Green Crescent Trust

Green Crescent Trust (Welfare Trust)

Article Upload Date: 2017,Apr 16

Distressed by the state of education in Pakistan a group of concerned citizens decided to form a platform through which the menace of illiteracy could be addressed in the country that is considered to be a main cause for all other interconnected problems the country is facing currently namely unemployment, lawlessness, ever increasing street crimes, dwindling business activities, non-efficient use of resources, inflation etc.

Title Description
Founded: 1995
Name: Green Crescent Trust
In Urdu: گرین کریسنٹ ٹرسٹ
Nick Name: GCT
STRATEGIC ADVOCACY: Government, Media, Development, Partners Community
Services: Greenstar Social Marketing Pakistan (Guarantee) Limited is the largest social marketing organization in Pakistan having affiliation with Population Services International (PSI) Washington, D.C. USA, working to create positive health impact across Pakistan.
Location: Karachi
Phone: (92-21) 111-111-GCT (428)
Address : Office#310 & 311, Plot#E1- RSM Square Commercial Area, Block 7/8, Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi, Pakistan.
Email: :
Head Office: Karachi
Type: NGO
Chairman: Mr. Saeed Ismail
CEO: Mr. Zahid Saeed
Managing Trustee: Mr. Tanweer Ahmed
Secretary General: Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Umer
Trustee: Mr. Abrar Ahmed
Trustee: Mr. Shameem Pasha
Trustee: Mr. Idrees Kapadia
Emergency Department : no
children: 32,000
Hilal Public Schools: 145

Green Crescent Trust

In 1995 a humble beginning of GCT happens with the start of a school at Umer Goth, Gadap Karachi. In the very first day 65 students enrolled in the school. With limited resources, however, with staunch commitment and motivation through encouraging response from the communities that liked to see their children getting education, GCT progressed on to establish a network of schools benefiting thousands of children. The dream that began with one school and a handful of students in 1995 has blossomed far beyond our initial plan, and today, GCT is providing education and a means for a better life to some 32,000 children through its network of 145 Hilal Public Schools throughout the province. GCT also runs other philanthropic initiatives including an Orphan Support Program, a Center for Educational Research & Development, as well as The Water Project – a sustainable water projects in the Tharparkar district. The External Auditing of Green Crescent Trust is done by Ernst & Young and Internal Auditing by Deloitte. [1] Green Crescent Trust

Hilal Public School System

Green Crescent Trust provides education to underprivileged children of Sindh through its network of Hilal Public School System. The dream of educating the deprived yet precious children of Sindh began with initiation of only one Hilal Public School and initial enrollment of only 65 students in the area of Gadap city, Karachi. It was then when GCT visualized accomplishing its mission with continuous struggle and hard work and believed in the power of creating a team which caters to every aspect of this ongoing mission. GCT believes that together we can contribute in eradicating illiteracy and minimizing the number of out-of-school children. [2] Hilal Public School System

Orphan Support Program

Green_Crescent_Trust8.jpg Green Crescent Trust believes not only in the power of education but also on a healthy lifestyle for the well-being of its children. For this purpose GCT is actively playing its role in fulfilling the daily needs of around 1,200 orphan children through Orphan Support Program. With this program and the help of its invaluable partners, various educational and extracurricular activities are arranged for these students occasionally. The orphan children enrolled in Orphan Support Program, get education through the network of GCT’s Hilal Public School System. These children are enrolled in a school location which is nearby for them.  [3] Orphan Support Program

Give the Gift of Water

Life in the Thar desert depends on access to clean drinking water, not just for the hardworking Tharis, but also for the cattle they raise for their livelihood. Young girls and their mothers often have to travel as many as 3 kilometers every day in scorching heat just to fetch one pot of drinking water for their families. Access to water and improved sanitation can change lives. Clean water means health, income and education for the entire village. With The Water Project by GCT, each village we engage gets their own well, providing a safe and reliable source of clean drinking water right outside their homes. GCT has initiated 430 Water Projects with over 110,000 Beneficiaries and it aims to install Water Projects at all 2,300 villages of Tharparkar. [4] Give the Gift of Water

Centre for Educational Research Development

Green_Crescent_Trust9.jpg In Green Crescent Trust teachers training holds an important place in our Education Program as this affects the quality of deserving children studying at GCT schools network. CERD plays an important role in training and development of GCT schools’ teachers as well as outsource teachers training for other NGOs, nonprofit organizations and charities. The objectives of teachers training programs of GCT are as follows.
  • To make arrangements for professional and personal grooming of GCT schools teachers;
  • To provide necessary skills to teachers to make the teaching process effective;
  • To provide refresher courses on regular basis to teachers who have already completed training at CERD;
  • To monitor and evaluate the skills provided during training at school level.

Bazme Waldein

The Program is designed to involve parents in educational activities of the school along with imparting best practices to parents in child upbringing. The objectives of the Program are as follows:
  • To gather parents at a platform for an effective and well organized discussions;
  • To link schools with the community through parents;
  • To impart parents with thought provoking teachings and religious understandings;
  • To create awareness among parents for principles of upbringing of children;
  • To guide parents for providing a healthy upbringing environment to children;
  • To resolve general problems of parents;
  • To utilize this platform for imparting religious knowledge to other aspects of community;
  • To promote Islamic values and traditions and to discourage non-Islamic practices that are gradually seeping into our societies.

Courses Lectures

  1. Qura”an & Sunnah
  2. Your Child Needs You
  3. Understanding Child Psychology
  4. What is Education
  5. Understanding ECE
  6. Educator & Society
  7. Iqbaliat
  8. Education Managers in action
  9. Be Aware of Learning Disabilities
  10. Sincerity to Mission
  11. Effective Presentation [5] Centre for Educational Research & Development

Fundraise for GCT

There are many great ways to support GCT’s work and have fun while you do it.
  • Arranging events with family and friends;
  • Distribution of brochures;
  • Placement of posters or X banners at a public place within your family and friends business premises;
  • And many more; [6] Fundraise for GCT

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