Fareeha Pervaiz

Fareeha Pervaiz (Artist)

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Fariha Pervez is a Pakistani female singer. She started her career anchoring and acting from a very young age on PTV. She is one the leading female singers of Pakistan. She is very popular in Pakistan and has won many awards for her singing. She has the ability that she can sung many kinds of songs like pop, classical, semi-classical, folk, hangar, ghazi.

Title Description
Name: Fareeha Pervaiz
Famous As: Singer
Nationality: Pakistani
Residence: Lahore
Religion: Islam
Profession: Fariha Pervez is a prolific and versatile Pakistani female singer.
Awards : She got number of awards
Date: 2 Feb
Place: Lahore
Spouse: Noman Javaid
Children: None
Parents: Pervaiz who was also a singer
Siblings : 2 brothers
Relatives: Niece of Talat Siddique and Rehana Siddique, Cousin of Naheed Siddique and Arifa Saddique.
Occupation(s): Musician
Debut Album: Nice and Naughty
Debut Song: Patang Baaz
Instruments: Vocals
Years Active: 1996 - present
Labels: Lips Music, Sonic, Sadaf Stereo


She was born on 2nd Feb 1970 in Lahore, Punjab Pakistan. Her father was a good singer but couldn’t become  famous and well known singer. She is the niece of Talat Siddique and Rehana Siddique; both were famous actresses of Pakistan. She is the cousin of Naheed Siddique and Arifa Saddique. Fariha has two brothers and she likes to spend her spare time with her family. As Fariha’s father wants to be a singer but couldn’t get success in his career, so he fulfilled his dreams by encouraging his only daughter to pursue her career as a musician. Now she is a top class singer of this era who sang number of hit songs and Ghazals. [1] Biography Biography

Singing and Hosting Career

During her performance

During her performance

Fariha Pervez is one of the leading female singers of Pakistan. Fariha Pervez started her career with anchoring & acting from a very young age on PTV (Pakistan state tevlevision channel). She also co-hosted a popular children's music program "Aangan Aangan Taray". After the release of her debut Album. "Nice n Naughty", her song "Patang Baaz" (a.k.a Bo kata) became a super hit. her musical career took off and she there onwards decided to focus solely on singing.  In her early career, Fariha Pervez hosted a kids musical show from PTV by the name of "Aangan Aangan Taarey" which was later on hosted by Hadiqa Kiani. While in 2005, Fariha Pervez yet again appeared as a host in a music show by name of "Many Moods Of Fariha" which was aired from Indus Television Network's channel, Channel G (Now G Kaboom). [2] Career Career  

Acting Career

As Fariha belongs to Talented Family so she started her career as an actress and worked in few dramas including :
  1. Ainak Wala Jin
  2. DulDul
  3. Aisi Bulandi Aisi Pasti
  4. Manchaley ka Sauda
  5. Comedy Theater
  6. Ghar Galliyan Aur Rastai
But later she realized that Acting is not her forte so decided to promote her singing career.  [3] Acting career

Fariha Pervez Albums

In Coke studio

In Coke studio

  1. Nice & Naughty (1996)
  2. Judai (2000)
  3. Jhumka (2000)
  4. Hello Hello Kehndi (2002)
  5. Passion (2005)
  6. Piya (2006)
  7. Abhi Abhi (2011)
  8. O Vela Yaad Kar (2013)
  9. Taskeen Ko Hum Na Royen (2014)  [4] Album Album  

Fariha Pervez Songs

Patang Baz Sajna (Bo Kata)
  1. O Vela Yaad Kar
  2. Thora Thora Pyar
  3. Hera Phairiyan
  4. Mujhe Le Ke Chal
  5. Akhiyan Akhiyan
  6. Dhoondh Le Panah
  7. Aa Mere Pass
  8. Chalo Ik Saath
  9. Ja Main Nai Khedna
  10. Mehndi Rung Li
  11. Yaad Piya Ki
  12. Mai Ni Mai

Film Songs

While singing in Mazak Raat

While singing in Mazak Raat

  1. Chief Saab
  2. Salaib
  3. Ghoonghat
  4. Sangam
  5. Inteha
  6. Moosa Khan   [5] Film songs   

List of Awards

She has won number of awards for her singing skills in Pakistan including :
  1. 1st Indus Music Award
  2. 1st The Music Award
  3. Brrr Mtv Music Awards
  4. Pakistan Media Awards
  5. Ptv National Awards   [6] Awards List

Marital Life

Noman and Jana

Noman and Jana

Fariha Pervaiz tied the Knot in January 2016 with Noman Javaid as her husband Noman Javaid is also a well known singer. After few time the rumors of their seperation came on social media but the singer Noman denied by saying that it's not true it's a fake news but later a news came on social media that they are officially divorced. Well Noman was much depressed with this divorce but recently she got married to a Pakistani Actress Jana Malik. [7] Marital Life  

Drift towards Religion

Fariha says good bye to pop music

Fariha says good bye to pop music

In Feb 2017, Fariha announced that she is leaving pop singing. She shared many pictures of her wearing Hijab on social media. She announced that from now onwards people will listen her voice in Sufi songs and other religious recital activities. [8] Drift towards religion  

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