Edwardes College Peshawar (Education)

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2017-01-10 01:57:36Edwardes College Peshawar
The Church Mission Society (CMS) with the assistance of Sir Herbert Edwardes, the British commissioner of Peshawar, established Edwardes College in 1900 in the most beautiful part of the Peshawar Cantonment. The institution was named Edwardes in recognition of the commissioner's meritorious contribution. Symmetrical and balanced, the Mughal-style buildings amidst sprawled lush green lawns symbolizing rich cultural heritage of the region were designed by its first Principal, the Reverend J. H. Hoare. The Principal's bungalow remarkable for its unadorned beauty in style is the oldest building that was bought in 1885, long before founding of the college, by the CMS as the centre for its local work.
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  • Motto:

    "ad majorem Dei gloriam

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    Edwardes College Peshawar (Education)

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  • Established:


  • Principal:

    Dr. Nayer Fardows

  • Hostel:

    200 Male Students

  • Location:

    Peshawar, Pakistan

  • Campus:


  • Nickname:


  • Email:


  • Phone#:

    +92 91 5275211, +92 91 5275154

  • Degree Program:

    Bachelors of Arts (BA), Bachelors of Science (BSc Medical Group), Bachelors of Science (BSc with Mathematics)

  • A levels Program:

    Pre-Medical,Pre-Engineering, Arts

  • Services:

    Library,Laboratories,Boarding and Hostel,Transport, Health Services

  • Ramadan Timings:

    Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 1:00pm

  • Normal Office Hours:

    Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 5:00pm

  • Admission Inquiry:

    Director A Levels: +92 91 5275154

  • Admission Inquiry:

    Head Department of Computer Science (BS-CS): +92 91 5275154

  • Admission Inquiry:

    Degree Year Head (BA / BSc) : +92 91 5275154

  • Admission Inquiry:

    Inter Year Head (FSc / FA) : +92 91 5275154 Ext 333 / 133

  • Area:

    13 acres

  • First Principal:

    Reverend J. H. Hoare

  • Intermediate Program:

    Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering, General Science, Humanities

  • Hostel:

    Founder’s hall (degree students), Woolmer hall (2nd-year students), Edmonds hall (1st-year students)

  • Email:


  • Website:



Edwardes College Shining Stars
Edwardes College Shining Stars
The college started its educational services in 1900 in the Province. Since then it has been a worthy seat of learning and has produced icons and idols in different walks of life. Its efforts never went unappreciated and is graced with visits and commendations from dignitaries of their times. Flanked by Principal, Rev. Dalaya and Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan (Bacha Khan), Mahatma Gandhi visited Edwardes college on May 18, 1933. During the same era, distinguished visitors to the college included Liaquat Ali Khan (First Prime Minister to Pakistan), Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru (First Prime Minister to India), Khawaja Nazimuddin (Second Governor General and later second Prime Minister to Pakistan), and Dr. Khan Sahib (First Chief Minister to the then N.W.F.P now Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Province). Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founder of the nation, visited this institution thrice specifically asking students ?to keep your heads up as citizens of a free and independent sovereign state? in his visit on April 18, 1948. During early days, the college was affiliated with the University of Punjab. In late 1950s, the College associated itself with the University of Peshawar for various courses. The nationalization of the college in 1970s was questioned and the then provincial Governor in collaboration with all the respective stakeholders constituted a Board of Governors for this prestigious college. The existing Board of Governors, is a resourceful body that is chaired by the Governor of the Province. Edwardes College is the oldest institution of higher education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It has been encouraging students? talents in drama, debates, sports and writing. Apart from contribution to higher education in the most impoverished and troubled region of Pakistan, its greatest service and pride is imparting the much required message of our challenging times?human life and reason are sacred. With this understanding, it lifts every bar of distinction and discrimination against class, caste and creed. Edwardes College promotes interfaith harmony and peaceful co-existence as people of different faiths are teaching and studying here since its establishment. It has evolved a culture that resists ignorance and extremism and inculcates love for humanity through service to humanity. Edwardes College welcomes respects and nourishes eclectic ideas and beliefs with an understanding that diversity is the design of God and beauty of the universe.[1]  About 

