Barkat Ali Ludhianwi
Barkat Ali Ludhianwi

Barkat Ali Ludhianwi also known as Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali was a Muslim Sufi. Barkat Ali Ludhianwi belonged to the Qadri spiritual order. He remained the founder of the non-political, non-profit, religious organisation, Dar ul Ehsan.[1] Barkat Ali Ludhianwi

Name:Barkat Ali Ludhianwi
In Urdu:برکت علی لودھیانوی
Famous As:Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali
Family Belonging:Dhariwal Jatt
Profession:Sufism in Pakistan, Social work
Founder of:Non-Political, Non-Profit, Religious Organisation, Dar-ul-Ehsan
Belonged to:Qadri spiritual order
Honorary Stamp: 27 April 2013
Wrote Books:More than 400
Date:27 April 1911
Place:Ludhiana, India
Parents:Mian Nigahi Bakhsh (Father) Jannat Bibi (Mother)
Date:26 January 1997
Rest Place:Dasuha, Faisalabad, Pakistan

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Barkat Ali Ludhianwi Sufi Saint
Tajdar e Dar-ul-Ehsan sufi Muhammad Barkat Ali is an erudite sufi saint well known as Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali, addressed lovingly as Baba Gi Sarkar, was born in 1911 in the District of Ludhiana (East Punjab) and died on 26th January (16 Ramadan) 1997.[2]  Biography 

Born and Family Background

Barkat Ali Ludhianwi was born into a Muslim family belonging to the Dhariwal Jatt ethnic group. His father, Nigahi Bakhsh, was an employee of the British Army. His Mother name was Jannat Bibi. Barkat Ali gave many interviews to Pakistan National TV Channel PTV.[3] Born and Family Background

Great Sufi

Belonged to Qadri Spiritual Order
He was an embodment of all the qualities and character-traits of the great sufi masters and the pious of the past (salf salehim). Once again he revived, practised and displayed the essential of the Faith, living the while a simple and meaningful life that his devotees take pride in.[4]  Great Sufi 

Literary Works

With Other People
His literary work is notable in the Muslim world and his name is also included in List of Muslim writers and poets. To convey the message of Allah and guidance of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) to the whole world, he wrote more than 400 books on different themes including religion, ethics, metaphysics, hierology, philosophy and psychology. [5] Literary Works

List of Famous Books

  1. Makshoofat Manazal-e-Ehsan, 5 volumes
  2. Kitab-ul-Amal Bis-Sunnah 5 volumes
  3. Asma-un-Nabi-ul-Kareem, 6 volumes
  4. Maqalat-e-Hikmat 30 volumes 
  5. Zikr-e-Elahi[6] Zike-e-Elahi

Monumental Works

Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali
Some of Abu Anees Muhammad Barkat Ali’s monumental works have already been translated into English and are published and distributed free of charge by Dar-ul-Ehsan Publications based in Huddersfield, UK, and registered as an international religious charity with the Charity Commission (London). The books in Urdu, Arabic and Persian original have been scanned on to CDs and DVDs for wider distributions to the benefit of the Muslim Ummah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in particular and interested non-Muslims in general.[7] Works


While Drinking [size=2]Water[/size][size=2]
Even during his life time his publication reached all over the world and people visited him from far and wide. His scholarship was acclaimed by leading scholars of his time. Dr Abdul Alim, the Rector of Al-Azhar University (Cairo) and Professor Hussain Nasr, the Vice-Chancellor of Tehran University in 1387 AH, later on the Shah of Iran’s roving ambassador on Iranian Culture, and the author of several voluminous and celebrated books on contemporary Islam, both visited him to pay their homage. Babaji wrote and honoured Professor Hussain Nasr with a stunning spas’name (welcome address) in Persian that was also published in one of his monthly issues of Dar-ul-Ehsan. The address portrayed Babaji’s deep devotion to and respect for the descendants of the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) on the one hand and appreciation of the Professor’s contribution to Da’wah-o-Tabligh Al – Islam on the other. One of the couplets of the address reads thus.[8] Publication

  1. “A voice came to me from the quarters unknown;
  2. ‘Beware! O the dwellers of ( Pakistan) the land renown,
  3. The Honorable visitor, the offspring of the Prophets’ Crown (PBUH),
  4. Is Hussain Nasr, the Spirit of the Faith, wearing the dan’s gown.’”
  5. Professor Sayed Hussain Nasr currently holds the Chair of Cultural Studies in one of the leading American Universities.

Set Up a Madrassah

Babaji set up a madrassah in his sanctuary for the education of the children of the new converts to Islam. He devised courses and wrote primers/books of his own which are these in wide use in mosque schools. For the converts themselves, who were primarily nomads, he had the houses built with the moneys received from his friends. His life has been an exemplary model of the fiscal propriety in Islam for emulation by individual and collective life stances in Pakistan.[9] Madrassah


Mizar Shreef (Faislabad)
Barkat Ali die on  26 January 1997 at the age of 85. Barkat Ali Ludhianwi is buried in Faisalabad.[10]  Death 

Honorary Stamp

Honorary Stamp
Barkat Ali on 27 April 2013, Pak­istan Post of­fice is­sued a stamp with a de­nom­i­na­tion of Ru­pees 8 under its “Men of Let­ters” se­ries in ho­n­our of Sufi Barkat Ali.[11]  Honorary Stamp 

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