Badar Ali Khan

Badar Ali Khan (Singer)

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Badar Miandad was a Pakistani singer and Qawwal.he is also known as Badar Ali Khan.Ustad Badar Miandad Khan Qawwal (1962-2007) was a distant relative of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahib, who rose to fame with his Punjabi qawwalis. He had great reverence for Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti’s (R.A.) and Daata Ali Hajvairi R.A. of Lahore.He released twenty-two albums in his native Pakistan.

Title Description
Name: Badar Ali Khan
Famous As: Singer and Qawwal
Nationality: Pakistani
Religion: Islam
Profession: Qawwal
Genres : Qawwali, Ghazal
Instruments : Harmonium
Years Active : 1974–2007
Albums: 200
Date: 17 February 1962
Place: Pak Pattan, Pakistan
Children: Iskandar Miandad Khan, Ali Badar Khan, & Shahzeb Ali Khan
Parents: Ustad Miandad (Father)
Grand Father: Ustad Din Muhammad
Siblings : Sher Miandad Khan
Relatives: Late Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Date: 2 March 2007
Rest Place: Lahore, Pakistan


Badar Miandad Qawwal was an accomplished qawwal of Pakistan who made a name for himself competing with that renowned icon qawwal Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan while he was still living ! Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was his cousin and both of them come from a family of qawwals who have been in this business for many generations.Badar Miandad's grandfather Deen Muhammad Jallandhri Qawwal,affectionately nicknamed by the Punjabi public as 'Deena Qawwal' for his pioneering efforts in developing qawwali in the Punjabi language.Deena Qawwal is a legend among the Punjabi public with dozens of super-hit qawwalies to his credit.Badar Miandad himself created more than a dozen of super-hit qawwalies.[1]  Biography 


The late Badar started enthralling qawwali lovers in 1975 and by the mid 80s he had earned fame. He composed the music of some of the Bollywood films, including Virod, in which Salman Khan was in the lead role. Pakistan film industry also benefited from his enormous talent. He composed the music of Chupkay Chupkay, Janat Ki Talash and But Shikan.

Famous Qawwali

His famous qawwalis are: Dam Dam Hussian Maula Hussian, Jashan-e-Aamad-e-Rasool, Tu Nahi Tay Tairiyan Yadan Sahi and Ganj Shakar Walian Da Raja.The most radiant feature of his style was that he mixed classical with folk.[2]  Famous Qawwali 


Badar had made his name when Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was alive because and in Nusrat’s times no other qawwal could compete him.


Badar had been nominated for Pride of Performance award.

Fond of

Badar was fond of all sufi poets and had done qawwalis based on the poetry of Bulhay Shah, Hazrat Sultan Bahu, Hazrat Baba Farid, Shah Hussain, Mian Muhammad Buksh and Hazrat Ameer Khusro.

List of KalaamPoetry

  1. Dam Dam Hussain, Maula Hussain
  2. Jashan-e-Amad Rasool, Allah hi Allah
  3. Kalam-e-Sultan Bahu 24MB 
  4. Ratan Diyan Needran 
  5. Sajan Ke Bin 
  6. Bai Ja Mahi 
  7. Dil To Jerai 
  8. Haseeno Ka Hai 
  9. Ishq De Roog 
  10. Mere Dham Wich Hardam Ali Ali 
  11. Na Javeen Dholna[3]  List of Kalaam/Poetry 


He died of a sudden heart attack at the young age of 45 in 2007.

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