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Beaconhouse is one of the largest private sector school organisations in the world. With our vast and growing network, we at Beaconhouse are always on the lookout for skilled and capable people willing to take on a challenge.Beaconhouse offers competitive employee packages and has a vibrant and dynamic working environment[1] Beaconhouse Introduction
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  • Motto:

    Seek the Light

  • Name:

    Beaconhouse School System

  • In Urdu:

    بیکن ہاؤس سکول سسٹم

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  • Boards:

    ‎University of Cambridge Internationa

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  • Enrollment:

    ‎>Over 274,000 students

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  • Primary Grades:


  • Vice Chancellor:

    Sartaj Aziz

  • Director of Engagement & Development:

    Lisa Taber

  • Founder and President:

    Reverend Donald E. Robinson, M. Div.

  • CEO/Executive Director:

    Kevin Hinton

  • Administrative staff:

    Arfan Mehmood

  • Students:


  • Location:

    Pakistan, United Kingdom, Philippines, Belgium, UAE, Oman, Thailand, Malaysia

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  • Headquarter:

    Les Anges

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    Blue and Yellow

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The first Beaconhouse school opened in Lahore, Pakistan, in 1975. From its initial association in the 1980s with the Moray House School of Education in Scotland, to its teacher training programme initiated in 1993 in collaboration with the University of Bradford, Beaconhouse has organised in-service teacher training. Today, more than half its teachers have internationally recognised teaching certificates while the rest are enrolled in the permanent in-service programme. In addition, Beaconhouse sends senior academics to the UK annually to pursue master's degrees in education and professional development.In 1996, the World Bank Group, through its private sector wing, the International Finance Corporation, entered into a financing arrangement with Beaconhouse aimed at the construction of new school campuses.In September 2012, the founder and chairperson of the Beaconhouse Group, Mrs. Nasreen Mahmud Kasuri, received a "Pakistan Women Power 100 award".[2]  History 


Beaconhouse aims to provide quality education of an international standard. We aim for excellence through quality management, quality training and quality teaching, bringing benefits to our students, the community and the wider world.[3]  Mission 


Beaconhouse values its heritage while it continues to reinvent its educational approach to meet the needs of the future. We believe that modern methods and attitudes can enable students achieve their fullest potential.With the world and the needs of the community changing at an ever-increasing rate, Beaconhouse endeavours to be open to change, to adapt, innovate and keep pace with the goals that society expects. At Beaconhouse, our aim and belief is that through hard work and effort, students will be able to step confidently into the real and highly competitive world. We ensure that they are equipped with the ability to make mature and well-informed judgements based on a clear understanding of essential principles, concepts and moral values. This, we believe, is the best contribution we can make towards their development as productive members of society and, through them, to the country and the wider world.

Our History

BeaconHouse History
BeaconHouse History
Beacon House was founded in 1991 by Reverend Donald E. Robinson, a Unitarian Universalist (UU) Minister in response to the complete void in services for at-risk children in the Edgewood Terrace community. Reverend Robinson (affectionately and respectfully called "Rev." by all who know him) worked tirelessly to create a safe after-school haven in what was at that time a drug infested gang environment.  For support, Rev. reached out to the area's  Unitarian Universalist Churches.  He received not only funding, but also much needed volunteer assistance with the fledgling organization. Over the subsequent years, Beacon House implemented education programs that have been proven to raise the reading and math skill levels for involved youth by at least one grade level in just 20 two-hour sessions. Additionally, an evaluation of the athletic program revealed that youth involved are learning more than athletic skills. That is, youth who participate in athletic programs at Beacon House are learning about sportsmanship, discipline, and leadership principles and gain social and behavioral skills well beyond the football field. At Beacon House, all programs are carefully selected and developed in order to ensure that each program offers opportunities for learning and exploring.[4] BSS History


