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Ghayyur Akhtar was an actor, known for Waris (1979). He died on February 7, 2014 in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.[1] Ghayyur Akhtar - Bio Akhtar had a paralysis attack three years back. He was also suffering from diabetes and blood pressure. He died leaving behind two sons and a widow.He performed more than 200 serials of PTV ranging from 13, 26, 30 and 48 and also for private channels.He started his theatre carrer in 1970 .
  • Personal
  • Name:

    Ghayyur Akhtar

  • In Urdu:

    غیور اختر

  • Native Name :


  • Famous As:


  • Nationality:


  • Residence:

    Lahore, Pakistan

  • Religion:


  • Profession:

    Actor, producer, director, screenwriter

  • Born
  • Date:

    5 October 1945

  • Place:

    Lahore, Pakistan

  • Family
  • Children:

    Usama Ghayyur Akhtar & Humza Ghayyur Akhtar

  • Died
  • Date:

    7 February 2014

  • Cause of Death:

    Paralysis attack

  • Rest Place:

    Lahore, Pakistan

  • Career
  • Occupation(s):

    Actor, Producer, Director

  • Award :

    Pride of Performance Award

  • Country:

    Islamic Republic of Pakistan

  • Presented by :

    Asif Ali Zardari

  • Other Award :

    Tamgha-e-Imtiaz Award

  • Country:

    Islamic Republic of Pakistan

  • Presented by :

    Prevez Musharraf

  • Started acting career:



The day he suffered a stroke
The day he suffered a stroke

Early Life

Over the years, Akhtar appeared in many films and radio productions but he found fame in television dramas. Born in 1946 in Lahore, Ghayyur Akhtar started his acting career in the late 1970s. By the 1980s he had already established himself in several dramas such as ‘Khawaja and Sons’, ‘Sona Chandi’, ‘Free Hit’, ‘Ghar Aya Mera Perdesi’, ‘Afsar Bekare Khas’, ‘Rahain’, and ‘Sitara’. [2] Early Career 

Professional Career

Ghayyur Akhtar was a great Legend of Pakistan
Ghayyur Akhtar was a great Legend of Pakistan
He started his professional career from Radio Pakistan, Lahore, in the 1970s and got immense popularity after appearing in TV plays in the 80s. His performances in drama serials such as Khwaja and Sons and Sona Chandi on the PTV were appreciated by the viewers. Akhtar was particularly famous for his comedy roles. His popular plays include Waris, Path Jarh, Rahain, Aiank Wala Jin, Sitara and Afsar Bekar-i-Khas. He also performed many roles in about a dozen films and debuted in Direct Hawaldar.[3] Professional Career 

Pakistan Radio

Ghayyur Akhtar joined radio in 1968. He participated in every section of radio: comparing, drama, propaganda, features, documentaries etc. he was also a compare of a popular program "Sohni Dharti". Keeping his services in view, he was honoured as an "Outstanding Artist" of Radio Pakistan in 1998. he was one and only  artist of Radio who enjoyed Outstanding rating in two different categories (Drama and Comparing) at the same time.


Ghayyur Akhtar started his theatre carrer in 1970. In 1979, He enjoyed the rarest honour being the only Asian Writer who wrote two parts of a stage drama named "Kut-kutarian". He worked as Writer, actor, Director and Producer. He has written more than 10 plays for theatre. He performed in more than 50 plays. He also performed the best Punjabi Lok Drama on stage throughout Europe and Middle East. He played the leading role of "Waris Shah" in this drama. He was also approved Director of Pakistan Arts Council Alhamra Arts Council and "Punjab Arts Council".

List of stage dramas

  • Ham se bhar kar kon
  • Hawa ki beti
  • Hello uncle
  • High jump
  • Huqa pag te Restaurant
  • Jahil family te mai 8th pass
  • Janam janam ki maili chaadar
  • Janoon
  • Khatara 440Watt
  • Kisa ik muhabat ka
  • Kut-kutarian (Part-1 and part-2)
  • Laddan patti
  • Lalay di jaan
  • Lotay aur Lifafay
  • Mai khoobsurat hu
  • Mirza Ghalib band road per
  • Mohabbat is ko kehtay hain
  • Mr Baazigar
  • Naam k Nawab
  • Naya makaan
  • No chance
  • No lift
  • Paisa bolta hai
  • Raatain jaagti hain


  • Pride of Performance Award in 2009
  • Tamgha-e-Imtiaz Award in 2003
  • Graduate Award
  • Graduate Award (2001–02, Radio Pakistan)
  • Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (1999–2000, Organized by Radio)
  • PTV Regional Award for Drama Artist (2002–2003).
  • Asian Award (1993–94, PTV)
  • Musawar Award (1991–92, PTV)
  • Baho Award (1993–94, PTV)
  • Shezan Award (1994–95, PTV)

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