Crescent Model Higher Secondary School (Education)

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2017-03-14 14:50:04Crescent Model Higher Secondary School
At Crescent School, we are inspired by these values that make each student of ours rise to his/her potential:Respect, Opportunity, Ambition,Exellence.
  • Details
  • Motto:

    Unity - Faith - Discipline

  • Name:

    Crescent Model Higher Secondary School

  • In Urdu:

    کریسنٹ ماڈل ہائی سیکریٹری اسکول

  • Type:


  • Established At :

    Qaddafi stadium Lahore

  • Established:


  • Potential Values:

    Respect Opportunity Ambition Exellence

  • School conducts:

    Debate and poetry competitions

  • Prominent personalities:

    Dr. Amir-ud-Din, Chief Justice Yaqub Ali Khan, Dr. Mubashir Hassan and Mr. Majid Nizami

  • Principal:

    Mrs. Sobia Lodhi

  • Extracurricular Activities:

    indoor and outdoor

  • Academic staff:


  • First Headmaster:

    Haji Fazal Ahmad

  • First Principal:

    Sh Moin-Ud-Din

  • Junior Section consists:

    Class I 5 to 6 years Class II 6 to 7 years Class III 7 to 8 years Class IV 8 to 9 years Class V 9 to 10 years

  • Vice Principal:

    Mr. Muhammad Ali

  • Senior Coordinator:

    Mrs. Nausheen Ashar

  • Students:


  • Age Range:

    3 - 17

  • Average class size :


  • Location:

    Location Shadman Colony, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

  • Headquarter:

    Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

  • Sports:

    Cricket, Football, Hockey, Swimming, Badminton, Basketball, Athletics, Volleyball, Gymnastics

  • Classrooms:


  • Hours in school day:


  • Medium Of Language:


  • Publication:


  • Slogan:

    Unity - Faith - Discipline

  • Houses :

    Jinnah, Sir Syed, Edhi, Iqbal

  • Sports:

    cricket, hockey,Football

  • Examination conducted :

    University of Cambridge

  • Affiliation:


  • Website:

School History

  • 1968
Crescent school was established at Qaddafi stadium Lahore at the time there were only 35 students enrolled under the supervision of Pricnipal Ashfaq Ahmed Qureshi .
  • 1970
In September 1970 school was shifted to Shadman
  • 1971
Sheikh Muin ud Din was appointed as principal under whose supervision school progressed a lot.
  • 1985
Crescent College was established for both boys and girls, it was also during this year that girls school campus was also setup.
  • 1987
Crescent achieved yet another milestone by offering A Level and O Level.
  • 2009
Mr. Muhammad Shakoor was appointed school's Principal
  • 2014
CET Management took over and introduced a comprehensive modernization program for the upgradation of school's facilities and teaching standards
  • 2015
Crescent Model School successfully launched The Crescent Montessori School which received a very positive response from parents and is running successfully under the supervision of 


At Crescent Model Higher Secondary School our most prized asset is our dedicated and well qualified staff. We take a great deal of time in selecting and training our teachers - making them work in collaboration with our administrative staff to devise stimulating lesson plans throughout the academic year. We have nearly 300 staff that help us seek excellence in everything that we do.[2] Crescent Model School  Faculty Principal Mrs Sobia Lodhi Vice Principal
  1. (Academics):Prof. M.Arif Javaid  
  2. (Girls Campus):Mrs Sofia Qadir Khan  
  3. (Boys Campus):Mrs Uzma Sajid  


(Boys Senior Section): Rizwan Akram


  1. (Boys Junior Section): Mrs Shehla Shahid  
  2. (Boys Middle Section): Samina Akram  
  3. (Girls Junior Section): Mrs Lubna Bilal  
  4. (Girls Senior Section): Mrs Fatima Noreen  
  5. (Boys Cambridge Section): Dr. Uzma Azhar  

Junior School

Boys Campus

  1. Nigar Fatima
  2. Senior Coordinator
  3. Coordinator Class 2  
  4. Unaiza Amber
  5. Coordinator Class 1  
  6. Rabia Akram
  7. Coordinator Class 3  
  8. Meher-un-Nisa
  9. Coordinator Class 4  
  10. Naureine Asdaq
  11. Coordinator Class 5  

Girls Campus

  1. Ayesha Wasif
  2. Coordinator Junior Section  
  3. Yumna Ashhad
  4. Coordinator Junior Section  
  5. Riffat Abbas
  6. Coordinator: Class 6, 7 & 8  
  7. Nimra Asmat
  8. Coordinator  

Middle School

Boys Campus

  1. Mrs Huma Umer,Coordinator  
  2. Mr. Azam Waseem,Coordinator  

Senior School

Boys Campus

  1. Mr. Nazir Ahmed ,Coordinator  
  2. Mr. Mohammad Akbar ,Coordinator  

Cambridge Section

Boys Campus

  1. Mr. Anwar Saeed,Coordinator : Cambridge Section  
  2. Miss Amna Ahmed,Coordinator : Cambridge Section  

Junior School

This Section provides education for students from the age of five years onwards. At the time of admission to class I, a child should be between 5 and 6 years on 31st of March. The Junior Section consists of the following classes:
  1. Class I 5 to 6 years
  2. Class II 6 to 7 years
  3. Class III 7 to 8 years
  4. Class IV 8 to 9 years
  5. Class V 9 to 10 years
There are eight Sections in each class, which fall under the supervision of Headmistress who is assisted by trained and experienced lady teachers. The reading, writing and arithmetic methodology is adapted through a play-way approach that helps young children develop their basic skills in a fun, enthusiastic manner. The School presents a steady balance between co-curricular activities and learning, helping young pupils gain knowledge in the most effective way. An average school week comprises of regular academic periods, along with two to three computer and art lessons for all students.[3] Crescent junior School

