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2017-05-18 00:17:12Government College University Faisalabad
The Government College University also known and famous as GC university Faisalabad and GCUF. The Government College University’s journey started as a primary school in 1897 in the present building of Govt. College for Women, Karkhana Bazar, Faisalabad. It was promoted to High School and Intermediate College in 1905 and 1924 respectively. It was elevated to the degree level in 1933 and postgraduate disciplines were introduced in 1963. The long journey that started with the humble beginning reached its climax when it was granted the status of University in October 2002.[1] Gc University Faisalabad 
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  • Motto:

    Striving For Excellence Facilitating Institutes of higher learning to serve as an Engine of Growth for the Socio-Economic Development of Pakistan

  • Type:

    Education Institution

  • Urdu Language Name:

    گورنمنٹ کالج یونیورسٹی فیصل آباد

  • Established:

    GC University Faisalabad Urdu: گورنمنٹ کالج یونیورسٹی فیصل آباد‎) is a general public research university based in Faisalabad, Pakistan. The GC University's journey started as a primary school in 1897 in the present building of Govt. (2002)

  • Chancellor:

    Governor of Punjab, Pakistan

  • Vice Chancellor:

    Muhammad Ali

  • Location:

    Kotwali Road, Faisalabad 38000 Punjab Pakistan

  • Area code:


  • Population:

    4.075 million (2016)

  • Weather:

    34°C, Wind N at 6 km/h, 39% Humidity

  • Elevation:

    184 m

  • Area:

    1,269 km²

  • Color :

    Maroon and Blue

  • Phone:

    (041) 9200886

  • Headquarter:

    Faisalabad Punjab Pakistan

  • Campus:

    GCUF, Sahiwal Campus | GCUF, Layyah Campus | GCUF

  • Nickname:

    Government College Lyallpur

  • Affiliation:

    LIST OF GOVERNMENT COLLEGES AFFILIATED WITH GOVERNMENT COLLEGE UNIVERSITY, FAISALABAD. ... BBA, BS (Chemistry, Economics, English, Mathematics, Islamic Studies, Information Technology, Physics, Botany, Zoology, Sociology, Urdu, History, Punjabi, Psychology, Geography, Statistics ...

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History and Introduction

Gc University Faisalabad
Gc University Faisalabad
Government College University, Faisalabad has emerged as a leading center of learning and research in a short span of time. The University with its dynamic faculty and innovative syllabi has become a catalyst of intellectual, social and industrial change. It caters to the diverse needs of society by imparting education in almost all the major fields of learning.The Government College University’s journey started as a primary school in 1897 in the present building of Govt. College for Women, Karkhana Bazar, Faisalabad. It was promoted to High School and Intermediate College in 1905 and 1924 respectively. It was elevated to the degree level in 1933 and postgraduate disciplines were introduced in 1963. The long journey that started with the humble beginning reached its climax when it was granted the status of University in October 2002.The Government College University, Faisalabad has a long history of excellence and distinction as an institution. Renowned scholars and eminent personalities have served this institution in various capacities at various stages of its history. It has produced outstanding personnel who have earned great fame not only for themselves but also for the nation.The luminaries like Mr. Abdul Hameed, Mr. W.H.F. Armstrong, Mr. Lala Chattan Annand, Mr. Hashmat Khan, Mr. Taj Khyal, Mr. Namdar Khan, Mr. Karamat Hussain Jafari, Mr. Mukhtar Mahmood Qureshi, Dr. Asif Iqbal Khan and Dr. Arif Zaidi have served this institution.The university is situated at the Jhang Road not far from the historical Clock Tower. The main campus is spread on 37 acres and the construction of new campus has been started on an area of 200 acres some 3-4 kilometers away from the main campus at Jhang Road.The University is offering educational degrees in different disciplines. The University is a hub of educational, social and cultural activities with a close liaison with industry. [2] Gc University Faisalabad 


Gc University Faisalabad
Gc University Faisalabad
  Government College University has embarked on a new phase of history. We are busy in the preparation of a development plan both in terms of education as well as physical development. The hallmark of the University’s educational philosophy is the reconstruction of human thought in all its facets on the foundation of our social, moral and religious values. Whatever the changes that we have to make, we assure our well-wishers that they would be grounded in the welfare both of our students and faculty. [3] Gc University Faislabad


Our Mission is to provide students an enabling environment where dialogue is encouraged and ideas envisioned. We will provide the intellectual and physical infrastructure that will hold students to the highest moral and ethical values. We will achieve these goals with the cooperation of both public and private sectors as well as the faculty and students of GCUF. [4] Gc University Faisalabad 


