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Zameer Choudrey, Bestway Group’s Chief Executive and CEO of Bestway Cement, in his address to a large gathering of staff, various stakeholders and dignitaries at a prestigious ceremony at Islamabad to celebrate the occasion said that taking over of Lafarge Pakistan was a momentous occasion and a major milestone for Bestway Group. He extended warm welcome to the staff of Lafarge Pakistan into Bestway family. He expressed his commitment to further developing the acquired company into a role model for cement industry to follow and stated that Bestway intended to invest nearly US$ 30 million in the acquired company including, among other things, an environmentally friendly waste heat recovery power plant. Bestway is by far the largest overseas Pakistani investor in the country and Choudrey reaffirmed his determination to continue playing his role in the economic development of Pakistan. [1] Best way

Type:Business Bestway Cement
In Urdu:بیسٹ وے سیمنٹ
Industry:Business Cement, Banking, Pharmacy,
Founded: 1976 ,1993
Headquarter:London, United Kingdom Bestway Cement Limited Bestway Building 19-A, College Road F-7 Markaz Islamabad 44000 Pakistan
Key People:Chairman: Sir Anwar Pervez, CEO: Zameer Choudrey CBE, MD: Younis Sheikh, Director: R Pervez, Director & Company Secretary: D Pervez
Product:Ordinary Portland Cement Sulphate Resistant Cement Quick Setting Cement Low Alkali Ordinary Portland Cement Clinker
Revenue:3.4 billion GBP
Founder: :Anwar Pervez
Company Registration Number: :0031894
Company NTN Number: :0656656-1
Symbol of Company on all Stock Exchanges::BWCL
Break-up value per share::43.86
Owner:Zameer Choudrey (Jul 2004–)
Number of employees:238,250+

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  1. Bestway Cement Limited (“Bestway Cement”), a subsidiary of Bestway Group (“Bestway”) has announced assumption of management control of Lafarge Pakistan Cement Limited (“Lafarge Pakistan”).
  2. This follows the company’s successful bid for 75.86% of Lafarge Pakistan’s shares for an enterprise value of USD 329 million in July 2014. Bestway Cement also acquired another 12.07% shares of the target company through the public offer process taking its shareholding in Lafarge Pakistan to 87.93%.
  3. Acquisition of Lafarge Pakistan’s 2.5 million tonnes per annum (“TPA”) cement plant located in Chakwal, means that Bestway Cement has now become the largest cement manufacturer in Pakistan with a total capacity of more than 8 million TPA representing 18% of the entire industry’s capacity in the country.
  4. Zameer Choudrey, Bestway Group’s Chief Executive and CEO of Bestway Cement, in his address to a large gathering of staff, various stakeholders and dignitaries at a prestigious ceremony at Islamabad to celebrate the occasion said that taking over of Lafarge Pakistan was a momentous occasion and a major milestone for Bestway Group. He extended warm welcome to the staff of Lafarge Pakistan into Bestway family. He expressed his commitment to further developing the acquired company into a role model for cement industry to follow and stated that Bestway intended to invest nearly US$ 30 million in the acquired company including, among other things, an environmentally friendly waste heat recovery power plant. Bestway is by far the largest overseas Pakistani investor in the country and Choudrey reaffirmed his determination to continue playing his role in the economic development of Pakistan.
  5. The UK-based global conglomerate is the UK’s 18 largest privately owned company and seventh largest family-owned business.
  6. Bestway includes the UK’s second largest wholesaler serving 125,000 independent retailers and caterers from 64 warehouses nationwide and with over 6 million square feet of selling space. The Group also recently acquired UK’s third largest pharmacy business – The Co-Operative Pharmacy (now rebranded as Well Pharmacy). The pharmacy business has over 770 branches across the UK and over 7,000 employees.
  7. United Bank Limited, Bestway’s banking division, is Pakistan’s second largest private bank with assets under management of US$10.3 billion and a branch network of over 1,400 branches serving over five million customers.

