15 AutoMax LPG stations across Pakistan in various stages of approval with the Government of Pakistan.

Title Description
Type: Public Company
Name: Hascol Petroleum
In Urdu: ہاسولول پیٹرولیم
Industry: Oil & Energy
Founded: 2005
Headquarter: Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.
Key People: Mr. Mumtaz Hassan Khan, Mr. Saleem Butt, Mr. Abdul Aziz Khalid, Mr. Farooq Rahmatullah, Mr Liaqat Ali, Mr. Najmus Saquib Hameed, Mr. Sohail Hasan
Product: Oil Products
Revenue: 99,707m as of 2016
Net Income: 1208m as of 2016
Net Income Before Taxes: 2,142m as of 2016
Net Income After Taxes: 1,203m as of 2016
Operating income: 2,615m as of 2016
Cash Flow: 1.28b as of 2016
Market cap.: 38.60b as of 2016
Cash On Hand: 7.83b
Normalized Income Before Taxes: 2,201m as of 2016
Normalized Income After Taxes: 1,237m as of 2016
Total operating expense: 97,093m as of 2016
Total assets: 45.13b as of 2016
Total equity: 6,096m as of 2016
Number of employees: 519.00
Fax: +92 2 135301351
Phone: +92 2 135301343
National Tax Number: 1496632-8
Company Registration Number: 0042242
UAN: 111-757-757
Email: info@hascol.com

Corporate Insight

Hascol Logo

Hascol Logo

  1. In February 2005 Hascol was granted an oil marketing license by the Government of Pakistan and since then, Hascol has been engaged in developing a retail network under Hascol brand and have commissioned over 370 retail outlets in the four provinces of Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir. Hascol Petroleum Limited has extensive links with the domestic and international oil trading companies and today is the second largest importer of petroleum products after PSO.

  2. Hascol also markets LPG. At present 15 Automax LPG Stations across Pakistan are in various stages of approvals with the government of Pakistan. Hascol has become a member of the highly esteemed listed companies of Pakistan Stock Exchange and its share price has appreciated considerably since the listing in 2014, keeping in pace with the phenomenal growth of the company. This massive growth has been made possible due to the strategic vision of the Board and excellent execution by Senior Management. Hascol has made major headway in constructing storage facilities at Keamari, Daulatpur, Shikarpur, Mehmood Kot, Machike and Amangarh. New storage facilities are planned for Sahiwal, Kotlajam and Thalian.
  3. In 2016 Vitol, the largest independent oil trading entity in the world, had taken 15% equity in Hascol and has now exercised the option to take 10% more,bringing their shareholding to 25%.This will make Vitol the single largest shareholder in the company.
  4. We have set up an LNG marketing company VAS LNG (PVT) LTD in a joint-venture with Vitol. Hascol will have a 30% stake in this company and Vitol 70%.Hascol has also signed a Technical Services Agreement with Vitol Aviation. This will enable Hascol to start fuelling aircrafts at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad airports in the country.
  5. A new joint venture company, Hascol Terminals Limited, has also been set up with Vitol and it is planned to have 200,000 Metric Tons of storage at Port Qasim.
  6. At Hascol, we are continuously investing in our future and in 2017 we will start construction of a Lube Oil Blending Plant to make FUCHS branded lubricants and greases in Pakistan.
  7. Hascol has also received a credit rating of ‘A+/A-1’ (Single A Plus /A-One) from JCR-VIS Credit Company Limited [1] Vitol's equity in Hascol .

What Hascol Does

Hascol Business Dimensions

Hascol Business Dimensions

Hascol Petroleum Limited is engaged in the purchase, storage and sale of petroleum products such as the following:
  1. High Speed Diesel
  2. Gasoline
  3. Fuel Oil
  4. FUCHS lubricants
Hascol also markets LPG and currently there are 15 AutoMax LPG stations across Pakistan in various stages of approval with the Government of Pakistan.

Status Of The Company

On May 12, 2014 the Company was listed on the Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Stock Exchanges of Pakistan (due to demutualization, all stock exchanges are now integrated into Pakistan Stock Exchange) [2] Status of The Hascol Company .

Profile Of Board Of Directors

  1. Chairman & CEO Mr. Mumtaz Hasan Khan[3] Chairman & CEO of Hascol
  2. Executive Director Mr. Saleem Butt
  3. Director Mr. Abdul Aziz Khalid
  4. Director Mr. Farooq Rahmatullah
  5. Director Mr. Liaqat Ali
  6. Director Mr. Najmus Saquib Hameed
  7. Director Mr. Sohail Hasan

Retail Network Overview

Retail Network Of Hascol

Retail Network Of Hascol

Hascol prides itself on supplying our customers with the best quality they have come to expect over the years. We aim to make doing business with us as smooth as possible, which is why we offer a range of best services to make your operations run more efficiently. Hascol is a fast growing oil retail business in Pakistan.We strive to fulfil the requirements of our valued customers by providing superior quality, energy-efficient fuels that improve the vehicle’s performance and provide a great driving experience.

