Burhani Blood Bank (Hospital)

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2017-05-10 02:41:07Burhani Blood Bank
BLOOD BANK RERIGERATOR available in six different sizes and designed to meet strict requirements for storage of whole blood. The blood selection of 4°C Refrigerators includes the Micro controlled temperature control having audio visual alarm in case of deviation. *Extra-strength non CFC Refrigeration system. *CFC free PUF(Poly Urethane Foam) insulation to ensure temperature stability and save power consumption.[1] BLOOD BANK RERIGERATOR -  six different sizes and designed
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    Blood Banks

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    Saifee Rd, Karachi

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  • Blood selection:

    4°C Refrigerators includes

  • Blood Camp:

    focused the donor’s perspective

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  • donor count :

    31% were females and 69% were males

  • organized a Blood Camp in Taheri Mohallah:

    19th May, 2013 celebrating 50

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    financial documents

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    carried out in very professional manner

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    Clean Bed Sheets

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    Open 24 hours

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    Provides special services


Burhani Blood Bank
Burhani Blood Bank


Burhani Blood Bank and Thalassaemia centre is operated in a very professional manner. We as a team of burhani blood bank want to make sure that all our operations are carried out in very professional manner. We also make sure that we follow all the accounting practices in order to comply with the government regulation. Our accounts are properly audited on annual basis. [2] operated in a very -   professional manner This practice has helped us in building confidence among all our the beneficiaries. We provide our financial documents to all our beneficiaries on request.

Burhani Blood Camp 2013 Division 2 Taheri Mohallah

Burhani Blood Bank camp
Burhani Blood Bank camp
We, the members and officers of Burhani Ambulance Corps would like to offer Sajadaatus shukr on the Countless barakaat we have been blessed with in this golden Burhani era. [3] members and officers -  Burhani Ambulance Corps would AQA MAULA (TUS) keeps bestowing on us numerous benedictions and showers of barakaat. Out of these unmatched and never ending Nawazishat, a major Nemat has been the Nazaraat of Aali Qadr Syedi Mufaddal Bhaisaheb Saifuddin Maula (TUS) and Saadat Kiraam on us humble khidmat guzars. From the day of its inception Burhani Guards is actively working in the field of medical, providing sick men aid services and medical consultation services to mumineen and in general at large. In 1417 H, Aqa Maula (TUS) bestowed name Al-Tamreez to these services of Burhani Guards.[4] working in the field of medical -  Burhani Guards is actively Later on to provide better services to mumineen and to perform khidmat on a larger scale Burhani Diagnostic Centre was established by the Raza & Dua Mubarak of Aqa Maula (TUS). Al-Tamreez in association with Burhani Diagnostic Centre performs various medical activities round the year as Free Medical Camps, Blood Donation Camps and other medical facility camps in Burhani Diagnostic Centre as well as in various mohallahs of Karachi in which specialist doctors take part and serve mumineen with free medicines and vital advices. Keeping this as our foresight, we the officers and members of Burhani Ambulance Corps – Division II-Taheri Mohallah had organized a Blood Camp in Taheri Mohallah on 19th May, 2013 celebrating 50 glorious and historical years of AQA MAULA (TUS) on TAKHT-E-IMAAMI. This time Blood Camp was set on a larger scale, and it was quite different from the camps held previously. Our logo was based on a vision, focusing on a drop of blood from which light was emitting which denoted that this light is empowering peoples’ health.[5] Burhani Ambulance Corps -  Division II-Taheri Mohallah

Our Theme

Our theme for this Blood Camp focused the donor’s perspective on the benefits they would receive from donating blood. We started the awareness campaign on blood donation for Mumineen via text messages and brochures/posters. Some of the prominent examples of our awareness messages were:[6] Blood Camp -  focused the donor’s perspective
  •    Blood donation helps reduces excess iron from your blood (which reduces risk of Heart Diseases)
  •    Blood donation reduces risk of Cancer.
  •    Blood donation helps in renewal of Blood, which is beneficial to human health.

Marketing Strategy

  • Panaflexes were placed in different Mohallah’s Masjid to target maximum munineen.
  • SMS marketing was used to target mass number of munineen. First week of marketing was focused on awareness with respect to blood donation, later on the blood camp campaign was started

How was this event different

  •    Members of Division II were patrolling in vehicles (with stickers of Burhani Blood Camp ’13 pasted) in different Mohallas on the event day to provide pick and drop facility to donors.
  •    T-shirts were printed for all members having the logo and name of the event.
  •    Souvenirs were distributed to donors as a token of remembrance and appreciation. Souvenir was a printed mug as shown below in pictures.
  •    A stall was placed in Masjid during majlis’s to brief Mumineen (Ladies and Gents both) with respect to awareness and advantages of blood donation.

Event day details

Preparation of the event started early at 7:00 AM. Members were present before the reporting time, helping and setting up the event place with great enthusiasm. Official time for the camp initiation was 9:00 AM. Mumineen started arriving at the camp before the given time which showed great dedication. The process of donating started from the technician counter where the technicians ensured whether the donor can donate blood or not by checking their blood pressure and weight. After this process necessary details of the donor was noted and was handed over with a Donor’s Card and was sent to the blood donating area. Later the donor was given a souvenir as a token of appreciation and remembrance. All the members played their role efficiently which lead our division to a record breaking successful event.[7] Official time for the camp -  initiation was 9:00 AM


We achieved a record breaking donor count due to the different and unusual approach. At the end of the day, donor count reached to 400+, out of that 31% were females and 69% were males. It was indeed a successful outcome and for the first time much participation was noted from the females.[8] We achieved a -  Record breaking donor Our niyat is singular and transparent, to attain the khushi of our bawa shafeeq AQA MAULA (TUS) and AALI QADR MAULA (TUS) in health and wellbeing of mumineen. We, combine all our prayers with this one sole niyat that Allah Almighty blesses a long and healthy life to our beloved bawa shafeeq Aqa Maula (TUS) and his Mansoos Aali Qadr Syedi Mufaddal Maula (TUS) till the final


Address: St-1, Block “F” , North Nazimabad, KarachiPhone: +92-21-6644490

Hours open

  1. Monday Open 24 hours
  2. Tuesday Open 24 hours
  3. Wednesday Open 24 hours
  4. Thursday Open 24 hours
  5. Friday Open 24 hours
  6. Saturday Closed
  7. Sunday Closed

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