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Al_noor Sugar Mills Limited (Company)

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Al-Noor Sugar Mills Limited was incorporated in Pakistan on August 08, 1969 as a public limited company under the Companies Act, 1913 (now Companies Ordinance, 1984). The Company is listed on Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchanges. The principal activities of the Company is manufacturing sugar, medium density fiber (MDF) board, power generation and its sale. The registered office of the company is situated at 96-A, Sindhi Muslim Society, Karachi in the province of Sindh and the manufacturing facilities are located at Shahpur Jahania, District Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Abad (Nawabshah) in the province of Sindh.

Title Description
Type: Manufecturer
Phone: +92 21 34550161/2/3
Fax: +92 21 34556675
Stock Exchanges: Karachi and Lahore
Board of Directors: Mr. Ismail H. Zakaria, Mr. Yusuf Ayoob, Mr. Suleman Ayoob, Mr. A. Aziz Ayoob, Mr. Noor Mohammad Zakaria, Mr. Zia Zakaria, Mr. Salim Ayoob, Mr. Zohair Zakaria , Mr. Shamim Ahmad (Independent Director)
Factory: Shahpur Jahania, P.O. Noor Jahania Taluka Moro, District Nawabshah Sindh, Pakistan
Registered Office: 96-A, Sindhi Muslim Society, Karachi-74400, Pakistan
In Urdu: النورشوگر ملزلمیٹڈ
Traded As: Sugar, Medium Density fiber (MDF) board, Power Generation
Legal Advisor: Mr. Abdul Sattar Pingar
Contact: Ismail H.Zakaria
Address: 96-A, Sindhi Muslim Society, Karachi 74400, Sindh,, Karachi Pakistan
Hours: 9AM–5PM
Symbol of Company: ALNRS
National Tax Number: 0709538-4
Company Registration Number: CUIN 0002947
Breakup value/shares (in Rs.): 70.21 as of September 30, 2015
Price /Earning Ratio (in %): 6.34 as of September 30, 2015
Earning per share (In Rs.): 8.12 as on September 30, 2015
Founded: August 08, 1969

Vision Statement

To be a model company producing sugar and allied products of international quality by maintaining a high level of ethical and professional standards.

Mission Statement

To gain strength through industry leadership in the manufacturing and marketing of sugar and Lasani Wood and to have a strong presence on these products markets while retaining the options to diversify in other profitable ventures. To operate ethically while maximizing profit and satisfying customers' needs and stakeholders' interests. To assist in the socio economic development of Pakistan especially in the rural areas through industrial expansion and development.

Associated Undertakings The Group

Shahmurad Sugar Mills Limited Shahmurad Distillery Unit Reliance Insurance Company Limited First Al-Noor Modaraba[1] Profile

Board of Directors

Mr. Ismail H. Zakaria

Mr. Ismail H. Zakaria is the Director and the Group Chairman of Al-Noor Group of Industries. His experience as business executive spread over a period of over 50 years diversified experience with commitment and dedication with Industrial, Insurance and Modaraba exposures.

Mr. Yusuf Ayoob

Mr. Yusuf Ayoob is the Director with over 50 years diversified entrepreneurship and industrial experience including operations and technical.

Mr. Suleman Ayoob

Mr. Suleman Ayoob is the Director with over 45 years diversified entrepreneurship and industrial experience including operations.

Mr. A. Aziz Ayoob

Mr. A. Aziz Ayoob is the Director with over 45 years diversified entrepreneurship and industrial experience including operations.

Mr. Noor Mohammad Zakaria

Mr. Noor Mohammad Zakaria is the Director with over 44 years diversified Trading and Industrial experience including operations.

Mr. Zia Zakaria

Mr. Zia Zakaria is the Director with over 25 years of Industrial experience including operations specifically the Distillery Division.

Mr. Salim Ayoob

Mr. Salim Ayoob is the Director with over 29 years of Industrial experience including operations specifically of MDF Board Division.