Mrs Nasreen Mahmud Kasuri has played a pivotal role in women’s empowerment in the country.  Sixty-two per cent of Beaconhouse employees are women, with a very high percentage in upper management.  Mrs Kasuri is the Chairperson of Beaconhouse which she founded in 1975.  Now one of the largest school systems in the world, with a presence in nine countries, Beaconhouse has spearheaded the introduction of a progressive, broad-based approach to education and the concept of global citizens, besides making a significant contribution to the transformation of private education in Pakistan. Mrs Kasuri has served on the Boards of many government and non-government organisations. Actively involved in a number of non-profit and charity organisations, she received the ‘Sitara-e-Eisaar’ from the Government of Pakistan in 2006 for her philanthropic and humanitarian contributions.  She is currently also Chairperson of Pakistan’s first liberal arts university, the non-profit Beaconhouse National University. In September 2012, Mrs Kasuri received the Woman Power 100 award in London. Pakistan Power 100 is an event that honours the achievements and contributions of influential men and women from within the international Pakistanil, national and international level.[5] BSS Founder

Chief Executives Message

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our website. Beaconhouse traces its roots to the Les Anges Montessori Academy, founded in Lahore in November 1975 with a mere 19 children. More than 40 years later, the Beaconhouse network educates around 300,000 students in eight countries across Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

In South Asia

South Branch
South Branch
The first Beaconhouse school opened in Lahore in 1975. Beaconhouse has now established 160 schools across Pakistan. Students study a variety of curricula and Beaconhouse alumni are successful in all walks of life in Pakistan.[6] Beaconhouse In South


Early Years Beaconhouse follows the Montessori system at this level. There are a few exceptions: the Reggio Emilia, as well as a technology-based curriculum based on Samuel Papert’s philosophy, are also followed by some schools. Primary In Pakistan, students follow the in-house Beaconhouse School Curriculum, modelled on the British and Scottish Curricula. In Bangladesh, students follow the in-house Beaconhouse School Curriculum for core subjects like Math, Science, and English. Language and Social Science courses are taught using local resources. Secondary Students continue with the Beaconhouse in-house curriculum till 8th grade. After that, most students enroll in the British O and A level examinations – Beaconhouse students take these exams through the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate. Some schools offer the Pakistani Matriculation and Intermediate Examinations and curricula, which cover grades 9 to 12.[7] Beaconhouse Currculum


Examination Hall
Examination Hall
For well over a decade the Beaconhouse School System has entered candidates for the University of Cambridge GCE O Level examinations and for the Matriculation examinations offered by local Boards. Schools in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Jhelum, Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala and Wah Cantt also offer A Level programmes for students. Subjects offered in these examinations vary slightly from school to school, according to local and regional requirements.[8] Beaconhouse   examination Information


Beaconhouse offers a scholarship scheme that covers a number of circumstances based on merit and means.  Each school is allocated a certain number of scholarships to be given annually, therefore the decision of the school in the awarding of scholarships is final.  Further information can be obtained from the Regional Office in your area.  The school reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship scheme at any time and/or amend the rules governing the scholarship scheme at its sole discretion. There are variations in the fee structure at different schools within the system.  Information can be obtained from the school of your choice.[9] Beaconhouse Scholarships


Libraries It is the aim of Beaconhouse to provide well-stocked libraries in all schools and there is an ongoing comprehensive programme of library expansion. Most of the BSS schools now have a wide range of excellent books and magazines available for students to read and borrow. They are planning to make CD-ROMs available in libraries as an additional resource. In due course of time, access to libraries around the world will also be made available through the Internet. This, They hope, will facilitate research work by students and teachers alike. Laboratories They firmly believe that the best way for students to grasp scientific principles is through experiential learning. All Beaconhouse schools offering Physics, Chemistry and Biology, therefore, have properly equipped laboratories to prepare students in these subjects. As part of the Science curriculum, essential science equipment has been made available for students as young as those in classes I and II to encourage young minds to explore and understand the basic principles of Science. Computer and other IT facilities State-of-the-art computer laboratories have been set up in almost all BSS schools. The computers in schools are upgraded from time to time to keep abreast with the latest developments in information technology. Besides those in computer labs, computers have also been installed in separate resource rooms and in the libraries for research work by both students and teachers. Every Beaconhouse student has access to computers. A decade ago, Beaconhouse introduced the C3 initiative which aimed at integrating computer aided learning into the curriculum. This has now been replaced by ETAC (Emerging Technologies Across the Curriculum). Kitchen Laboratories Modern and fully equipped kitchen labs are being set up in schools where They have introduced Food & Nutrition as an O Level subject.[10] Beaconhouse Facilities