Bestway has a turnover of more than US$ 3.4 billion and a global workforce of nearly 34,000 of which 12,000 is in the UK and the rest is in Pakistan and the Gulf. [2] Bestway About

Corporate Profile

Bestway Cement
Bestway Cement Limited is part of the Bestway Group of the United Kingdom. Bestway Group was founded by Sir Mohammed Anwar Pervez nearly thirty three years ago on what could be best described as one man’s vision and passion. Since then it has translated into a unique and successful group of businesses spread across the globe with the help of committed, professional and hardworking management and staff, together with loyal customers and suppliers. The Group has a well diversified portfolio incorporating within its folds cement manufacturing, global banking, wholesale cash & carry business, a string of retail outlets, real estate investment, ethnic food and beverage import and distribution and milling of rice. Recently the group has embarked upon a large power generation project in Pakistan thus further diversifying its operations and revenue base.
Bestway Group is an example of a dynamic enterprise. Over the last three decades the Group has achieved remarkable success and positioned itself amongst United Kingdom’s top 10 privately owned companies.
Bestway is U.K’s second largest cash and carry operator in terms of turnover with group annual turnover in excess of US Dollars 3.6 billion and profits in excess of US Dollars 135 million; the second largest cement producer in Pakistan and joint owner of Pakistan’s third largest bank, United Bank Limited. Its rice milling facilities are one of the largest of its kind in the country. The group is the largest overseas Pakistani investor with investments in excess of US Dollars 1 billion and a global workforce of over 22,000 people spread over four continents.

Investment in the country Bestway Group

Bestway Cement
In response to successive governments’ efforts to attract foreign investment in the country Bestway Group has invested heavily in Pakistan. In just over a decade Bestway’s cement production capacity is set to more than quadruple to over 6.0 million tonnes per annum, making Bestway the second largest cement producer in the country.
In early 1992 when the Group decided to set up its first cement plant it faced multiple challenges mainly due to a lack of credibility as a business due to the absence of a track record in Pakistan. The domestic economy was highly inhospitable characterized by high interest rates, high inflation and low liquidity leading to a general economic and political inertia. It has however successfully exhibited its managerial dynamism and technical excellence in setting up and managing the manufacturing facilities and achieving market dominance through its diversification strategy by investing in the local cement industry and continues to be bullish about Pakistan.
Even during the period of economic slowdown and recession in the country in the late 1990’s which adversely affected the profitability of the industry Bestway was able to record pre tax profits even at 60% capacity utilization. The Company has been amongst the leaders in the recent market boom, operating at above 100% of its installed capacity.

Corporate Mission

Bestway CementMission
Our mission is to

  • Consistently produce high quality cement.
  • Endeavor to be the lowest cost producer.
  • Achieve 25% of the market share of North Zone in the short term and maintain its position as the largest cement producer in the country. 
  • Consistently maintain a high standard of customer service.
  • Continue to invest in human resource through training, development and promotions from within whenever possible in order to meet future expansion needs.
  • Continue to set aside adequate funds from net profits for fulfilling its various social responsibilities particularly in the field of education and health [3] Corporate  Mission 


To Produce High Quality Cement At The Lowest Cost

Bestway Cement Hattar

In 1994 work was started on the cement plant in the under developed area of Hattar, Haripur in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. This was an initial investment of US$120 million. The contract for the supply of main plant was signed with Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan in June 1995. The suppliers sub contracted some of the equipment to other international manufacturers, namely the crushers to FAM of Germany, Cement mill to Fuller of USA and electrical and instrumentation to ABB of Switzerland and Siemens of Germany. Civil works started in January 1996 and the Kiln was fired in April 1998, which is a record in itself.

Plant Conversion to Gas

Prior to 2001 production at Bestway Cement was being carried out using furnace oil as fuel. The management’s proactive decision in anticipation of a further hike in oil prices lead to modification of its plant to operate on natural gas. These were the first steps in achieving a cost efficient production process and ultimately the production process was converted to coal with a further investment of approximately US$10 million.

Plant Conversion to Coal

The machinery for coal conversion was procured from IPPR Engineering of China while some of the fabrication and erection work was done locally. The whole project was supervised by a highly skilful team of Chinese engineers alongside the Company’s own engineers. The entire project from signing the agreement to commissioning was completed within a record period of 10 months. The Company has also set up its own coal testing and analysis laboratory, which is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment to ensure that only quality coal is used in the process to prevent undesired operational and environmental effects. Conversion to natural gas and then to coal has significantly reduced the energy cost component, which at times constituted about 65% of the total production cost.

