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Aleema Khanum is an entrepreneur and is as independent and hardworking as her brother Imran Khan. She also served as the director of Shaukat Khanum Hospital and is also giving charities in different organizations.
  • Personal
  • Name:

    Aleema Khan

  • In Urdu:

    علیمہ خان

  • Famous As:

    Sister of Imran Khan

  • Nationality:


  • Education:


  • Alma Mater:

    Lahore University of Management Sciences

  • Religion:


  • Profession:

    Entrepreneur and philanthropist

  • Family
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  • Spouse:

    Sohail Ameer Khan

  • Parents:

    Ikramullah Khan Niazi and Shaukat Khanum

  • Siblings :

    Imran Khan, Rubina Khanum, Rani Khanum, Uzma Khanum

  • Relatives:

    Bushra Maneka


An entrepreneur and a humanitarian Aleema Khan also known as Aleema Khanum who rendered her services from day 1 by giving charities and by helping poor souls. She is a younger sister of Prime Minister Imran Khan and is an unconventional, well-built lady. She did her masters from the Lahore University of Managment Sciences in 1989 and then started her career as an entrepreneur.


Aleema belongs to a very well reputed and an educated family having 3 sisters and a brother. Her father Ikramullah Khan was a civil Engineer while her mother Shaukat Khanum was a house lady. Her brothér Imran Khan is known across the globe and is the 22nd Prime minister of Pakistan. Her elder sister Rubina Khanum is also an educated lady and is currently at a senior post. Her younger sister Uzma Khanum is a qualified surgeon while her other sister Rani Khanum is a graduate and like Aleema she also rendered her services in a charity work.


She is the organizer of a Lahore-based material purchasing house, CotCom Sourcing (Pvt.) Ltd. Her material purchasing house has served material retailers and specialists over the globe and keeps up agent workplaces in Karachi and New York. Aleema filled in as showcasing executive for the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust and assumed an instrumental job in raising money endeavors for the doctor's facility. She is an individual from the leading group of governors of the healing facility. She is additionally an individual from the leading group of the Imran Khan Foundation and Namal Education Foundation, and a few beneficent and social welfare associations including the Hameed Muggo Trust and the SAARC Association of Home-Based Workers.

Undeclared Dubai Property

In order to keep away herself from any legitimate action for retaining the undeclared Dubai properties, Aleema Khan has paid the taxes of half of her properties including a luxurious flat which worth Rs 74 Million. She had to pay a double penalty because of keeping it confidential. The said luxurious flat was located in the heart of Dubai, adjacent to Burj Khalifa, the most expensive area in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), 

Aleema Khan given NRO

PML-N's spoke person Maryam Aurangzaib while talking to media stated that the only reason of giving  National Reconciliation Ordinance to Aleema Khan was her relation with Imran Khan. She denounced Imran Khan for giving an NRO to a thief sitting in his home. She uttered that why Aleema kept her properties secret why she didn't inform anyone. “The current government and Imran Khan are experts in telling lies, disgracing and abusing,” she added.

CJP takes Notice of Aleemas Property

Earlier this month elder sister of Imran Khan, Alema Khan told to Federal Investigation Agency that she has property in Dubai which she kept hidden from everyone. Saqib Nisar has taken a notice of this case for which the date has also been fixed. According to Aleema Khan, the property which she kept hidden has now sold by me. She further added that “I had acquired property in the UAE. I had also mentioned the Dubai property in my tax returns and will disclose the source of income for the purchase as soon as I reach Pakistan as I am currently out of the country,” 

Money laundering case against Aleema Khan

Shehzad Akbar, who is a special advisor to Imran Khan on accountability said that if any proof will find out against Imran's sister Aleema Khan against her Dubai properties then it will be charged as a Money Laundering Case. While speaking to a Geo News programme 'Geo parliament' that if there is any roof against her then send it to the NAB. He further added that “In case of submission of tax, the property does not become legal,”

Aleema Khan appears before Supreme Court

Aleema Khan appeared before the Supreme Court on 12th December for her Dubai Property case where her advisor Salman Akram Raja told that she acquired these properties in 2008. On asking about her properties she told to Chief Justice that she purchased these properties in 370000 dollars which she sold last year in 2017. The Chief Justice directed Aleema Khan to deposit 29.5 Million as soon as possible otherwise her properties will be snatched.

Aleema Khan owns Rs 450 Million

Aleema Khan, the sister of Prime Minister Imran Khan, claims over Rs450 million worth of property in the core of US territory of New Jersey. The property, with the location 154 Sixth Street, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030, was purchased in 2004 is as yet possessed by her. The deed of the property read that it was purchased for $0.758 million on August 5, 2004, with the Book 7355 having private class. The first Book Deed of Property, solely gotten by this journalist, uncovered that Aleema Khan purchased this property in 2004 with a 25% organization of her companion Samina Sultana in the United States. The property was acquired from Keith Prebola who purchased this property in 1999, uncovered the 36-page Property Book. She had not revealed it to the expense specialists till November 12, 2017. Lorraine Senerchia, Deputy Register Hudson County New Jersey, affirmed the status of the said property to Geo News. Aleema Khan neither reacted to Geo News poll nor her better half Sohail Ameer Khan remarked on this critical improvement.

Abid Sher Ali Allegation on Aleema Khan

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Abid Sher Ali who is the former State Minister has claimed that Prime Minister Imran Khan's sister Aleema Khan had procured property in the United States with Zakat cash. In a video message, Abid Sher Ali demonstrated a condo in New Jersey and guaranteed that it is owned by Aleema Khan. He affirmed that both Imran and his sister Aleema had plundered open cash for the sake of Shaukat Khanum Hospital. He has also instructed the Supreme Court to investigate this matter.

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