Dera Allah Yar

Dera Allah Yar (City)

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Dera Allah Yar (Urdu: ڈیرہ اللہ یار) is the headquarters and a small city of the Jaffarabad District of Balochistan, Pakistan.Jafarabad headquarters are at Dera Allah Yar. Formerly known as the Jhatpat subdivision, the region was part of the Jacobabad District until 1970 and part of the Sibi District until 1975.It became a district of its own in 1987.[1] PCO 2000- p-1.Jaffarabad District is sub-divided into three tehsils. In the end of 15th century Jaffarabad was under of Lasharis. The main tribes of this district are Jamali, Gajani and Khoso tribes. Smaller communities are Gola, Umrani, Brohi and Soomro tribes.According to the 1998 census, the total population of the district was 433,000. The predominant first language is Balochi, spoken by 62% of the population, followed by Sindhi with 24%, and Saraiki with 11%

Title Description
Location: Pakistan
City Council: Government Of Balochistan
Type: Small city of the Jaffarabad District
Local Language Name: Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Saraik,Balochi
Province: Balochistan Pakistan
Coordinates : 28.3725°N 68.3583°E
District: Jafarabad District
Region: Balochistan
First settled: 1987
Official Language: Urdu
Native Language: Balochi
Other Languages: Urdu,Balochi,English
Government Type: Government Of Balochistan
Total Area: 2,445 km2 (944 sq mi)
Total Population: 432,817
Time zone
Time zone: PST (UTC+5)
Postal code: 08289
Dialing code: +92-33
Vehicle registration: Three letters beginning with D and random four numbers


Dera Allah Yar After Flood

Dera Allah Yar After Flood


Dera Allah Yar Flood Image

Dera Allah Yar Flood Image

After Mir Jaffar Khan Jamali, a Muslim League veteran from Balochistan and a close friend of Quaid Azam. He contributed towards the promotion of the Muslim League cause in the area. He died on April 7, 1967 and was buried in Rojhan Jamali. Before the creation of Jaffarabad District, during the One Unit period, this district was known as sub division Jhatpat and was a part of Jacobabad district of Sindh province. Jhatpat as a sub division is very old. It was raised to sub division level on 12 January 1932 with Captain Hoc Bland as the first Assistant Commissioner. On the dissolution of One Unit in 1970 it was included in Sibi district and remained within the jurisdiction of Sibi district till January 1975. In 1975, when Nasirabad district came into existence, Jhatpat was included in Nasirabad district. The Usta Mohammad sub division was a part of Sindh up to very recent years. Usta Mohammad is named after Maulvi Usta Mohammad. Chowki Jamali is a Famous Village of Jaffarabad. Jaffarabad is at a main road to Sindh province. Its boundaries link five districts: Larkarna, Jacobabad (Sindh), Nasirabad, Jhall Magsi, and Dera Bugti.

About District Courts Dera Allah Yar

Dera Allah Yar is the headquarters of District Jaffarabad. Prior to I992, the Sessions Judge, Quetta monthly heard the cases of Naseerabad Division, at Usta Muhammad. Thereafter, the District Judiciary started functioning permanently at Dera Allah Yar. In July 1976, a Sessions Court was established at Sibi for the disposal of cases of Sibi, Naseerabad, and Dera Bugti Division.  In 1981-82, Sessions Judge, Sibi commenced a monthly circuit court for Jaffarabad at Dera Allah Yar. In 1983-84, the court of Additional Sessions Judge, Nasirabad was also established at Dera Allah Yar under the Sessions Division of Sibi. In1986, the Sessions Division, Nasirabad, was established at Dera Allah Yar. This included the areas of Dera Allah Yar, Dera Murad Jamali, Dera Bugti and Jhal Magsi. The court of Additional Sessions Judge at Usta Muhammad was also established in 1986. In 1992 the Sessions Court building at Dera Allah Yar was constructed at Dera Allah Yar for Naseerabad Division. The areas of Naseerabad and Dera Bugti were also included in the territorial jurisdiction of the Sessions Judge, Naseerabad at Dera Allah Yar. Finally in 1996, Sessions Division Naseerabad, was bifurcated into two Sessions Divisions i.e. Sessions Judge Nasirabad at Dera Murad Jamali and Sessions Judge Jaffarabad at Dera Allah Yar.[2] The court of Additional ---   Sessions Judge


Dera Allah Yar Train

Dera Allah Yar Train

On 27 August 2008 at least 25 people belonging to the Jamhoori Watan Party (JWP-Aali) suffered injuries when a bomb exploded at a public meeting. The bomb had been placed on a motorcycle, the activists had gathered for a meeting on the second anniversary of the death of Akbar Bugti.[3] Dera -. The Nation

Railway station

Dera Allah Yar railway station (Urdu: ڈیرہ اللہ یار ریلوے اسٹیشن‎, Balochi: ڈیرہ اللہ یار ریلوے اسٹیشن) is located in Dera Allah Yar city, Jaffarabad district of Balochistan province, Pakistan.


The word Dera means abode or settlement in Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, and many other languages. Dera Allah Yar thus means the settlement or city of Allah Yar. Many cities in Pakistan have Dera as a pre-fix such as Dera Ismail Khan and Dera Ghazi Khan.[4] Dera Allah Yar thus means - the settlement

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