Capacity Enhancement

  • Bestway’s proactive management has kept the Company one step ahead of its competitors. The timely and strategic decisions of the management have enabled the Company to maintain its current market share of around 8% and its position as the lead exporter.
  • Hattar plant’s initial capacity was 1.0 million tonnes per annum. In 2002, at a cost of US$20 million, plant capacity was enhanced to 1.15 million tonnes per annum to meet the ever increasing demand for quality cement.
  • Owing to the management’s insight on growing market demand and the potential to export, in 2004 the plant’s capacity was further upgraded to 1.25 million tonnes of clinker production.

Listing on KSE

Despite all the challenges the cement plant, since it’s commissioning in October 1998, has been generating positive cash flows. Bestway Cement was listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange in February 2001 and since listing its market capitalisation has grown by approximately 850% making Bestway Cement one of the largest companies by market capitalization. Bestway Cement Hattar continues to play a key role in the local economy, providing direct employment to over 600 people with a further 1,500 jobs being created in the transportation of cement from the plant. Due to its prudent policies and professional management Bestway has been one of the most profitable entities in the industry since it commenced commercial operations in 1998 making substantial contributions to the public exchequer through direct and indirect taxes.


Bestway views itself as an important strategic component in the development of the South Asian and Middle Eastern regions.  The Company has been one of the largest exporters of cement from Pakistan for more than a decade.
Bestway has remained the single largest exporter of cement to Afghanistan for past many years; hence it has and continues to play an important role in the rebuilding and development of that country. 
Since 2007, Bestway has been regularly exporting cement to India both via land and sea routes. Within a very short span Bestway has become one of the largest exporters of Cement to India also. The Company views India as an important market and is keen to explore all possibilities of increasing the presence of its product there.
Sri Lanka, Africa, Middle East and Central Asia are the other markets which the Company has successfully been able to tap into.
The Company has been able to maintain its status as a market leader due to superior product quality, effective marketing, customer focus and staff dedication. Prior to the commissioning of Chakwal-I and Mustehkam Cement, Bestway enjoyed more than 8% of the market share of the domestic market. Successful introduction of its brand in Afghanistan and more recently in India, Africa and Middle East has made Bestway one of the largest exporters of cement in Pakistan.Given Bestway Group’s expertise in operating in international markets through its diverse business activities, Bestway Cement is able to offer not just superior quality but also service its customers more efficiently and flexibly than any other cement producer in Pakistan.

Company Has Established

While the Company has established itself as a major exporter to Afghanistan and India, it continues to explore all such international markets where it would be viable for the Company to offer its product.
For export enquiries, please contact our Marketing Department.
While all sales enquiries at Bestway receive immediate attention, export enquiries can be dealt with more effectively and efficiently if following information is made available at the time of raising an enquiry:While all sales enquiries at Bestway receive immediate attention, export enquiries can be dealt with more effectively and efficiently if following information is made available at the time of raising an enquiry:

  • Type of cement required
  • Quantity required
  • Packaging requirements
  • When or how often deliveries are required
  • Place where cement is required also specifying the sea port/river port/dry port of destination
  • Any special marking / printing requirements
  • Any other specific requirements
  • Proposed payment terms
  • Provision of following information will further enable us to provide a personalised and more efficient service to our valued customers:
  • Whether you are an individual, a corporate, a partnership or another form of commercial entity
  • Whether you are the end user or a middle-person
  • Names of contact persons
  • Your complete mailing address
  • Your telephone numbers including any cellular numbers
  • Your facsimile numbers
  • Your email address and website address (if you have one)
  • If there is any information pertaining to our products or services which you have not been able to obtain through our website then please contact our Marketing Department who will be only too pleased to provide all possible assistance to you [4] Bestway Exports