Senior School

In this Section, students promoted from the Junior Section are placed under the charge of qualified and experienced teachers. The boys are prepared for Secondary School Certificate (Matriculation) Examination as well as for GCE O Level Examination conducted through the University of Cambridge. It is classified as follows:
  1. Class VI 10 to 11 years
  2. Class VII 11 to 12 years
  3. Class VIII 12 to 13 years
  4. Class IX 13 to 14 years
  5. Class X 14 to 15 years
Grade VI and VII have nine sections and grade 8 has seven sections, the Senior Cambridge Sections are bifurcated after class VII. All classes fall under the supervision of Headmaster who is assisted by competent and experienced teachers.[4] Crescent Senior School

Sports Facilities

At Crescent, sports are an integral part of school activities, supported by necessary resources. There are separate grounds for cricket, hockey and football and a separate court for football that are properly maintained. Among the indoor games, table tennis badminton and swimming facilities are available. Air conditioned gymnasium that provides nutritional guidance, upgraded state of the art cardio equipment and magnetic exercise cycles, personal training and senior fitness classes, is also being established. Qualified full-time male and female, physical training instructors/coaches supervise students physical training to ensure the health, well-being, and development of every student athlete, regardless of interest area and skill level. All classes have regular sports periods during the week.[5] CRescent Model School sports Facilities


Co-curricular activities are an integral part of our educational set up. These activities create a sense of co-operation, feeling of confidence, quality of leadership and develop a healthy competition amongst students. They provide them a chance to learn sportsman's spirit: how to face the defeat and how to be normal while celebrating occasions of success. Consequently, they make them useful citizens with higher moral values. So the school lays appropriate stress on its well planned co-curricular activities. Students are also encouraged to participate actively in inter house completions. The object of all these periodic functions is to infuse in our students a spirit of confidence and self-reliance besides grooming them into well-disciplined and responsible citizens of the country. Each society is run by elected body of students under guidance of two senior teachers. Area of societies are decided. Each class has it's own 5 societies Crescent has following societies for the grooming of students
  • Civic Society
  • Dramatic Society
  • Debationg Socity
  • Art & Culture Society
  • Science and Its Society[6] Crescent Model School Co-Curricular


Welcome to the first step for a career at Crescent Higher Secondary school. We aim to instill our core values in all our members which are Respect; Opportunity; Ambition and Excellence.[7] Crescent Model School Careers Board of Trustees
  1. Chairman: Muhammad Rafi
  2. Secretary: Altaf M Saleem
  3. Dr. Mubashar Hassan
  4. Mian Ahsan Bashir
  5. Mian Humayun Mazhar
  6. Mian Javed Amin
  7. Mr. Justice Karamat Nazir Bandhari
  8. Mian Khalid Bashir

Principle Message

Welcome to the wonderful world of Crescent Model School, you will definitely have a great experience of using this website. On behalf of the faculty and staff, I'd like to welcome you to Crescent. We thank you for visiting our website, and we are glad to have a chance to tell you about our school. We are very proud of the accomplishments our students and school have achieved throughout the year. We continue to refine curriculum and emphasize comprehensive literacy strategies throughout all classrooms. Our teachers are highly qualified professionals committed to excellence in education. They will build on your children's current skills and help them develop the academic, social, and emotional skills they need to be successful in school and in life. As importantly, crescent continues to fulfill its longstanding commitment to foster an enduring love of learning in all our students, for school and for life. Our teachers make learning relevant and real, harnessing the intellectual curiosity of our students, extending our classroom walls through technology and the embrace of our unique setting, while ensuring that our students successfully navigate the increasing global complexity of their current and future lives. Our faculty is strength of the school, and they work tirelessly to support and inspire our students every day, believing unequivocally in the limitless potential of young people so that they can believe fully in themselves. Visit us and see for yourself the New environment created by The Board and Management. It is our goal to partner with parents to create a learning environment that is engaging, challenging, and supportive. We are also fortunate to work in collaboration with parents who offer tremendous support to the learning environment by actively participating in PTMs. We, the staff, strive to ensure our children leave as literate, numerate, well-educated citizens who have the capability, confidence and independence to make a positive contribution to our society.
  • Crescent Model School - There is simply no other place quite like it!
  1. Mrs Sobia Lodhi
  2. Principal

Contact Info

Boys Section

  1. 352 - Shadman Colony, Lahore
  2. +92 42 3742 1361 - 64

Girls Section

  1. 930A - Shadman Colony, Lahore
  2. +92 42 3596 0725-26

Accounts and Admin Department

+92 42 37421361 - 64

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