Principal Message

Principal Message
Principal Message
I consider it a great pleasure to find that among the many educational institutions in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, you are taking Edwardes College into account for higher studies. It is acknowledged that this youthful period marks an important phase in the academic making of a student. The immense value of this phase in the overall grooming of a young individual cannot be overlooked. At Edwardes, they strive to give you an updated education and an invigorating environment that enable you to embrace your academic, social, spiritual and emotional potential. They aim to impart an education that not only cultivates an individual’s mind but enable him to understand his significance in the cosmos of society, a spirit and a character that will reciprocate the good which it receives. Our glorious past is a storehouse of our strength. They, nevertheless, aim to shape our present for a brilliant future. The dedicated faculty of this college takes pride in standing by its student as he learns to shape his way through the course of life, and enable him to embrace his failures as much as he cherishes his success. He is motivated to love the very process of learning besides focusing his vision on the ultimate goal. Our students are taught to aim for a leadership that serves humility and commands respect. The interfaith environment of our college urges a student to respect an individual irrespective of his caste, color and creed. They are proud of our environment with co-education as our distinctive mark. They instill the strength of character through perseverance and appreciate the art of self discipline.I invite you to join us in our endeavor. They seek to inspire you so that you inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. You are the future of Edwardes College.[2]  Principal Message 
  • Long Live Edwardes College.
  • Prof. Dr. Nayer Fardows
  • Edwares College,Peshawar

Mission and Vision

Mission and vision
Mission and vision
The mission of Edwardes College is to educate and develop professionals who will be the servant leaders in meeting the challanges and oppertunities of Pakistan today.[3]  Mission and Vision 

Goals Edwardes will fulfill its mission as it

  1. Responds to the need of diverse society.
  2. Privides education at the highest possible standard.
  3. Prepares students for rewarding careers in the challenging environment.
  4. Cultivates a community that develop diverse talents.
  5. Nurtures integrity, responsibility and creativity in personal character.



Inculcating Responsibility to Moral and Social Values

Edwardes College recognizes that education in its broader perspective involves intellectual and emotional maturity of youth. Inculcating responsibility towards moral and social values is fundamental to our learning process. This institute arranges various social welfare services that engage its students in selfless service to humanity. Similarly , seminars and debates are organized to highlight moral and social ills and their devastating impacts on Pakistani society. Edwardes College believes that a morally and socially conscious and responsible individual is an asset to state and society.[4] Learning

Producing Motivated and Self Confident Individuals

They make our students feel important. Edwardes College inclusive expressive environment educates students to believe in their abilities and explore their potential. It demands from its students to set their sights on the sky but firmly establish their foundation on the ground. Innovative minds are encouraged to produce ,fashion and create. They encourage our students to question and seek answer for their questions. Allowing an individual to believe in his abilities and explore his potential gives him self reliance and self confidence. Developing Critical Thinking Skills They are living in an age of information. Manipulation of information is an effective source of power to control human minds and behavior. Nothing is more demanding in today?s world than developing a critical mind that would distinguish truth from falsehood. Edwardes College values critical thinking, enabling its students to expand their intellectual horizon by engaging them in a creative and critical discourse. The Campus Welcome to Campus
  1. Encompassing over 13 acres of land, Edwardes College campus is a unique fusion of old and modern architecture. The Old Hall, Old Hostel, Arts Block and Shalimar Quadrangle stand in all their glory amidst lush green lawns to the newly constructed buildings Science Block, New Arts Block, and Centenary Building. Edwardes College Campus is a symbol of our reverence to the rich historical traditions reconciled in coherence with the demands of the modern world.[5]  Welcome to Campus 
  2. The Arts Block having an Old Hall, a library and class rooms is situated in front of the Shalimar Quadrangle. It is a hub of cultural and literary festivals.
  3. Across library is the New Arts Block and a Centenary Building. The Centenary building with its large air conditioned multi-purpose hall is also having furnished multi-media class rooms for the students of professional studies, HND, BCS and A-Levels. The Science Block situated across the main Hockey Ground contains up-to-date and well-equipped science laboratories and a well maintained Botanical Garden for its science students.
  4. Keeping in view the prevalent security concerns in presence of culpable threats to educational institutions, Edwardes College has taken the best possible measures to ensure the safety of its students. College Security Committee under the aegis of Principal is constituted, professional security personnel are appointed, high boundary wall with barbed wire is erected, and CCTV cameras are installed. Edwardes College signifies promising educational environment.

