Batool Cheema (Artist)

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Batool Cheema who was born in the city of Gujrat Pakistan, at age of only 20 was the title holder of Miss Canada Pakistan. He spent her childhood in Toronto, Canada. In very young age she loved to play music and took part in every co-curricular activities but she also maintained her academic record. She was good in curricular and as well as co-curricular activities and she loves to travel and often travel in different countries of the world. 

Title Description
Name: Batool Cheema
In Urdu: بتول چیمہ
Nick Name: Batool
Famous As: Model
Nationality: Pakistani
Residence: Gujrat Pakistan
Education: Degree in Science
Religion: Islam
Profession: She was the titleholder of Miss Canada Pakistan 2004
Height: 5'5''
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Hobbies: Music, Dancing and Extreme Sports
Languages: English and Urdu
Awards : None
Date: 1 January 1984
Zodiac: Capricorn
Place: Gujrat Pakistan
Parents: Not Known
Occupation(s): Model
Notable Work: Winner of Miss Canada Pakistan


Walks for the title of Miss Friendship
Walks for the title of Miss Friendship
Batool Cheema, 20 years of age and born in the city of Gujrat, Pakistan, was the titleholder of Miss Canada Pakistan 2004. Batool grew up fast in the busy and active city life of Toronto. At the age of 4, she was playing music and was already curious to explore the many colors of the world. As a result, Ms. Cheema became actively involved in the creative arts and participated in a diverse range of activities, from ballet to karate. Along with her extra curricular activities, she strived to maintain academic excellence. She enjoys traveling and facing new challenges that make life more suspenseful, exciting and adventurous. Ms. Cheema quotes, "If Everything is Possible; then Impossible is Nothing". [1] Biography Biography  

Modelling Career

Pakkistani Model
Pakkistani Model
Batool Cheema won the Miss Pakistan World 2004 title on the 15th of February 2004 in Toronto, Canada. Pakistan was still struggling within the pageant world. Cheema came back in 2009 and competed in two international pageants. She represented Pakistan in Queen of the World 2009 in Germany as well as Miss Friendship International 2009 in China. In the years 2003 and 2004 she was very active in the community and her final appearance was in 2005 to crown the winner of Miss Pakistan World 2005. After that Batool was very serious about school and is in University at the moment. Its always easy to go to an international pageant, but to work from the grassroot level to bring awareness to the Pakistani community was a task, which she handled well. Batool is a strong speaker and at that moment she was studying Forensic Sciences. Batool has appeared in several South Asian magazines, as well as appearing on the cover of the Miss Pakistan World 2006 magazine. She has hosted Mirchi, a South Asian television show which aired for 3 months. Batool has also modelled for Age Studio and Salon, leading photography studios in Toronto, Canada. [2] Career Career  

Batool Cheema Goals

Ms. Cheema's personal goals during her reign were to dedicate and contribute her time and energy to the Pakistani community and help build a stronger cultural environment for all Pakistani youth in North America. Ms. Cheema's had been invited as a guest of honor to National Pageants and events held in the city of Toronto. She had also contributed her time to appear as a special guest at charity events. Ms Cheema's personal message to the Pakistani youth is to "take risks and be competitive!". Her hobbies are dancing, extreme sports and challenges. She is completing a degree in the Sciences.  Her future goals are not limited to an ideal, as she chooses to keep running forward, and to discover the mysteries of what life has to offer on the way. Ms. Cheema quotes, "If Everything is Possible; then Impossible is Nothing". [3] Goals Goals

Batool Cheema in Fashion World

In Fashion world
In Fashion world
The Pakistani fashion model Batool Cheema was crowned with Miss Pakistan world at the age of just nineteen. Amidst all the negative image and bad law and order situation happening in Pakistan, a group of some very optimistic and liberal Pakistani fashion models set their goals to represent the soft and generous image of Pakistan by using fashion modeling and beauty pageant. Many fashion models of Pakistan that based in UK, USA, Canada and some other countries are taking part in international beauty pageant competitions to mold the mind of international public regarding the negative and bad image of Pakistan. The gorgeous, stunning and liberal Pakistani fashion model Batool Cheema is among those Pakistani fashion models who aim to bring their country’s beauty and fashion at international level in such a remarkable and incredible way. Like other Pakistanis, Batool Cheema also has an aim to present its country’s soft and cultural image in front of international world. For this, Batool Cheema decided to take help from fashion and style world. [4] Fashion world  


The wheatish beauty and bold modeling turns of Pakistani fashion model Batool Cheema fascinate the whole world in quite short time span. Despite of a new comer in the Pakistani fashion industry, Batool Cheema got offers from many top class fashion designers and fashion photographers of Pakistan. Not only in Pakistan, but she is also invited by the international fashion and beauty community in many beauty pageant and fashion events as a guest. In addition to this, Pakistani fashion model Batool Cheema works as a social worker and participated in many fund raising and charity shows at Toronto. Beside her fashion modeling and beauty pageant activities, the striking and spectacular Pakistani fashion model Batool Cheema love Karate, challenging sports and education. Now days, Batool Cheema is focusing on her studies of Sciences and also enjoy occasional traveling. [5] Offers Offers