Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan
Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is one of the leading, non-profit and independent organizations, fully dedicated to humanitarian services.Alkhidmat workers and volunteers continue to work tirelessly for relief of affected people across Pakistan and worldwide as well. Our dedicated services include Disaster Management, Health, Education, Orphan Care, Clean Water, Mawakhat Program (Micro Finance) and Community Services.

In Urdu:الخدمت فاؤنڈیشن پاکستان
Founder:Government of Pakistan
Services:service to humanity without discrimination of religion
Motto :Service to Humanity
Phone: (042) 35957260
Address :Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan 711, Block J-2, Johar Town, Lahore – Pakistan
Phone No :+92 42 3595 7260
Fax:+92 42 3595 7261
Head Office:711 Block J2, Johar Town, Lahore Lahore, Pakistan
President:Abdus Shakoor
Type: non-governmental organisation
Hours:Wednesday:9AM to 5PM, Thursday:9AM to 5PM,Friday:9AM to 5PM,Saturday:9AM to 5PM, Sunday:Closed,Monday:9AM to 5PM, Tuesday:9AM to 5PM
Emergency Department :n/a
AKFP Women Wing:Basement Hall Bhadur Jang Society Block 7/8 Kamal Park Ameer Khasro Road Karachi Ph: 021-34305505 ,
Dial:24/7 +92 30 41114222

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan being a non-political, non-governmental and non-profit organization is committed to service of humanity without any kind of discrimination to contribute towards their well-being of health, education, financial sustainability, livelihood, shelters, availability of clean water, mosques, savage of disasters and other aspects of life. It works under its own particular Memorandum of Articles of Association and authority. It has no alliance with any territorial, ethnic or political movement of Pakistan or any other place on planet. All of the monetary support provided to any viable organization at home or abroad is only for charitable purposes. Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is committed to serve the humanity in all parts of the world without any discrimination of ideology, religion, race, clan and political affiliation. [1] Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan

Disaster Management

Disaster is a word that brings thousands of peril thoughts in ones mind. It reminds us of the unfortunate time of 2005 deadly earthquake that struck northern areas of Pakistan, killing thousands of people and leaving millions of the population homeless. In 2010 as well, cruel flood washed out a huge part of Pakistan. Occasional incidents of terrorism , accidents and other catastrophes have also played a key role to increase human suffering in Pakistan. Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, committed to its cause of service to humanity, has been working tirelessly in the field of Disaster Management and our contributions during floods, earthquakes and other calamities are badges of honor for the team. [2] Disaster Management


Education is the only solution for the humanity to prosper. With an aim to help every child to get education, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has taken lead among all its competitors by providing education through free schooling and rehabilitation support to the poor and needy children. Alkhidmat’s helpful undertakings encircle all matters and issues related to education in Pakistan. Without any discrimination, we provide equal opportunities to all talented and deserving students across the country. Male and female students are equal in ratio in the beneficiaries list of our education programs as we are pursuing the goal of 100 percent literacy rate in Pakistan.[3] Education is the only solution for the humanity

Clean Water

Pakistan is on its way to become a water deficient country as it already stands at 30th position among the most water-deficient countries of the world. Safe drinking water is one of Pakistan’s most immediate and crucial problems that demands earliest actions to be taken for its resolution.
Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is practically active to ensure the provision of clean drinking water by installing hand-pumps in arid lands, drilling water-wells in remote water-scarce areas, installing water-filtration plants in cities, and supplying water to homes in villages through its water schemes. Alkhidmat Clean Water Program takes every possible measure according to the needs of the water-scarce regions to implement its mission. [4] Clean Water

Orphan Care Program

Orphans belong to the most vulnerable group of our society especially from deprived and economically disadvantaged areas of Pakistan. A huge number of orphans: 4.2 million to be exact dwell in our country and more than half of them are deprived of their basic rights. Imagine the plight of so many little souls without the loving attention of a mother or the protective care of a father and sometimes both.
Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has developed a well-connected network that helps to reach such vulnerable orphans before they get trapped by any non-human factor of the society. Our volunteers’ network remains active throughout the year for the noble cause of finding and securing children with no family support.[5] Orphan Care Program


Alkhidmat Mawakhat Program was initiated with an objective of providing interest free micro credit to the poor and needy to enable them to start business, earn a respectable income and improve their standard of living. Mawakhat Program is dedicated to improve lives of the under privileged segment of society: who are financially unstable and await opportunities to a respectful earning.
The program is based on the Islamic teachings of “Qarz-e-Hasna” which literally means to help someone in need through interest-free loan. Mawakhat Program also provides the poor with interest-free loans so that they may acquire a livelihood, a skill to earn and fulfill their needs.[6] Alkhidmat Mawakhat Program



  1. Foundation Pakistan
  2. Head Office: 711, Block J – 2, Johar Town, Lahore – Pakistan
  3. Ph: +92 42 35957260  |  Fax: +92 42 35957261
  4. E-mail:

Sub Offices

  • Islamabad
  1. B-4 (First Flod Street No. 31 Sector F-7/1 Islamabad
  2. Ph: +92 51 2611911, Fax: +92 51 2611911
  3. Email:
  • Karachi
  1. 80-B, Sindhi Muslim Housing Society
  2. Near Darveshan Masjid Karachi.
  3. Ph: +92 21 4531 143, 34559255
  4. E-Mail:

Regional Offices


Rao Muhammad Zafar (President)

  1. Alkhidmat Foundation Punjab, Mansorah, Lahore
  2. Cell: +92 300 6388681, Ph: +92 42 35433038, Fax: +92 42 35432703


  1. Muhammad Asim Sangrani (President)
  2. Al Khidmat Foundation Balochistan
  3. 7-8 Al Mussawir Plaza Barginza Villas
  4. Zarghoon Road Quetta
  5. Ph +92 81 2826115, 
  6. Email;


  1. Dr. Syed Tabasum Jafri (President)
  2. Alkhidmat Foundation Sindh.
  3. Street # 3, Kaba Auditorium, Block 13,Fedreral B Area, Karachi
  4. Cell: +92 321 8270665, Ph: +92 21 36345131, Fax: +92 21 36344621

Gilgit Baltistan

  1. Ata ullah (President)
  2. Alkhidmat Foundation Gilgit & Baltistan.
  3. Near China Trade Center, Gilgit & Baltistan
  4. Cell: +92 333 5302392, Ph: +92 58 11457039, Fax: +92 58 11457039

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

  1. Noor Ul Haq (President)
  2. Alkhidmat Foundation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  3. Alkhidmat House, B-39, Street No. 6, Sikandar Town,GT Road, Peshawar
  4. Ph: +92 91 2263651, Fax: +92 91 2263653


  1. Engineer Abdul Aziz (President)
  2. Alkhidmat Welfare Society Karachi (Registered)
  3. 504, Qaideen Colony, Near Islamia College Karachi
  4. Cell: +92 321 3891958, Ph: +92 21 34915705, Fax: +92 21 36603045

Al-Khidmat Khawateen Trust PAKISTAN

  1. AlKhidmat Khawateen (Trust) Pakistan
  2. 76, Block – 6 P.H.C.H Al Haramain Masjid Karachi – Pakistan
  3. Ph: +92 21 34304985 , 


  1. Awal Gul Afridi (President)
  2. Alkhidmat Foundation FATA.
  3. Shenwari Sarai Dilazak Road, Peshwar
  4. Cell: +92 345 9056996, Ph: +92 91 2602422, Fax: +92 91 2602422