Intermediate Program

As per Board of Intermediate and Secandry Educatio-BISE Peshawar rules, English, Urdu, Islamic Education (1st year) and Pakistan Studies (2nd year) are compulsory for all Intermediate students.[6]  Intermediate Program Besides these compulsory subjects, students are required to take up three major courses.


  1. Physics, Chemistry, Biology


  1. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

General Science

  1. Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics
  2. Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics
  3. Mathematics, Statistics, Economics


Select THREE subjects from the following list:
  1. Statistics
  2. Civics
  3. Economics
  4. Islamic History
  5. Islamic Studies
  6. Psychology
  7. Library Science
  8. Health and Physical Education
  9. Urdu Advanced/English Advanced (Choose only one language)

Degree Program

As per rules of Peshawar University, Islamic Studies in 3rd year and Pakistan Studies in 4th year are compulsory for all students of Bachelors of Arts (BA) and Bachelors of Science (BSc).[7]  Degree Program 

Bachelors of Arts BA

English is compulsory for all BA students. They are required to take two major courses from the following groups.
  1. Mathematics-A - Statistics, Economics *
  2. Political Science, Law
  3. Anthropology - Economics - English Elective - History - International Relations - Islamic Studies (Elective) - Journalism - Law - Political Science -Psychology - Social Work - Sociology -Urdu Advance
* Mathematics-A will be offered to those students who have passed Mathematics in F.A/F.Sc with at least 60% marks)

Bachelors of Science BSc Medical Group

Candidates with F.Sc. (Pre-Medical) can apply for this group
  1. BSc with Botany, Chemistry and Zoology
  2. BSc with Botany/Zoology, Chemistry and Elective English

Bachelors of Science BSc with Mathematics

Candidates with F.Sc. (Pre-Engineering) or F.A. (with Mathematics) can apply for this group. Mathematics A is compulsory for all candidates and two other subjects can be selected from the following groups.
  1. Computer Science/Physics/Electronics/Statistics/Mathematics B
  2. Computer Science/Physics/Electronics/Statistics.
  3. (Students who opt for B- Course of Mathematics must have a minimum score of 120/200 in FSc (Mathematics)).

A levels Program


  1. Physics-Chemistry-Biology


  1. Physics-Chemistry-Mathematics


  1. Economics-B. Studies- Accounting-Urdu-Law Sociology

BS in Computer Science

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science degree program prepares students for rewarding, cutting-edge careers in software engineering, system administration.[8]  BS in Computer Science 

Students who complete the bachelors degree in Computer Science will be able to demonstrate

  1. Advanced knowledge of programming languages (C++, Java, VC++), database management or computer networks, operating systems, and computer architecture, as well as web languages and software engineering.
  2. Proficiency in programming and web development.
  3. Sufficient knowledge of theoretical Computer Sciences like algorithms, automata theory and compiler construction.
  4. Understanding of artificial intelligence and natural language processing.
  5. Competence sufficient to work on small and large programming projects.

HND Courses

HND Higher National Diploma

HNDs (Higher National Diploma) focus on 'learning by doing' and give skills that you can use in a particular job. They are highly valued by employers and can also count towards membership of professional bodies and other employer organisations.[9]  HND HND take two years full-time and Edwardes College offers these qualifications in affiliation to Pearson Edexcel UK. BTEC Higher Nationals provide specialist vocational learning at Levels 4, 5 and 7 reflecting the requirements of professional organisations and meeting the National Occupational Standards for each sector or industry. Edwardes offers only Level 5 and level 7 courses.