Bestway Cement Chakwal-I

  • In February 2004 owing to the growth in market demand, Bestway Group took the strategic decision of expanding its operations through the setting up of a 1.8 million tonnes per annum cement plant near Village Tatral of District Chakwal, Punjab Province, Pakistan. This is the Group’s second Greenfield development project at a cost of US$ 140 million.
  • The Company started its land acquisition in June 2004 and civil constructions in January 2005. The plant specifications were compiled by Bestway’s own engineers selecting the best equipments available. The raw-mill and coal-mill has been supplied by Loesche, fans by Venti, gear boxes by Flender, Switch Gear by ABB, Bucket Elevators by Aumund, Motors, Motor Control Systems and Automation by Siemens of Germany.
  • In April 2005, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr Shaukat Aziz performed the groundbreaking ceremony for the plant. Civil works for Bestway Chakwal were initiated in January 2005, the Kiln was fired in May 2006 and the plant went into production in June 2006 which is an industry record. During the planning and construction phase the company took all the necessary steps to guarantee that the plant and machinery not only met the local and international environmental standards but also exceeded them.
  • Bestway Cement Chakwal-I has led to the direct and indirect creation of jobs for more than 2,000 jobs – injecting a new lease of life in one of the most economically dispossessed parts of Pakistan.

Mustehkam Cement

To further extend its presence in the cement industry, Bestway decided to bid for 85.29% of equity of Mustehkam Cement Limited a 0.6 million tonnes per annum capacity plant, following an offering by the Privatisation Commission, Government of Pakistan. The company’s bid of approximately US$70.0 million was accepted in September 2005. Mustehkam’s plant is in close vicinity of our existing operations in Hattar, District Haripur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Though the production of the enterprise had been discontinued in 1999, due to the hard work and dedication of our local staff and management, Mustehkam started production in December 2005 – one month after acquisition.

Capacity Enhancement and Modernisation

  • Mustehkam Cement has a glorious past with the company winning best performance awards from the local stock exchanges. Through increased investments in capacity and plant upgradation Bestway seeks to return past glory to Mustehkam Cement.
  • Recently, Bestway has embarked upon a major upgradation and modernization of Mustehkam. In the initial phase, one of the process lines at Mustehkam is being upgraded to a capacity of 0.9 million tonnes per annum at an estimated cost of US Dollars 50 million. This enhancement is being carried out mainly with the assistance of FL Smidth and will take the total production capacity at Mustehkam to above 1.2 million tonnes per annum of clinker. Planning is already in progress to upgrade and enhance the remaining production lines also.
  • Bestway Cement Chakwal-II
  • In May 2006 the Group announced plans for the establishment of a second 1.8 million tonnes per annum capacity plant adjacent to our existing operations in Chakwal at a cost of US$180.0 million. This would be Bestway’s third Greenfield cement plant in Pakistan. This would be an identical plant to the existing Line-1, having 1.8 million tonnes capacity.
  • By the end of the first quarter of 2008, through these investments, the Group’s cement manufacturing capacity is set to exceed 6.0 million tonnes per annum, making Bestway the second largest cement producer in the country.

Environment a top Priority

Bestway’s plants are environmentally friendly with emission standards that far exceed prevailing acceptable standards, both local and international. The plants’ emission levels are 50 microns whereas the Government of Pakistan’s acceptable standards are 300 microns and international standards are 100 microns per cubic meter of air at NTP.

Quality Assurance

Bestway Cement is driven by high standards of efficiency and quality. Strict quality control procedures are applied to ensure that these aims are achieved. The best quality control equipment in Pakistan is in use at its plants. Apart from the usual equipment, Bestway’s laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art X-ray Fluorescent Analyzer and Diffractometer technology. Bestway Group was a pioneer in introducing this technology in Pakistan for the first time. By virtue of this equipment, the Company has been able to consistently produce better quality cement than is currently available in the country. Since inception, Bestway has been producing Portland cement of specifications far superior to the Pakistani, Indian, British and American standards.

