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Bol Network (TV Channel)

Article Upload Date: 2017,Jan 21

BOL is a complete media enterprise consisting of platforms that are important and relevant to our audience, including Television (News, Entertainment and Sports), Digital Media (Web, Social Media & Media Apps), Print Media (Newspaper and Magazines), Cinemas & Movies, Theatre and Radio. With a massive launch and a clear social development objective, BOL is all set to bring a revolution in Pakistan’s media industry.

Title Description
Name: BOL Network
Launched: 25 December 2016.
In Urdu: بول نیٹ ورک
Owned by: Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh,
Native name: بول
Romanized Name: Bol
Chairman & CEO: Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh
Slogan: Bol k lab azad hain tere
Language: urdu
Part of Bol news: Nabeel Zafar, Zeba Shehnaz , Haider Imam Rizvi,Kamran Khan, Mubasher Lucman, Jasmeen Manzoor , Iftikhar Ahmed
Part of Bol News Channel: Kamran Khan, Mubasher Lucman, Jasmeen Manzoor and Iftikhar Ahmed
Joined the Entertainment Channel: Nabeel Zafar, Zeba Shehnaz and Haider Imam Rizvi
Parent: Axact
Industry: Media and publishing house
Products: BOL News, BOL Entertainment, BOL Cinemas, BOL Movies, BOL Print, BOL Theater, BOL Radio
Headquarter: Karachi,
Country: Pakistan
Formerly called: Bol News
Broadcast area: Pakistan
Contact us: Bolistan, BOL Road, Creek Cantonment Karachi. 03-111-111-BOL (265)
Founded: 2013
Number of employees: More then 500

BOL Network

BOL Network (Urdu: بول نیٹ ورک  ) is a media conglomerate based in Karachi owned by Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh, who also served as the CEO and chairman of the media network.[1] BOL Network According to Declan Walsh Bol Network was under the auspices of the fake diploma mill Axact.The media group was supposed to incorporate television, digital media, cinema and theatre as well as digital media, but when the parent company of Bol, Axact, was unmasked as a diploma mill selling fake degrees Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority revoked the licence that it had awarded BOL, and the network was not even able to start transmission. Pakistani journalist Kamran Khan was appointed as the editor in chief, but he quit after the Axact scandal surfaced and stated that his conscience did not let him be affiliated with such a network.[2]Kamran Khan step  down as bol's president 

Bols Mission

At BOL, they work to be the number 1 with more than 50% of the revenues and profits of every global media market they enter and at the same time deploy their core competencies towards the socio-economic development. This is their mission and every thing they do reflects this only this and nothing else.[3]  Bols Mission 

Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh Chairman CEO BOL Group

Mr Shoaib Sheikh

Mr Shoaib Sheikh

He founded Axact at a time when Pakistan was still waking up to the potential of the IT industry. His foresight and vision were rewarded in the company’s meticulous rise through the country’s corporate sector. Today, Axact is three times larger than any private sector company in Pakistan! Mr. Shoaib connected Pakistan to the dot com world in a way that no one before could even dream of.

Software and Technology

Mr. Shoaib pioneered the creation and launch of ground breaking software and technology. He created an environment in which excellence in every IT-centric endeavor was expected and was delivered. In 2005 Mr. Shoaib crafted Axact’s mission of winning and caring and put together Axact’s core values. He put together a belief system that connects every department and all layers of leadership. Through Axact’s monthly recognition events, these values are inculcated in every Axactian.

Learning and Development

His process-oriented approach, focus on learning and development and belief in quality human resource are reflected in everything that Axact does. Under his able leadership, Axactians rose through the ranks to lead various domains. This is how 7 of Axact’s 10 business units went on to become market leaders. Axact now has a global presence in 6 continents, 120 countries & 1300 cities.Mr. Shoaib’s vision of the future of Axact is represented in the company’s grand infrastructural project – GalAxact – which will contribute $50 billion to Pakistan’s economy.He has also crafted a vision for an employed, educated and liberated Pakistan and the first step to accomplish this vision, Plan 2019, has already been set in motion through the launch of Free Insaaf - a project to make justice accessible to all.

Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh Chairman CEO BOL Group

Through Mr. Shoaib’s plan, Aik Allah Kaafi Hay Trust will educate 10 million children. Mr. Shoaib has also launched Pakistan’s Largest Media Group – BOL, that is working to popularize his vision for an employed and independent Pakistan. Under Mr. Shoaib’s leadership, Axact and BOL will rise to new heights of growth and accomplishment and will enable Pakistan to prosper and flourish.

Speech at 20th Annual Team Meet

On the grand occasion of 20th Annual Team Meet, Chairman & CEO of Axact & BOL, Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh addressed the audience leaving them spellbound while sharing his vision for Pakistan becoming the #1 country in the world by the year 2036.

Axacts vision for the future of Pakistan

Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh revealed Axact’s Plan 2019 for a prosperous and a thriving Pakistan, and the role Axact,BOL, their government, other IT firms and each and every Pakistani will play in the realization of this dream. WatchMr. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh’s captivating speech to learn how Axact will make sectors of Food and Shelter,Healthcare, Judicial Assistance and Education accessible to all in Pakistan by 2019.[4] Future of Pakistan 

A Well informed Pakistan

BOL is leading Pakistan into a new information era that will transform the way the masses view information. BOL is pioneering a media revolution and will further amplify its efforts to create a better Pakistan.

Social Media Frenzy

BOL's Social Media is a platform to work for the betterment of Pakistan. Be the change agent and a get an opportunity to be connected with the whole world and play your role in building a better Pakistan.

Offer Prayers at BOLs

Air-Conditioned Prayer halls

At BOL, They have air-conditioned prayer rooms with ablution facility where you can offer your prayers with complete peace of mind.

Spend a great time at BOLs

Beach Resort Currently under construction, BOL's beach resort will be Pakistan's first corporate resort, housing world-class facilities like buggies, large swimming pools, water sports, etc.

Back story

Pakistani investigators Tuesday carried out raids on a firm accused of running a global fake degree empire, officials said, confiscating computers and holding employees for questioning as the scandal deepened.


The firm Axact was accused by the New York Times of running a network of hundreds of websites for phoney universities complete with paid actors for promotional videos, as part of an elaborate scheme that generated tens of millions of dollars annually.

Federal Investigation Agency FIA

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) officers swooped on the Karachi headquarters of the company, seizing equipment and records and expelling employees from the building, a member of the raiding party told AFP on condition of anonymity.
  1. Meanwhile the company's Rawalpindi office has been sealed and employees were being questioned at the site, an official said.
  2. The same official had earlier said that two employees had been arrested, but later clarified they were being quizzed and had not been charged with a crime.
  3. The raid is still ongoing, Mehmood ul Hassan, acting director of the FIA's Cyber Crime Wing, told AFP.
  4. Their team is gathering evidence. Their director general will release all details about the raid once it's completed.
  5. The move came shortly after Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan told the agency to probe if the said company is involved in any such illegal work which can tarnish the good image of the country in the world.
  6. The report by the New York Times, which quoted former employees and analysed more than 370 websites of fake universities, accreditation bodies and other purported institutions, sparked a wave of criticism on social media even as the company denied wrongdoing.
  7. Axact's media venture named Bol is set to launch a news channel, featuring leading TV anchors and journalists lured from previous employers by high salaries, heightening interest in the story.
The NYT article cited clients from the US, Britain and the United Arab Emirates who had paid sums ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars for their degrees  with some believing the universities were real and they would soon receive coursework. The university websites mainly route their traffic through servers run by companies registered in Cyprus and Latvia, and employees would plant fictitious reports about Axact universities on CNN iReport, a website for citizen journalism. Axact and its CEO, Shoaib Ahmad Shaikh, did not respond to requests from AFP for comment on Monday or Tuesday.But a message on its website declared the story baseless, substandard, maligning, defamatory, and based on false accusations and added it would sue the New York Times.The message did not directly address the allegations but accused domestic media rivals of colluding with the US newspaper to plant a slanderous story in order to harm its business interests. According to an FIA official who did not wish to be named, the allegations raised by the newspaper would be a crime under Pakistan's Electronic Transaction Ordinance, punishable by seven years in prison.SAMAA/Agencies. [5] Back story 


The BOL Network was started by Pakistani businessman, Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh in June 2013, and according to him, it was meant to create an independent media house to portray a soft image of Pakistan and several notable journalists joined the network at that time.[6] Big Names in Pakistani Media Making the Move to BOL TV Bol claims to have offered insurance of up to Rs. 10 million to cable operators. In 2014, BOL Network advertised on more than 20,000 public transport vehicles in Pakistan.[7] BOL Family Program providing Rozgar The company also announced a television set brand by the name of BG.[8] BOL Group Introduces Its Very Own TV brand – BG!