Mr. Zohair Zakaria

Mr. Zohair Zakaria has over 14 years diversified experience including operations and finance. He joined the group after completing his Bachelors in Science from USA and has since been actively involved in the affairs of the company and the group with complete commitment and dedication.[2] Boards of Directors

Company Information


  1. M/S . Kreston Hyder  Bhimji & Co.
  2. Chartered Accountant,
  3. Suite No.1601, Kashif Centre,
  4. Main Sharah-e-Faisal,
  5. Karachi-75530
  6. Phone No: +92 21 35640050-1-2,
  7. Fax No: +92 21 35640053
  8. Email:, 

Share Registrars

  1. M/S. C & K Management  Associates (Pvt.) Limited
  2. 404-Trade Tower, Abdullah Haroon Road,
  3. Near Metropole Hotel, Karachi – 75530.
  4. Phone: +92 21 35687839/ 35685930
  5. Fax No: +92 21 35687839
  1. Mr. Abdul Sattar Pingar

Regulatory Information

  1. Company Registration Number: CUIN 0002947
  2. National Tax Number: 0709538-4
  3. Status of the Company: ESC
  4. Symbol of Company: ALNRS
  5. Free Float: 12,221,721 (59.69%) shares as on September 30, 2015
  6. Earning per share (In Rs.): 8.12   as on September 30, 2015
  7. Price /Earning Ratio (in %): 6.34 as of September 30, 2015
  8. Breakup value/shares (in Rs.): 70.21 as of September 30, 2015
  1. Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan
  2. State Bank of Pakistan
  3. Federal Board of Revenue
  4. Sindh Revenue Board
  5. Karachi Stock Exchange Limited
  6. Lahore Stock Exchange Limited
  7. Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited

Code of Conduct

Al-Noor Sugar Mills Limited is guided by the following principles in its pursuit of excellence in all activities for attainment of the comapny objectives.

The Company

  1. Fulfills all statutory requirements of the Regulatory Authority and follows all applicable laws of the country together with compliance of accepted accounting principles, rules and procedures required.
  2. Deals with all stakeholders in an objective and transparent manner so as to meet the expectations of those who rely on the Company.
  3. Meet the expectations of the spectrum of the society and the Regulatory Authority by implementing an effective and fair system of financial reporting and internal controls.
  4. Uses all means to protect the environment and ensures health and safety of the employees.
  5. Activities and involvement of directors and employees of the Company in no way conflict with the interest of the Company. All acts and decisions of the management are motivated by the interest of the Company rather than their own.
  6. Ensures efficient and effective utilization of its resources.

As Directors

  1. Promote and develop attractive environment through responsive policies and guidelines to facilitate viable and timely decisions.
  2. Maintain organizational effectiveness for the achievement of the Company's goals.
  3. Support and adherence to compliance of legal and industry requirements.
  4. Safeguard the interest and assets of the company to meet and honor all obligations of the Company.
  5. Promote a culture that supports enterprise and innovation with appropriate short-term and long-term performance related rewards that are fair and achievable in motivating management and employees effectively and productively.

As Executives and Managers

  1. Ensure cost effectiveness and profitability of operations.
  2. Provide directions and leadership for the organization and take viable and timely decisions.
  3. Develop and cultivate work ethics and harmony among colleagues and associates.
  4. Encourage initiatives and self-realization in employees through meaningful empowerment.
  5. Promote and develop culture of excellence, conservation and continuous improvement.
  6. Provide pleasant work atmosphere and ensure an equitable way of working and rewarding system.
  7. Institute commitment to environmental, health and safety performance.

As Employees and Workers

  1. Observe Company policies, regulations and codes of Best Business Practices.
  2. Exercise prudence in effective, efficient and economical utilization of resources of the Company.
  3. Make concerted struggle for excellence and quality.
  4. Devote productive time and continued efforts to strength the Company.
  5. Protect and safeguard the interest of the Company and avoid the conflict of interest. Ensure the primary interest in all respects is that of the Company.
  6. Maintain financial integrity and must avoid making personal gain at the Company's cost by participating in or assisting activities which compete with the Company.






Investor Grievances

  1. If you are aggrieved, it is prudent to act promptly and lodge your complaint at
  3. SECP website link for Investor Grievance is,

Office Address

96-A, Sindhi Muslim Housing Society, Karachi-7440


  • +92 21 34550161/2/3


  • +92 21 34556675


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