Board of Directors

  • Sir Mohammed Anwar Pervez, O.B.E, H.PK., Chairman
  • Mr. Zameer Mohammed Choudrey CBE, BA (Hons) FCA, Chief Executive
  • Mr. Mohammed Younus Sheikh, Director
  • Mr. Dawood Pervez, Director
  • Mr. Muhammad Irfan A. Sheikh, Director Finance and CFO
  • Ms. Najma Naheed Pirzada, Director
  • Sir Mohammed Anwar Pervez, OBE, H.Pk, Founder Chairman Bestway Group
  • Sir Mohammed Anwar Pervez, OBE HPk is the founder & Chairman of Bestway Group including its subsidiaries Batleys Limited; Bestway Cement & United Bank Limited. He is also Chairman of Bestway Northern Limited in UK.
  • Sir Anwar began his career in food business in 1963 when he opened a mini supermarket in London. He ventured into the wholesale business in 1976 and has been responsible for growing Bestway Group into UK’s 7th largest family owned business. 
  • Bestway Group today is the 2nd largest wholesaler in the UK, the 2nd largest cement producer in Pakistan and the 2nd largest private bank in Pakistan.  The Group provides employment to over 25,700 globally.
  • Sir Anwar was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1992 and was conferred the title of Knight’s Bachelor in 1999 by Her Majesty the Queen for his services to the food industry and various charitable causes in the UK.  
  • In March 2000, the President of Pakistan rewarded him the “Hilal-e-Pakistan” (H Pk). No other expatriate has the singular distinction of receiving such an eminent recognition whilst living and working in a foreign country. 
  • In 2005, Sir Anwar Pervez was voted winner of the prestigious “Grocer Cup for Outstanding Business Achievement” by the Institute of Grocery Distribution, UK.  
  • In 2006 he received ‘Sitra-e-Essar’ by the President of Pakistan.  The same year he was chosen as the ‘Master Entrepreneur – UK’ at the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2006 Awards.
  • In 2011, Sir Anwar was awarded with an honorary Doctor of Laws degree by FC College Lahore.
  • In 2012, in recognition of his philanthropic services to the Community, the University of Bradford conferred on Sir Anwar Pervez an honorary Doctor of Laws degree. 
  • He is the Chairman of Bestway Foundation UK and Patron-in-Chief of Bestway Foundation Pakistan and a charter member of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme. 
  • He supports various charities through the Bestway Foundation, which derives its funds from an annual contribution representing 2.5% of the Group’s profits. In Pakistan Bestway Foundation has adopted 29 Government Village Schools in the rural parts of District Rawalpindi. [5] Board of Directors 

Zameer Choudrey CBE BA Hons FCA

  • Zameer Choudrey is the Chief Executive of Bestway Group.
  • Zameer Choudrey graduated from the University of Kent at Canterbury and is a Fellow of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales.
  • He joined Bestway Group’s UK wholesale business as Financial Controller in 1984.  In his role as financial controller, Zameer designed and implemented systems and controls within the business with emphasis on husbandry of stocks and cash management.
  • He also played a key role in the expansion of the Group’s wholesale business through the acquisition of Bashin Cash & Carry in 1984; Crown Crest Limited in 1987 and Link Cash & Carry in 1988.
  • In 1990 Zameer was appointed the Finance Director of Bestway Group. During the mid 1990s he was assigned the task of business diversification by the Board of Directors and in 1995 he was appointed Chief Executive of Bestway Cement.
  • Under Zameer’s stewardship, the Group’s cement manufacturing operations have blossomed from being non existent to becoming the 2nd largest in Pakistan with four modern state of the art, environmentally friendly plants with annual capacity of 6 million tonnes.
  • Bestway is the only British company to set up cement manufacturing operations in Pakistan and has been a strong contributor to local economic growth and employment. BCL provides direct employment to over 3,000 people and indirect employment to many thousands more. 
  • In October 2002 having led the acquisition of United Bank Limited (UBL),  Zameer was appointed to the Board of UBL. Since then he has served as Chairman of the Board Audit Committee and Director of UBL Insurers.
  • Following the Board reshuffle in July 2004 Zameer  was promoted to the position of Chief Executive of Bestway Group, consisting of Bestway (Holdings) Limited (and its subsidiaries) and Bestway Northern Limited.
  • In January 2005 Zameer successfully spearheaded the £100 million acquisition of Batleys Limited. 
  • Zameer has also successfully led the recent acquisition of The Co-operative Pharmacy by Bestway Group in UK and the acquisition of Lafarge Cement by Bestway Cement in Pakistan. [6] Zameer Choudrey 