Media personnel

During the early phases of Bol, many prominent media personnel joined the network. These included Nabeel Zafar, Zeba Shehnaz and Haider Imam Rizvi who joined the entertainment channel. Kamran Khan, Mubasher Lucman, Jasmeen Manzoor and Iftikhar Ahmed were reportedly a part of the Bol News channel. However all of them resigned once the Axact scandal unmasked the company as a scam and a fraud.[9] Fake diploma scandal

Axact Scandal

Initial raids and indictments

On 17 May 2015, The New York Times published an investigative story reporting that Axact ran at least 370 degree and accreditation mill websites. When Axact offices were raided by the FIA at the interior minister's orders, many compromising documents were recovered, including fake letterhead of the US State Department. Subsequently, Axact was sealed on May 28, 2015 and the Information ministry requested PEMRA to close down BOL.On May 26, 2015, Federal Investigation Agency arrested Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh for investigation. The case was filed against him on May 27, 2015 in Karachi, Pakistan.The same day he was ordered to submit "copy of the letter of credit, contract or proof of payment in support of the transactions and the source of financing for the procurement of the imported goods" as the FBR had received intelligence that Bol was using illegal equipment. on 5 June 2015, Ayesha Sheikh, the wife of Bol CEO Shoib Sheikh was indicted on charges of money laundering in connected with Axact and Bol.[10] Axct Scandal: FIA likely to arrest Shoaib Sheikh wife

Resignation of media personnel

Bol was aggressive in recruiting media personnel when the network was in development. However, when it came to light that the network was being run through illegal means and was part of a scam they were quick to leave. While Kamran Khan tweeted that his conscience would not let him continue, Iftikhar Ahmad wrote cannot work for an organisation whose basic workings conflict with my professional commitment. Asma Shirazi resigned and posted on Twitter, I have resigned from Bol News. Truth must prevail. [11] Initial raids and indictments 

Post Axact Scandal Acquisition

After the suspension of the BOL Network and BOL News there was a mass exodus of journalists and other media personnel from the company.However ARY Digital Network CEO Salman Iqbal offered to take over the beleaguered company in August 2015. He stated that the decision had been taken in view to provide career protection to media industry and its workers. The founder of ARY Group said the his media group would launch the transmission of the channel within three weeks. On September 30, 2015, it was announced that the deal between the owners of BOL and ARY Digital Network had fallen through.[12] Exodus in the making: Senior journalists quit Bol TV as Axact controversy deepens

Denial of access to Axact databases and offices

Both Bol and Axact have been petitioning to be granted access to databases maintained by Axact. However FIA declined to allow them access. On 12 April 2016 the Supreme court of Pakistan rejected the plea entered by Bol and Axact administration which requested that they be granted access to their databases and offices. The three judges of the bench observed that such access will not be provided until the investigation into the diploma mill scams, forgery and other allegations has been completed.[13] Denial of access to Axact databases and offices 

Locations and infrastructure

The head office is located in Karachi and called Bolistan.The network's regional headquarters in the provinces are in Lahore and Islamabad.BOL Network, also operated their own DSNG vans and when the parent company, Axact, was raided by FBR in connection with fake degrees and money laundering, Bol Network used its DSNG vans to create a barricade and prevent journalists from coming near the building.When the Axact scandal came to light reliable sources informed the Federal Board of Revenue that most of the equipment used by Bol network had been imported illegally. A notice was served to the CEO under Section 26 of the Customs Act 1969 and he was ordered to submit proof that the equipment being used had been imported using legal means.[14] Equipment at Bol TV  ˜imported illegally 

Other controversies

On October 15, 2013, the Hindustan Times reported that the entry of BOL media electronic player was backed by the ISI, which sparked controversy.Later a corrigendum (an error in a printed work discovered after printing and shown with its correction on a separate sheet) was issued by Hindustan Times.[15] Indian campaign on ISI exposed

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