Aman Foundation
Aman Foundation

The Aman Foundation aims to champion dignity and choice for the underserved, focusing on health and education. The Aman Foundation is a local, not-for-profit trust, based and operating in Pakistan, inspired by a proactive commitment to the cause of development. [1] Company Overview

Founded: 2008; 9 years ago
Name: Violence against Women
In Urdu:امان فاؤنڈیشن
Nick Name:AF
Founder: Arif Naqvi & Fayeeza Naqvi
Services:Healthcare, Education, Ambulance
Location:Karachi, Pakistan
Phone:+92 (21) 111-111-823
Address :The Aman Foundation Plot # 333, Korangi Township Near Pakistan Refinery Ltd.,Karachi
CEO:Malik Ahmad Jalal (CEO)
Chairman:Fayeeza Naqvi
Area served :Pakistan
Method :Donations and Grants
Mini Info:The Aman Foundation is a not for profit trust, based in Karachi, Pakistan. In 2015, under the Shajar-e-Aman plantation drive the Aman Foundation planted 2,000 local trees, and 200 flowers at the Hill Park, Karachi.
Type:not for profit trust
Emergency Department :+92 (21) 1021
Aman TeleHealth: :+92 (21) 111-11-9123
Aman Tech: :+92 (21) 111-11-8324
Fax: :+92 (21) 35123697

The Aman Foundation

In its grant making role, the Aman Foundation has focused on institutionalized, strategic and collaborative growth with the intention of galvanizing Pakistan’s social sector development.

Through our mission of providing sustainable, scalable and systematic development that benefits the underserved, our aim is to build a platform for philanthropic and social development initiatives that amplifies impact through collaboration.

Grants awarded to both local and international organizations by the Aman Foundation have focused on healthcare, education, sustainable livelihood skills and capacity building. [2] Overview Aman Foundation

Aman TeleHealth

  1. Aman Telehealth’s 26-desk, 24-hour call centre provides diagnostic services and advice over the phone. In addition, patients can access a comprehensive data of doctor referrals replete with visiting hours and medical fees if the need for a clinic visit arises. This service is particularly women-friendly, since it creates an avenue for them to access healthcare without having to arrange for expensive transport, or compelling them to leave their homes and have their privacy breached. In addition to lack of education, women in peri-urban and rural communities are unable to access medical attention due to societal and cultural restrictions. Therefore, there is a need for medical assistance to be made available to them in comfortable surroundings.
  2. We believe that timely diagnosis and guidance through this service can significantly curb the spread of infectious diseases and sharply reduce the incidence of common, non-infectious and chronic ailments.
  3. Augmenting its services, Aman Telehealthrecently launched its short code, 9123. This will inevitably make linkages even quicker. [3] Aman TeleHealth 

Aman Community Health Workers

  1. ACHP was established in a fishing village in the Karachi environs in 2012. As a response to the marginalization of underprivileged women, the ACHP consists of a mobile field force of hundreds of women trained to initiate inquiries and follow-ups on health issues that are common in their local communities. These include maternal and neo-natal care, malaria, acute infections and addictions. The ACHP team serves as the vital connection between patients and the Aman Telehealth Program; in doing so, it allows the Aman Foundation to reach into communities, spread healthcare awareness and improve access to information
  2. The ACHP has a group of 50 trained health workers seeing to the medical needs of a population of 80,000 people by taking health care directly to their homes. Since many of the workers are from the community itself, this program empowers underprivileged citizens, especially women, to participate in community welfare activities and increase their access to medical attention for key health care issues.
  3. This service has helped disseminate both basic preventive health care information, and data regarding treatment options for assorted ailments to disenfranchised members of the community.
  4. As part of our commitment to function as a learning organization, the ACHP team engages in data-collection activities as well. This will help compile valuable information that can be used to measure impact, improve service offerings, and understand the need for future provision of additional health care solutions. [4] Aman Community Health Workers

Aman Ghar

  1. Launched in 2008, Aman Ghar aims to reduce malnutrition and incentivize school enrollment in children living in low income areas, by providing hygienically prepared nutritious meals in schools free of cost. The program includes a custom-built kitchen with a capacity to prepare 5,000 meals per day. The kitchen adheres to high standards of hygiene and inventory management.
  2. It is staffed by personnel who are trained and experienced in running meal kitchens; additionally, Aman Ghar hires women from within the Khuda ki Basti community to serve food and wash dishes.
  3. Meal preparation is based on carefully conducted studies that take into account calorie counts and the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins and fats essential for optimal health. Every month, Aman Ghar on the basis of the feedback that it collects from children, parents and teachers strives to assess and improve its offerings.
  4. This program remains ongoing and in addition to providing daily nutritious meals to 3,500 marginalized children in Khuda ki Basti, it continues to foster enrolment in schools with whose food programs the Foundation has engaged. It also continues to furnish employment for women from the community. [5] Aman Ghar

Edhi Award

The Aman Foundation, in collaboration with the Edhi Foundation, has initiated the annual Edhi Award for Pre-hospital Care. The ceremony for the first award is being held on the 14th of December, 2016, at Pearl Continental Hotel. The award aims to recognize the efforts and courage of pre-hospital care staff, and aims to carry forward the legacy of Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi.
It will be presented to one employee each from the pre-hospital care staff of the Edhi Foundation and the Aman Foundation. In the coming years, other ambulance services in Sindh and across other parts of Pakistan, may be included in its fold. In addition to the Award, the winners will also receive a small cash prize to appreciate their commitment towards saving lives.
The Edhi Foundation and Aman Foundation presented three nominees each from their respective pre-hospital care staff. The criteria for judgement was established after careful deliberation by an impartial Jury. The medical personnel who were nominated have showcased acts of utmost bravery and compassion at work, and have gone above and beyond the call of duty to save a life. [6] Aman Foundation, Edhi Foundation initiate Edhi Award