Philanthropy and voluntary roles

  • From 1992 to 2002 Zameer served as Governor at North West London’s John Kelly Colleges/Schools (Crest Academies).
  • Between 2004 and 2008, Zameer had the privilege of serving on the Economic Affairs Committee of the Confederation of British Industry.
  • Zameer joined the Board of Crimestoppers Trust in April 2009.
  • In March 2010 Zameer became a Trustees of GroceryAid.
  • In May 2010 Zameer Choudrey was appointed Vice Chairman of Pakistan Britain Trade & Investment Forum.  Zameer’s role is of a trade envoy responsible for fostering and deepening the historical trade links between the two countries. In this context, in September 2011 Zameer co-led the PBTIF’s latest investment delegation to visit Pakistan comprising of British mining companies and financial services providers.
  • In October 2011 Zameer became a member of HRH Prince of Wales Pakistan Recovery Fund’s international leadership team.  The Fund seeks to alleviate the suffering of communities that have been ravaged by the 2010 floods by rebuilding homes; health and educational facilities in the affected areas.
  • Having received recognition for his exemplary leadership skills for his work with the Prince of Wales Pakistan Recovery Fund, in April 2013 Zameer Choudrey was invited by the British Asian Trust to join their UK Advisory Council. This new appointment will allow Zameer to increase awareness of the Trust’s work in the UK especially within the independent retail trade as well as the wider Asian Diaspora.
  • In August 2013 Zameer was appointed as the first co-chairman of Conservative Friends of Pakistan (CFoP). The CFoP is a pioneering endeavour championed by Zameer in an effort to deepen the bonds between Pakistani and British communities. [7] Philanthropy and voluntary

Environmental Protection

We at Bestway Cement Limited utilize every step to conserve environment and to up lift the socio–economic conditions of local inhabitants.

Water Conservation

Water is used in a limited quantity in our plant because cement is produced by dry process. In the production process, water is used for cooling purpose (Cooling of Bearings, compressor jackets, Conditioning Tower, Mills etc.). We have a closed circuit cooling water system. Water is recycled by passing through a cooling tower so that it is used again and again. There is no waste water from the process which could be disposed outside the factory.

Sewerage Treatment Plant

For the sewerage generated in the plant, we have installed a sewerage treatment plant. The treated water is stored in specially constructed concrete tanks inside the factory area. This water is used for irrigation of green lawns, orchids, vegetables and other plantations within the factory area, not only for self consumption of fruits and vegetables but also to create an aesthetically laid out landscape and environment. It is a ground reality that not even a single drop of treated sewerage water flows into the near by ponds or the surrounding lands.
We have built a fresh water (Potable water) source by installation of a tube well for locals of our neighboring Tatral village. Previously, they were dependent on only one water reservoir “Kerala Walee Bun” for themselves and their animals. Now that water reservoir is used only for cattle and wild life while the tube well installed by us is providing drinking water for human beings.

Dust Collection System

The BCL plants are equipped with best technology of dust collection system having combination of Bag Filters and Electrostatic Precipitators. As many as 57 Bag Filters have been installed in the Chakwal plant on different locations in addition to the two large Electrostatic Precipitators. Mustehkam Cement Plant is equipped with 41 Bag Filters in addition to the two Electrostatic Precipitators. Similarly, our Hattar Plant has two Electrostatic Precipitators in addition to the 24 Bag Filters. The dust emission remains much below the International Standard of 50 mg/NM3.
EPA teams have been visiting our Plant sites on regular basis to monitor the environmental protection measures and to collect samples. Subsequent test reports revealed the fact that we are operating far below the NEQS.

Self Assessment Audits
We are regularly conducting self assessments of the environmental conditions in our plants. In addition, we get environmental audit done annually by an independent consultant.