General Information

The school year is divided into two terms in all the three Regions: First term: August to December Second term: January to May Exact dates for the beginning to the end of term vary from year to year and from region to region, and parents are informed accordingly. The school office may be contacted for further information. BSS schools have a five-day working week, Monday to Friday, with a two-day weekend break. School timings vary slightly from one school to another, depending on local requirements. They also change twice in a year (summer and winter) to meet seasonal conditions. In addition to weekends and gazetted holidays, the schools have two major breaks during the year: one in summer and one in winter. The duration of these depends on the regional climatic conditions. School uniforms throughout the Beaconhouse School System are very similar, although there are variations in some parts of the country because of different climatic conditions. Les Anges Montessori Academy also has a different school uniform, details of which can be obtained from the school. They provide a list of suppliers who know the local requirements, but if a parent wishes to make use of their own tailor, this is acceptable provided that the colours and design are the same as those available with the listed suppliers. In 2007, BSS introduced a new A Level uniform created by an internationally renowned designer.[11] Beaconhouse General Information

Fact Figures

  1. Branches: 131 
  2. Pakistan: 118* (15 new branches will be added this year) in 30 cities
  3. Malaysia: 5 in 4 cities
  4. UK: 4 in 2 cities
  5. Philippines: 1
  6. Bangladesh: 1
  7. Oman:1
  8. Thailand: 1 
  9. Students: 71,107
  10. Pakistan: 69,305
  11. Malaysia: 934
  12. UK: 472
  13. Philippines: 238
  14. Bangladesh: 62
  15. Oman: 52
  16. Thailand: 44
  17. Teachers: 5,713
  18. Pakistan: 5,400
  19. Malaysia: 102
  20. UK: 139
  21. Philippines: 41
  22. Bangladesh: 15
  23. Oman: 5
  24. Thailand: 11[12] Beaconhouse Facts

Quality Policy

To Serve our clients and maintain our position as a leader in school education

They Intend to Achieve this Goal By

Understanding that quality means complete conformance to agreed customer and user expectations, requirements & satisfaction standards. Understanding that quality is everybody’s direct responsibility and they should continually endeavor to improve processes to ensure customer satisfaction. Putting our best effort every time for timely achievement of organisation and departmental targets, not compromising on quality, legal and regulatory requirements. Ensuring control of operational variations, through continuous training of personnel for improving service skills and know-how. Operating all our work places in a safe and healthy environment and improve employee satisfaction. Ensuring our quality of services by improving quality bonds with our suppliers and vendors. They must all be dedicated to this mission. Our reputation depends on all of us working as a team to satisfy and retain the single most important person in our business, "the student".[13] Beaconhouse About Us

Contact Us

Beaconhouse Regional Office South Pakistan

  1. 12, Block 7/8, Jinnah Cooperative Housing Society. Block 7 & 8 Karachi.
  2. +92 21 111 232 266
  3. +92 21 34559867

Beaconhouse Regional Office North Pakistan

  1. Capital View Road, Mohra Nur, Banigala Islamabad, Pakistan
  2. +92 51 111 232 266
  3. +92 51 261 3869

Beaconhouse Regional Office Centre Pakistan

  1. 10 -11 Gurumangat Road, Gulberg III Lahore, Pakistan
  2. +92 42 111 232 266
  3. +92 42 357 12027

Beaconhouse Group Corporate Office

  1. 10-11 Gurumangat Road, Gulberg III Lahore, Pakistan
  2. +92 42 111 232 266
  3. +92 42 35712027

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