Gc University Faisalabad
Gc University Faisalabad
The University’s goal is to be among the top 1000 best universities in the world and among the top 3 universities in Pakistan by the year 2020. The University will bring Engineering and Medical education in its domain as well in addition to build a state of the art Technology Park – First in a kind in Pakistan [5] Gc University Faisalabad 

Administrative Bodies

  1. The framework within which Government College University operates is based upon the GOVERNMENT COLLEGE UNIVERSITY, FAISALABAD 2002, Statutes and Ordinance (THE GOVERNMENT COLLEGE UNIVERSITY, FAISALABAD ORDINANCE, 2002 and PUNJAB ORDINANCE NO. XLVIII OF 2002) published in THE PUNJAB GAZETTE extraordinary issue (Tuesday September 10, 2002), and is implemented by a strong administrative backbone.
  2. As per Charter of the University the following are the authorities of the University:
  3. Syndicate
  4. Academic Council
  5. Board of Studies
  6. Selection Board
  7. Affiliation Committee
  8. Discipline Committee [6] Gc University Faisalabad

Administrative Structure

Government College University Faisalabad was established according to THE GOVERNMENT COLLEGE UNIVERSITY, FAISALABAD ORDINANCE, 2002 and PUNJAB ORDINANCE NO. XLVIII OF 2002. The Chancellor, the Governor of the Province, is the highest authority of the university and in most of the matters, acts on the advice of the Pro-Chancellor, the provincial Minister of Education.The Vice Chancellor is the executive head of the university and manages its academic, financial and administrative affairs. He exercises his powers through the advice and decisions taken by various university authorities. Deans of faculties, Directors of the institutes and centers and Chairpersons of departments are responsible for the academic issues of their respective academic institutions.The Registrar, the Treasurer, the Controller of Examinations, and other officers-in-charge look after the working of relevant departments. All the academic, administrative and financial activities of the university are managed and regulated by different bodies.The Syndicate is the executive body of the university and takes effective measures to raise the standards of teaching, research and other academic pursuits. It supervises the affairs and management of the property of the UniversityThe Selection Board recommends to the Syndicate the names of suitable candidates for appointment against various posts.The Academic Council of the university advises the Syndicate on all the academic matters. It lays down standards of instruction, research, publications, examinations, etc to promote the academic life of the university. A particular discipline or a group of disciplines may together comprise a faculty.Each faculty has its own Board chaired by the respective Dean of the faculty. The Board coordinates the teaching and research work in the subjects assigned to the faculty and acts on the advice of the Board of Studies. The Board of Studies for each discipline is the primary body responsible for regulating all academic matters and making recommendations regarding these areas.The Advanced Studies and Research Board looks after the promotion of advanced studies and research in the University. In addition, there are many other bodies which deal with the academic, financial, administrative, welfare, discipline and other matters of the functioning of the university.Higher Education Commission of Pakistan acts as an intermediary in processing government funding and coordinates academic matters of the university. [7] Gc University Faisalabad 

National and International Linkages

  1. International/National Collaborating Partners
  2. Al-Abbas Trust Layyah
  3. Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  4. Cultural Centre of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Lahore
  5. Institute of Cardiology, Faisalabad
  6. Inter University Consortium for Social Sciences, Arats and Humanities Pakistan (IUCPSS) and American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS)
  7. Kastamonu University, Turkey
  8. Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China
  9. New Mexican State University, USA
  10. Newcastle University, UK
  11. North Carolina State University, USA
  12. Nuclear Institute for Agriculture and Biology (NIBGE), Faisalabad
  13. Public Affairs Section of the US Consulate General, Lahore
  14. Punjab Medical College Faisalabad
  15. Royal University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
  16. STAM-T, a Non-Govt. Organization (NGO), Faisalabad
  17. The Promotion of Education for Pakistan Foundation (PEP), USA
  18. University of Applied Sciences, Germany
  19. University of Bedfordshire, UK
  20. University of Gadarif, Sudan
  21. University of Gezira, Sudan
  22. University of Idaho, USA
  23. University of Maryland, USA
  24. University Sains Islam, Malaysia (USIM)
  25. Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA), FDA Faisalabad
  26. More than 30 Local Organizations and Industries [8] Gc University Faisalabad 