Control of Noise Pollution

Almost all the equipment contributing to high noise level are confined in concrete structures and individual machines are equipped with Silencers in order to remain within the NEQS. The ground vibration on account of drilling and blasting remains at our Raw Material Quarries well within the prescribed Limits. Any fugitive dust is controlled by continuous operation of two water bowsers which sprinkle water on the roads.
Environmental protection of the mining area is carried out under the Mining Concession Rules and is regularly monitored by the Mining Authorities. [8] Control of Noise Pollution
Waste Heat Recovery Power Plant
Bestway Cement Limited is establishing a Waste Heat Recovery Power Plant having a capacity of 15 MW at it’s Chakwal Plant. This will contribute positively to environmental protection. This system also conforms to the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) Project. As Waste Heat Recovery Power Generation consumes no fuel, there is no greenhouse gas emission in the process. In the mean time, the dust emission and temperature of discharged flue gas will be further lowered.
Needless to mention that BCL Management is well aware of the importance of the Environmental Protection and our commitment for environment protection may be assessed from our acts of the massive plantation done at our various sites, establishment of water treatment plant and house keeping. [9] Recovery Power Plant 

Corporate Social Responsibility

  1. At the heart of Bestway Group’s philosophy is the desire to help those less fortunate than others by supporting charities and empowering local communities.  This is manifested in the charter of the Bestway Foundation established in 1987 in the UK by Sir Anwar Pervez; OBE H Pk.
  2. In order to further enhance the grant giving mechanism a sister foundation was established in Pakistan in 1997 and Zameer Choudrey was appointed Chairman of the Foundation. 
  3. Additionally, both Bestway Cement Limited and United Bank Limited are running their own independent corporate philanthropy programmes.
  4. Key Focus Areas


The advancement of education for public benefit by providing assistance by way of grants, endowments, scholarships, bursaries or otherwise as the Trustees shall in their absolute discretion decide, to students.

Health, Relief & Natural Disaster Management

The relief of sickness and the preservation of health for public benefit by way of grants, endowments to existing hospitals, clinics, medical research establishments, by building, endowing new hospitals, clinics or in such other manner as the Trustees shall in their absolute discretion decide.  


  • Board of Trustees 
  • Sir Mohammed Anwar Pervez, OBE H Pk – Patron –in-Chief
  • Zameer Mohammed Choudrey CBE, BA (Hons) FCA-Chairman
  • Mohammed Younus Sheikh
  • Adalat Khan Chaudhary
  • Abdul Khalique Bhatti
  • Arshad Mehmood Chaudhary 
  • Syed Asif Shah
  • Ghulam Sarwar Malik [10] Social Responsibility 


List of Products:

  • Ordinary Portland Cement
  • Sulphate Resistant Cement
  • Quick Setting Cement
  • Low Alkali Ordinary Portland Cement
  • Clinker
  • All the products can be supplied either in standard packaging, in bulk or packaged according to customers’ requirments.
  • For other types of cement, please contact our Marketing Department. [11] List of Products 

Auditors Legal Advisors

  • Statutory Auditors
  • KPMG Taseer Hadi Khalid & Co.
  • 6th Floor,
  • State Life Building No. 5,
  • Blue Area, 
  • Islamabad 44000,
  • Pakistan.
  • Tel: +92(0)51 282 3558
  • Fax: +92(0)51 282 2671
  • Cost Auditors
  • BDO Ebrahim & Co. Chartered Accountants
  • 3rd Floor, 
  • Saeed Plaza, 
  • 22 East Blue Area,
  • PO Box 1234, 
  • Jinnah Avenue, 
  • Blue Area,
  • Islamabad 44000
  • Pakistan
  • Tel: +92(0)51 287 6670      
  • Fax: +92(0)51 227 7995
  • Legal Advisors
  • Raja M. Bashir, 
  • Advocate Supreme Court
  • No. 4, Royal Inn Plaza, 
  • Kohistan Road,
  • F-8 Markaz, 
  • Islamabad 44000,
  • Pakistan
  • Tel: +92(0)51 225 3400
  • Fax: +92(0)51 225 3051

Quality Assurance

  1. Bestway Cement is a Company driven by quality consciousness and efficiency. At Bestway, quality is assured through systematic and effective adoption, implementation, monitoring and continuous enhancement of quality control systems using latest methods of analyses. All stages of the production process right from the selection of raw materials, processing of materials and the finished product are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that each bag of cement is of the highest quality.
  2. All staff is highly qualified and well trained with highest level of technical competence in their respective fields in order to achieve an efficient and smooth production process which is necessary for ensuring quality.
  3. Apart from the usual quality control equipment, Bestway’s laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies such as X-ray Fluorescent Analyzers and Diffractometers which were introduced in Pakistan for the first time by Bestway. By virtue of this equipment, the Company has been able to consistently produce better quality cement than is currently available in the country.
  4. The cement produced by Bestway conforms to the product specification defined under Pakistani, Indian, British, European and American Standards.

