Fahmida Riaz (Artist)

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Fahmida Mirza is a prominent public figure, who showed her talent as a poet, as a writer, and as a social activist since in a very young age. She is the author of many books and translated many books in Urdu. She left her fans on 21st November 2018 after her prolonged illness.

Title Description
Name: Fahmida Riaz
In Urdu: فہمیدہ ریاض
Famous As: Women right activist
Nationality: Pakistani
Residence: Lahore
Education: Graduation
Religion: Islam
Profession: Urdu Poet and Writer
Awards : She got many awards for her services
Date: 28th July 1946
Place: Meerut JP, British India
Spouse: Zafar Ali Ujan
Children: 3 Childrens
Parents: Riaz-ud-Din Ahmed
Date: 21st November 2018
Rest Place: Lahore


Fahmida Riaz is a lady artist and Urdu essayist from Pakistan, known for her solid women's activist and mutinous leanings. She was conceived on 28th July 1945 in India before segregation, an abstract group of Meerut, UP. Her family settled in Hyderabad after her dad's exchange to Sindh. Her dad passed away when she was four thus she was raised by her mom. After completing her graduation she started filling in as a reporter for Radio Pakistan. She had begun composing at an exceptionally youthful age, dealt with her own Urdu production named Aawaz.


Fahmida Riaz tied the knot at a very young age when her family forced her for the arrange marriage but unfortunately, that marriage didn't last for long and she got a divorce after conceiving a child (daughter). After a few years, she again got married to an impressive political worker Zafar Ali Ujan and have 2 children from that marriage.


Her passion and her determination forced her to start doing something at a very young age. She was an Urdu writer, a poet and a human right activist who always spoke for the rights of minorities and predominantly for the women rights. Fahmida Riaz remained an extremist in her scholastic life. She talked and composed against the restriction on understudy governmental issues amid General Ayub's routine. During the 1980s she and her better half lived in a state of banishment in India after that two were imprisoned by the tyrant for their liberal and politically charged perspectives.


Fahmida Riaz was looked with difficulties because of her political belief system. More than 10 cases were recorded against her amid General Ziaul Haq's autocracy. She was accused of dissidence under Section 124A of the Pakistan Penal Code. After her significant her husband got imprisonment while she was safeguarded by a fanatic of her works previously she could be taken to prison and fled to India with her two little kids and sister on the reason of a Mushaira welcome. Her companion the prestigious writer Amrita Pritam who addressed at that point executive (late) Indira Gandhi which got her shelter. Her children went to school in India. She had relatives in India and her significant other later joined her there after his discharge from prison. The family put in very nearly seven years in a state of banishment before coming back to Pakistan after Zia-ul-Haq's demise on the eve of Benazir Bhutto's wedding gathering. Amid this time Riaz had been an artist inhabitation for Jamia Millia Islamia University in Delhi and it is amid her outcast that she figured out how to peruse Hindi. She was welcomed with a warm welcome upon her arrival from outcast.

Selected Poetry of Fahmida Riaz

  1. aalam-e-barzakh 
  2. ab so jao 
  3. abad 
  4. aqlima 
  5. baitha tha mere samne wo 
  6. bakira 
  7. chadar aur chaar-diwari 
  8. dilli teri chhanw 
  9. ek ladki se 
  10. ek raat ki kahani 
  11. ek zan-e-khana-ba-dosh 
  12. inqilabi aurat 
  13. is gali k mod par 
  14. jap 
  15. kab tak 
  16. khakam-ba-dahan 
  17. megh dut 
  18. muqabla-e-husn 
  19. nazr-e-firaq 
  20. pachhtawa 
  21. pathar ki zaban 
  22. purwanchal 
  23. soch 
  24. tafsil masafat ki 
  25. tiflan ki to kuchh taqsir na thi 
  26. tum Bilqul hum Jaise Niklay 
  27. us ka dil to achchha dil tha 
  28. zabanon ka bosa


 Year  Title  By  
 2005  Al Muftah Award for Literature: Poetry    
   Sheikh Ayaz Award for Literature: Poetry  Government of Sindh  
 2010  Presidential Pride of Performance Award for Literature: Poetry  Government of Pakistan  
 2010  Sitara -e- Imtiaz on 23 March 2010  President of Pakistan  Civil Award
 2017  Hemmet Hellman Award for Resistance Literature  Human Rights Watch  

Death of Fahmida Riaz

A Pakistani poet, author, and a women rights activist left all her fans in a state of affliction after her sudden demise on 21st November 2018. She was fighting with her illness in Lahore for a very long time. Her work, her services, her endeavor for the rights of people can never be forgotten.