Major Projects and Initiatives

  1. Construction of new campus at 200 acres at Jhang Road mostly with own resources.
  2. Smooth and unshakable funding for refurbishing the decadent infrastructure with own resources.
  3. A new academic block (Emerging Sciences), a girls hostel, a foreign faculty rest house, and an administrative block has been completed.
  4. Work on Faculty Guest House, Main Library, Student Teacher Center, Auditorium, 3 Girls Hostels along with residences, water supply and roads has been started at new campus.
  5. Internationalization of University by signing 13 MoUs with universities in the US, UK, China, France, Germany, Sweden, Tunisia, Iran and Turkey.
  6. Affiliation of 100 colleges with GCUF.
  7. Organization of national and international conferences.
  8. Launching of new degree programs at the Layyah Campus.
  9. Initiation of an Associate Degrees program in various professional and skill development disciplines.
  10. Conversion of the University Degree College into a Community College to impart 2-years Associate Degree programs in various disciplines.
  11. Revamping and renovation of the existing Library with Rs. 5 millions.
  12. Construction of a new building for library with approximate cost of Rs 20 millions.
  13. Approval of Rs.800 million from the Planning Commission of Pakistan for Provision of Research and Academic Facilities at GCUF.
  14. Launching of Distance Learning program in various degrees.
  15. Establishment of the Directorate of Allied Medical Sciences, which offers diploma and associate degrees in various healthcare disciplines.
  16. Planning toward establishing a business incubation center to promote entrepreneurship.
  17. Establishment of Center of Excellence in Food Science and Nutrition.
  18. Establishment of new Directorate of Continuing Education, Innovation and Commercialization.
  19. Establishment of new Institutes of English and Modern Languages, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Home and Food Sciences.
  20. Establishment of Fee Monitoring and Inventory cell.
  21. Revitalization of Degree cell at Controller’s office.
  22. Completion of Faculty Development Programme.
  23. Rules and regulations for examination and parameters of Research on international standards.
  24. Initiation of short courses
  25. Establishment of new departments, Food Sciences, Political Science and International Relations, History, Microbiology, Physiology.
  26. Establishment of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Engineering
  27. Student canteen and ground breaking of student center
  28. New grants for under construction works.
  29. First time surplus budget.
  30. Boost in student sports and co-curricular activities.
  31. Walks and weeks celebrations in connection with world days and on national personalities.
  32. Completion of Foreign Faculty Guest House.
  33. Arrival of Senior Faculty along with Foreign Faculty at GCUF.
  34. Increase in salaries of employees.
  35. FM Radio License for GCUF and Online Radio by Students.
  36. Launching of website to meet the needs of students
  37. Green revolution, plantation at GCUF.
  38. Improvement of medical facilities for students.
  39. New Ph.D and M.Phil programmes
  40. Emergence of research environment at GCUF.
  41. Renovation of University Mosque.
  42. Inauguration of Mosque at New Campus
  43. Transparent financial system.
  44. Establishment of Alumni Office [9] Gc University Faisalabad 

Current Policies

Human Resources (HR) create organization and make them survive for rapid progress. HR policies in the Universities are of special nature and significance. The whole body consists of three broad categories namely teachers, students and administrative & laboratory staff. Management of teachers, staff and students is different from the administrative policies of industrial units business concerns and production farms. Special conductive environment is to be developed for studies, research and technology transfer efforts. In formulating the policies, input of all sections of community should be kept in view.As a general policy, the university shall attract highly qualified staff (Ph.Ds) and arrange to train the young staff in three ways. Firstly by granting admission to M.Phil / Ph.D programs within the University, secondly, outside the University but within Pakistan and thirdly abroad. Teachers shall be encouraged and arrangements will be made for continuous training through short courses and Post-Doctoral training both within the country and abroad.In recruitment of staff at all levels, principles of suitability cum fitness based on merit should be adhered to. Congenial work environment, cordiality of behavior and incentives for career building should be provided and there should be built in provisions in the system.Being a public sector organization, we have to follow the government rules and also the spirit of the decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan regarding recruitment. All posts shall be advertised in the National Press with qualification and experience as per approved University Act and Statues of each post. The syndicate approves the recommendations of the Selection Board of the University for BPS-17 through BPS-21 posts and Vice Chancellor approves the recommendations of the appointment committees for BPS-01 through BPS-16 posts. As a retention policy, research contribution and efficiency has to be reviewed in time and continuous made.Flow of promotions and appointments to higher posts based on merit and fitness to be made a regular feature.To keep an organization alive, it should always grow and develop in size, efficiency and specialized capabilities. Universities in particular should always be in moving forward and developing stage because they have to produce new knowledge in all areas through research. As the University continues to develop the skills of teaching, research and other staff, it should be utilized for capacity building enhancements. Skill development of university teachers shall be made through short training and short term educational programs in the University, within the country and abroad. New lab equipments are being added to upgrade teaching and research facilities. Training of lab staff to cater the needs of the time shall be carried out. Regular training facilities shall be arranged at proper levels and forums. Administrative staff in the lower grades shall be provided continuous training inside the University and within the country. Senior staff shall be exposed to with University training programs and also the programs arranged by the provincial and federal governments. [10] Gc University Faisalabad 

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