HND Level 5 Qualifications at Edwardes

  1. HND Business 
  2. HND Computing and System Engineering 

EDSML Extended Diploma is Strategic Managment and Leadership

Edexcel BTEC at level 7 is designed to provide focused learning, with a strong emphasis on practical skills development alongside the acquisition of requisite knowledge and understanding of the business sector. This programme is particularly suitable for mature learners. BTEC Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership is awarded after earning 60 credits at level 7. BTEC Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership is awarded after earning 120 credits at level 7. A possible progression path after a level 7 Extended Diploma, is to enter a university MBA top-up program.



One of the main assets of Edwardes College is its library, a treasure of both classical novels and modern books on eclectic subjects. This library is one of the oldest in the province and subscribes a good number of magazines, journals, newspapers for its users. It is centrally located in the main Arts Block accessible from all sides. It has a peaceful noise-free learning environment that is much appreciated.


The Science Block at Edwardes holds four Chemistry, four Physics and two Biology laboratories that are well-equipped. Three Computer laboratories also fulfill academic needs of the students during college hours.[10]  Laboratories 

Boarding and Hostel

Boarding and Hostel
Boarding and Hostel
Edwardes acknowledges that no place can compensate a home; however, it strives to provide its students the best possible accommodation. The hostels on campus accommodate nearly 200 male students. The main hostel is composed of four hostels.[11] Boarding and Hostel
  1. Edmonds Hall (1st Year Students)
  2. Woolmer Hall (2nd Year Students)
  3. B-Block Hall (2nd Year Students)
  4. Founder's Hall ( Degree Students)
Competent and experienced wardens maintain and manage available facilities at the hostel. Regular sports events like Football, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis and Basket Ball are arranged. Indoor sports competitions of Billiards, Table Tennis and Chess are added flavor to Edwardes hostel life. Prefect Dinners, Golden Night, Cultural Night, and Candlelit Dinner are special events that involve prize distribution, annual reports and musical galas. Constant supervision, regularly observed study hours, and candid but respectful interaction of students with their teachers have made Edwardes Hostel life much desired and cherished. Rules are inviolable and their breach can result in severe punishment including expulsion from the hostel.


The college provides transport facility to the students. However, it can accommodate a limited number of students.

Health Services

Health Services
Health Services
Edwardes College Dispensary provides first aid and outdoor medical facilities to the students. The outdoor medicines are also provided to the students and emergency cases are referred to Lady Reading and Cantonment Hospital. The staff and faculty are also examined by the College Doctor. The College Doctor also provides first aid facilities to athletes during games.[12]  Health Services 

Contact Information


  • 2, The Mall,Peshawar Cantonment, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,Pakistan

Normal Office Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 5:00pm

Ramadan Timings

Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 1:00pm

Phone Numbers

  1. Edwardes College Office (inquiry): +92 91 5275154 Ext 0, +92 91 5275211 Ext 0
  2. Secretary to the Principal: +92 91 5275154 Ext 103, +92 91 5275211 Ext 103, +92 91 5276765
  3. Admin Office: +92 91 5275154 Ext 109, +92 91 5275211 Ext 109, 5276268
  4. Finance Department: +92 91 5275154 Ext 115 - 120, +92 91 5275211 Ext 115-120, +92 91  5275236, +92 91 5273021
  5. Estate Department: +92 91 5275154 Ext 136, +92 91 5272233
  6. College Fax: +92 91 5274172

Admission Inquiry

  1. Inter Year Head (FSc / FA) : +92 91 5275154 Ext 333 / 133 , +92 91 5275211 Ext 333 / 133, +92 91 5285803
  2. Degree Year Head (BA / BSc) : +92 91 5275154 Ext 141, +92 91 5275211 Ext 141, +92 91 5274788
  3. Head Department of Computer Science (BS-CS): +92 91 5275154 Ext 123, +92 91 5275211 Ext 123, +92 91 5284033
  4. Director A Levels: +92 91 5275154 Ext 122 / 124, +92 91 5275211 Ext 122 / 124, +92 91 5274673
  5. HoD Professional Studies (HND / MBA): +92 91 5275154 Ext 125 / 127, +92 91 5275211 Ext 125 / 127, +92 91 5274653
  6. Website: Incharge College Website / HoD Computer Sc: 5284033

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