Haro River
Haro River

Haro is the name of a river that flows through parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab. Its main valley is in Abbottabad District in the North West Frontier Province of northern Pakistan, identified with the Rigvedic Arjikiya.Haro River has a length of 33.81 kilometres.

In Urdu:دریائےہرو
Coordinates :33°46’8″ N and 72°14’43” E in DMS (Degrees Minutes Seconds) or 33.7689 and 72.2453 (in decimal degrees)
ZIP-Code Areas Around Haro River:22601 Chhajian, 22600 Rehana, 22601 Gumawan, 22601 Nurdi
Places, Streets and Travel Destinations:Dharra, Haro River, Kundham Stream
Located:Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Length:33.81 kilometres
Haro River Joins :Indus River near Ghazi Barotha Dam
Major Tributaries:Four
Built on this River at Khanpur:Khanpur Dam

khyber PakhtonkhuwaStopped at the Haro River at M1 Motorway Just After Burhan Interchange on 16 Aug 2012Road View Over The Haro RiverJabbri KPKBridge Over the Haro River

Coordinates and Khanpur Dam

Its coordinates are 33°46’8″ N and 72°14’43” E in DMS or 33.7689 and 72.2453. Famous Khanpur Dam has been built on this river at Khanpur in the Haripur District to provide drinking water to the twin cities i.e. Islamabad (the capital of Pakistan) and Rawalpindi. The decrease in inlfows of Khanpur dam from Haro River results in water shortage in the twin cities during summer season.[1]  Coordinates and Khanpur Dam 

Four Major Tributaries

The Renowned Place of KPK, Pakistan
It is fed by four major tributaries:The Lora Haro, rising in the Murree Hills around Lora The Satora Haro, rising in the Galiat Malach hills Both Lora Haro and Satora Haro merge at Dotara near Jabri The Neelan, rising in the Nara HillsThe Kunhad, draining the area of Siribang and Dubran. 

Minor Tributaries

  1. Minor tributaries include the following rivulets. 
  2. Chanjah
  3. Jab kattha
  4. Pakshahi kattha
  5. NarotaMuslimabad (Khota Qabar) kattha
  6. Najafpur kattha 
  7. This river joins the Indus River near Ghazi Barotha Dam[2] Four Major Tribute

Risking Lives

Risking their lives, hundreds of people belonging to the Choa Ghareeb Shah village of Hassanabdal have to cross the Haro river in a shabby chairlift twice a day.[3]  Risking Lives 

Haro River Valley

Haro River Valley
This valley is located at the back of Islamabad, in the feet of Muree Hills on Abbottabad-Lora-Ghoragalli Road. Some Mountains of the valley are nearly of the same height as the Muree hills. For example: Siribang, Dubran, Danna Nooral, and Langrial. It has beautiful pine, scrub and shrub forests, Streams, Water Falls, Peaks and Gorges to watch. The forests of the valley are full of wildlife including Leopards, Monkeys and pheasants etc. All the wild animals seen in Margalla and Ayubia basically belong to this valley. The valley is netted with jeep roads. There are three main roads connecting the valley with Islamabad, Muree, Abbottabad, Haripur and Khanpur. The Khanpur dam is also a part of this valley. The weather of the valley remains pleasant.[4]  Haro River Valley 

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