Waste Heat Recovery

  • Bestway has always endeavored to be one of the most technologically advanced companies in the country. In keeping with its philosophy, Bestway inaugurated its state of the art 15 MW Waste Heat Recovery Power Plant at its Chakwal site in September 2009. This plant is capable of fulfilling almost 27% of the electricity requirements of the Chakwal site and should result in reducing more than 35,000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emission per annum. 
  • Bestway’s Waste Heat Recovery Power Plant is the 1st of its kind in the cement industry of Pakistan. This is yet another milestone in a long series of achievements by Bestway since its entry in Pakistan. 
  • As Waste Heat Recovery Power Generation consumes no fuel, there is no greenhouse gas emission in the process. At the same time, the dust emission and temperature of discharged flue gas is further lowered thus having a positive impact on the environment. The Plant has enabled Bestway to significantly reduce its reliance on external source of power. 
  • Bestway’s Waste Heat Recovery Project conforms to the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) and has been successfully registered with UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) making Bestway the 1st in the cement industry and only the 9th company in Pakistan to have achieved this landmark.

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  • Important: before e-mailing or writing to us please note:

We regret that we cannot respond to questionnaires.
If you are a student seeking advice for projects, please note that we cannot respond to individual questions relating to the cement industry. Please browse this site to find what you need.

  • Enquiries concerning:

Marketing should be addressed to the Director Marketing
Administration & Personnel matters should be addressed to the Director Administration
Procurement matters should be addressed to the Director Procurement
Investor Relations should be addressed to the Company Secretary
This website only should be addressed to the Webmaster


  • Bestway Cement Limited
  • Bestway Building 
  • 19-A, College Road
  • F-7 Markaz 
  • Islamabad 44000
  • Pakistan
  • Tel: +92 (0)51 265 4856 – 64
  • Fax: +92 (0)51 265 4865 – 66 


  • For general information:
  • For Investor Relations:
  • For Personnel & Careers:
  • For Procurement Department:
  • For the Webmaster:


  • Technology Trade Pvt. Ltd.
  • Shares Registrar 
  • Dagia House, 241-C,
  • Block-2, PECHS,
  • Off Shahrah-e-Quaideen,
  • Shahrah-e-Faisal 
  • Karachi 74400                    
  • Pakistan
  • Tel: +92 (0)21 3439 1316-7 & 19, 3438 7960-1
  • Fax: +92 (0)21 3439 1318
  • E-mail:


  • 276, Main Peshawar Road
  • Rawalpindi
  • Pakistan
  • Tel: +92 (0)51 551 3110 / 5125128-9
  • Tel: +92 (0)51 552 0962 
  • Fax: +92 (0)51 551 3109
  • E-mail:


  • 3rd Floor, PEC Building
  • Liberty Round About
  • Gulberg III
  • Lahore
  • Pakistan
  • Tel: +92 (0)42 578 4280-4
  • Fax: +92 (0)42 578 4285
  • E-mail:


  • 407, Block A
  • City Tower Plaza
  • University Road
  • Peshawar
  • Pakistan
  • Tel: +92 (0)91 584 4346
  • Fax: +92 (0)91 584 3520
  • E-mail:


  • Suraj Gali Road 
  • Village Shadi 
  • Hattar
  • District Haripur
  • K.P.K.
  • Pakistan
  • Tel: +92 (0)995 639 261-3 
  • Fax: +92 (0)995 639 265
  • E-mail:


  • 22 Km Kallar Kahar-Choa Saiden Shah Road 
  • Village Tatral
  • District Chakwal
  • Punjab
  • Pakistan
  • Tel: +92 (0)543 584 559-63
  • Fax: +92 (0)543 584 274 
  • E-mail:

Farooqia Unit

  • Hattar
  • District Haripur,
  • K.P.K.
  • Pakistan
  • Tel: +92 (0)995 639 501-4
  • Fax: +92 (0)995 639 505 
  • E-mail:
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