Dakhni Natural Gas Field
Dakhni Natural Gas Field

OGDCL is the national oil and gas company of Pakistan and the flagship of the country’s E&P sector.Dakhni Gas conden sate field is located at a distance of about 135 Kms in the south west of islamabad.the field was discovered in Feb.1983 and came on regularly production in Dec 1989, Gas contains6-8% Hydrogen Sulphide(H2S) in the well stream.Conditioning, treating and processing of raw natural gas/oil to obtain marketable products i.e fuel gas, stabilized oil, motor soirit,kerosene,disesel,LPG and sulphur through processing plants via optimum safe and environment friendly process plants operation and maintence.

Traded As:Oil and Gas
Industry:Dakhni Gas Production Plant
Founded:Feb 1983
Product:Oil and Gas
Marketable Product:Fuel Gas,Stalized Oil,Motor Spirit,Kerosene,Diesel,LPG
Gas Contain:6-8% Hydrogen sulfide(H2S)
regularly Production:December 1989
From Islamabad:135 Kilometer
Company :OGDCL
Time:9:00AM to 1:00PM
Location :District Attock
Tel. Phone:+92 57 2621620
ulphur Productionm Production:65 – 75 Tones Per Day
Crude Oil Production:1600 barrel/Year
Gas Production:45-50 million Cubic Day
Dakhni Processing Plant Separator:Horizontal, Vertical, Sperical

OGDCL CompanyAn engineer records data in the control room of the Dakhni Gas Processing Plant, operatedOil and Gas ProductionWorkers collect sulphur at the Dakhni Gas Processing Plant, operated by Oil & Gas DevelopmentGas Production

Dakhnis Processing Plant


Basal Plants are represented in separator, in which water and H2S is entered in it.Domestics pads are also there.When pressure drops due to specific gravity,as a result of which water and hydrocarbons are separated.Hydrocarbons are present in the middle of chamber,while water in the bottom of a chamber and top of the chamber possess gas in it.There are three types of separator:

  1. Horizontal
  2. Vertical
  3. Sperical 

In Dakhni Attock City plant horizontal separators are installed.When pressure abruptly goes down, than they are separated.H2S and hydrocarbons gas is farwarded.All the proecautioes are taken which are recommended by environmental energy.

High Pressure

If there is high pressure, and any breakage happens than these main feeding vent is directed towards the flares and all of the gas burns down, in order to remain protect from any disaster.If pressure exceeds 1265 psi than the values are opened here and the oil burnt acid pipelines are there for oil transfer.


  1. Chemical “AMINE” is present in the absorber.This chemical amine absorbs H2S in it.Showring of amine is taken place is the absorber and all the H2S is separated.
  2. Hydrocarbons are obtained in the range of Cl-C4.
  3. C1:Natural Gas
  4. C2-C4:LPG
  5. Chemical amine absorbs H2S and here pressure is dropped and temerature is increased and absorption level is less and H2S goes up and the amine is separated in the bottom and again the cycle continues.So, high temperature and pressure is kept in the pressure of Al2O3catlyst.

Sulphur Recovery Unit

  1. Produce Natural gas,LPG and Sulphur.
  2. CCL3 and CCL4 present in liquid in the cylinder i.e LPG, Liquid hydrocarbons by come in the fractional H2S is present in liquid form.
  3. The solubility decreases when temp, increase.
  4. 1600 Barres/year hydrocarbons is obtained.
  5. tanks are also present there stores SNFL hydrocarbons.then it is send to refinary.

Refrigeration Unit

Refrigeration Unit is there to cool the gas so that to convert in into the liquid.

Waste Water Treatment Plant Dhakni

Dakhni Oil Field water treatment plant is located at a distance of 120 km From Islamabad at a distance of 120 Km from Islamabad – Kohat Road.The Plant will supply treated water and process water to the sulphur recovery plant in the Oil/Field.
 Design Basis
The Demineralizer system capable of producing 8,0001/hr of de-ionized water.In Coming water Limit;

  1. Conductivity:

    Problems Facing in Existing Plant

    Previously installed PLC mallfunctioning and client was running water treatment plant manual basis.The features of Full auto modes were not applicable due to problems in PLC, They require PLC system that was fully reliable and capable enough to handle harsh acidic environment along with an HMI to operate the plant in fully Auto, Semi Auto and Mannual Mode.

    Production Estimate

    1. Gas Production:45-50 million Cubic Feet/Day
    2. Crude Oil: 1600 barrel/Year
    3. Sulphur Productionm:65 – 75 Tones Per Day 

    In Case of Emergency

    1. Process Control
    2. ERP – Emergency Response Plan
    3. Fire Control Measures
    4. personal Protective Safety Measures 

    Mailing Address

    1. Dhakni Gas Field Oil & Gas Development Company Limited 
    2. Dakhni Gas Processing Plant Thehsil Jand District Attock  
    3. Tel. Phone # +92 57 2621620 (Field Manager), +92 57 2621865 (I/C Plant OPS) Fax: +92 57 2621320 
    4. Email: dakhni@ogdcl.com , zarar_hussain@ogdcl.com[1]  Mailing Address