Aziza Saeed
Aziza Saeed

Aziza saeed is a pakistani muslim lady who is blind by birth. She lives in Lahore, Pakistan. She is the first blind Pakistani, who achieved PhD from GC university Lahore.

Name:Aziza Saeed
In Urdu:عزیزہ سعید
Famous As:First GC university blind student to have PhD
Residence:Lahore, Pakistan
Thesis:Immigrants and their issues
Profession:asst. lecturer at Lahore college for womens
Other skills:Singing
Date:14 April 1985
Place:Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Languages:Urdu, Punjabi, english
Parents:Name not known

Aziza giving Interview to channel 42Aziza-an insipirationAziza's parents


Life much tougher than others for a blind student yet managed to get her aims fulfilled is an inspiring story of Aziza Saeed. Aziza is the first ever student of the Government College (GC) the University of Lahore to have her Ph.D.

Background and Birth

aziza while giving interview
Born without sight, it was clear Aziza had a long and hard journey ahead specially since Pakistan is not an easy place for the differently abled. Her mother says “I was very worried when I found out she cannot see. I wondered how she would live and go on with her life.” She says “Sometimes people discourage you and you feel depressed. But you need to have faith in your abilities and move on with your life.” Aziza wasn’t one to lag behind due to the setback. She set goals which are considered tough for even those who have everything they need in life. [1] birth  

Azizas Struggle

With the hard work and devotion, she pursued her studies, successfully faced and passed the hurdles in the way. However, the process of learning never remained easy for the blind student. She used to record the books and then write them in braille after listening to the recordings. The exercise didn’t stop here as then she used to dictate the work to her sister and get it checked by the supervisor. [2] Struggle


She completed her Masters and M.Phil from Government College University Lahore. Aziza completed her thesis on “Immigrants and their Issues”. She completed her PhD in Urdu from Government College University Lahore (GCU) and claimed the title of being the first blind student to get a PhD from GCU Lahore.


Aziza recieving her PhD degree from the VC
 Aziza work as a lecturer at Lahore College for Women University. However, these qualifications were just stepping stones for her. She continued her studies alongside teaching, aiming to complete her doctorate. She continues to teach at Lahore College for Women University where she can have an even greater impact on the next generation of women. Her students find their teacher exemplary in the way she teaches and lives her life. The vice chancellor for Government College University says “She went through the similar exams procedures like every other student which is a big thing. She is an inspiration for all the disabled aspirants and everybody like her.” [3] profession  

A hidden talent

Aziza is also known for her voice and singing ability. Her college friends loved to hear her sing and even gave her a special title for it.

A Living Role Model

Living her life with assistance from a white stick, Aziza has high hopes for herself. “We all have obstacles in our lives that we struggle with,” she said. “Nothing is impossible and your path enlightens if you continue to have faith in yourself.” Aziza says that if she had the ability to see, she would love to see her parents and the beauty of the world. Her father says “All I did was drop her off and bring her from the university. All of her achievements are due to her own struggle and hard work.” [4] role model

Azizas Request

Aziza Saeed asks people to support people with disabilities and encourages them to work for their dreams. She adds “If someone like us comes looking for a job, don’t look down on us. We can do everything that a job requires.” Her determination and hard work are an example for us all and what she has achieved will be a role model for thousands of other blind girls in Pakistan. Aziza Saeed tells her fellow countrymen “Have faith and keep your hopes high, the path to success will unfold by itself.” [5] request

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