With over 370 retail outlets in all four provinces of the country Hascol has invested in their expansion ventures. Whether it is in the heart of a city or the remotest area of our vast country, we have all got it covered,Catering to all our customers need, this network of retail outlets hold every essential requirement needed for a pit stop or a regular fuel-up.
 Province  Commissioned Sites
 Sindh  134
 Balouchistan  14
 Punjab  211
 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa  33
 AZK, FATA and Gilgit  8
Total (as of Mar 31, 2017)[4] Hascol's Retail Network   400 

Motorway Retail Outlets

We have taken fuel retailing to the next level as Hascol unveils its new vision and introduces 10 outstanding retail outlets on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2, one of the most expensive Motorways in Asia has been star studded as Hascol begins operations of its ten exquisite forecourts along the 367km long highway connecting 2 imperative economic hubs, Lahore and Islamabad. From food to fuel to rest, we want travellers to leave happy and contented. The biggest attraction available on our retail outlets is Rs 1 discount on every litre of fuel and 10% discount on all lubricants. Amongst plentiful other attractions, this is a straight relief to the Hascol loyalists who can enjoy a rare combination of the best quality and low price [5] Hascol's Motorway Retail Outlets .

Non-Fuel Retail

Non-Fuel Retail Of HASCOL

Non-Fuel Retail Of HASCOL

Hascol Petroleum wants to make a profound impact to be more than just fuel. Non-Fuel Retail initiatives are an important facet to Hascol’s forecourts and offer a wider range of services from One stop solution to our savouries at Hasmarts and Hascafes [6] Hascol's Non-Retail Network .


At the heart of a retail forecourt our Hasmarts are a unique entity for a complete retail experience with convenience to customers. Hascol operates a chain of convenience stores on its forecourts under the brand name of ‘Hasmarts’ all over Pakistan. Our edge over competition lies in our extensive research to capture the market by primarily focusing on relatively longer operating hours, strategic prime locations, shorter cashier lines and well stocked fresh inventories of leading brands. In essence we truly believe in assessing the customer’s needs and work towards winning their loyalty. With 62 active Hasmarts all over Pakistan, the company is continuously striving to add stores to its list.




As Hascol propels to spread out its wings to explore diverse avenues to shelter under its brand umbrella, we are proud to introduce our first signature Hascafes at Hascol One, main Shahra-e-Faisal, Karachi. Right in the heart of the metropolis, the Hascafes is a dazzling jewel facilitating our patrons, presenting to them a complete package in the form of expediency and comfort all under one roof. Inaugurated by Chairman & CEO, Mr. Mumtaz Hasan Khan on the 1st of March, 2016, the Hascafes attracts a substantial clientele because of its strategic location and being a one of a kind project initiated by an OMC. From the interior to the menu, the Hascafes is a product of a well thought of strategic plan, aimed at providing our clientele with a cosy milieu for a quick pit stop encompassing a classy ambiance along with a comfortable place where they can enjoy their time with a nice and unique taste of coffee, cold beverages and confectioneries.

FUCHS One Stops

The Fuchs One Stops are a complete solution for all the automobile needs. Classified into lube shops, wheel alignment stations and oil change units, the One Stops are mechanically equipped by all means to cater the vehicles while the customers enjoy the waiting time on the fully facilitated forecourts with free Wi-Fi connectivity.

Aviation Fuel Business

HASCOL has taken another leap and entered into the  Aviation business in Pakistan as a  Joint  venture with one of the world’s largest conglomerate VITOL BV Netherland by signing  an Aviation services agreement in  Karachi, Pakistan [7] Hascol's Aviation Fuel Business . State of the art JET fuel storages are under construction across Pakistan expected to be commissioned by May 2017 to facilitate the airline customers.

According to the agreement ,Vitol Aviation B.V. Netherlands will provide core and technical support services to the Company to cater to the demand of jet fuels by  the  aviation industry in Pakistan at selected air fields.

Hascol Petroleum has a  joint venture with Vitol Dubai (a subsidiary of Vitol Aviation B.V) for developing and operating a 200,000 metric ton oil storage/terminal facility at Port Qasim Authority while Vitol had bought a 25 percent stake in Hascol for $28.1 million.

Vitol Aviation is a leading provider of jet fuel worldwide as it supplies 5.7 million tonnes of jet fuel annually into wing, at over 60 airports across the four continents.

In Europe, North America and Africa, Vitol handles over 13 million tonnes of jet fuel each year. The company supplies to the industry’s leading brands, from oil majors and national oil companies to the world’s largest airlines.