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2017-01-14 01:03:28Angels International College
AIC now functions as three city campuses namely; Atlantis, Pixie World and Little Angels.[1]Little Angels  College 
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    Private School/College

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  • Principal:

    Khawaja Faisal Abbas

  • Rector:

    Sabahat K. Tatari

  • Location:

    Faisal Town, Near Faisal Valley, West Canal Road, Faisalabad, Pakistan.

  • Campus:

    Atlantis Campus, Little Angels Campus, Pixie World Campus

  • Nickname:

    Little Angels

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AIC Campus

Atlantis Campus

AIC- Atlantis campus spreads over 3.12 acres of land providing conducive and secure environment to the learners. The campus comprises airy and comfortably spacious classrooms with multiple play areas including hockey and rugby ground, swimming pool and play areas to cater to the needs of academic and co curricular activities. AIC- Atlantis Campus initiated the establishment of an enriched resource centre. Through the consistent addition of a number of printed and electronic materials based on the academic programmes requirements of research an inquiry the centre has been enriched and process is on. A number of relevant audio/video materials have also been added. Computers have been installed for the learners to conduct internet based research enriching the taught concepts and units of inquiry. The objective of consistent quality improvement and having thinking learners made AIC planned to become the interested IB-PYP school in December, 2008. After the prelim visit by IBO evaluator the institution worked for the candidacy status and achieved that in May 2013.Post candidacy consultation AIC is moving forward for PYP authorization visit scheduled for February 2016. Maintaining the IB continuum, AIC achieved Middle Year Programme (MYP) candidacy and is in the process of applying for the Diploma Programme (DP). Improved intellectual and interpersonal skills are considered to be essential for competent learners; AIC has been providing a number of forums to enhance these skills. The college has been participating in Parliamentarian speeches and declamation contests at national level. The college has consistently qualified for the semifinals which is an evidence of our learners and teachers determination. AIC is proud to share that since 2009, nine (09) recipients of i-Earn (Kerry Lugar YES) scholarship program have traveled to US on one year scholarship for their academic and undergraduate professional training. Participation at International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest is also a regular feature of AIC where almost 70% of the learners participate annually. In addition to that our students have participated as presenters on forums like international Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers (SPELT) conferences and Model United Nations (MUN) conferences.[2] Atlantis Campus AIC 

Little Angels Campus

Little Angels Campus is situated in the heart of the city, covering an area of 1770 square meters. Our building has been designed for primary year learners between the ages of 3-10 years (Pre Nursery V). We focus on total growth of child development and for the same campus including classrooms, resource centre , play areas have been designed to enhance inquiry based learning. Little Angels campus teachers and other staff members believe in the philosophy of hard work, responsible behavior, and persistence towards excellence. We collaborate with parents/professionals to uncover and boost up the greatest potential hidden in the learners. to enhance our learners research skills the Resource Centre ensures availability of informative resources at all levels, stimulating the interest in reading, viewing, and expressing ideas. A specially created fun-filled play area is also here, providing opportunity to young learners to enhance their social development and independence. The learners are also receiving intensive, conservatory style training in performing arts. They are being facilitated with spacious Science Lab, AV Room and IT Lab. All these resources are adding to the ongoing process of development of learners. Welcoming you to AIC-Little Angels Campus for developing our children as thinking and questioning global citizens.[3]Little Angels Campus 

Pixie World Campus

Pixie World campus is situated at the most accessible location of the city. We offer classes from Pre-Nursery to V (3 years to 11 years of age). Our main emphasis has been on providing a secure and nutrient environment that allows children to develop at their own pace. We are having spacious class rooms, well equipped resource center, art room, play areas and cafe catering to all age group levels. We believe that the primary years of a child education are very important as joining primary school is the first milestone in a child education. Our curriculum builds on global standards practiced internationally through research-supported educational learning engagements. Inquiry is the key word to integrate higher order thinking, questioning, and application of content knowledge. While completion of Units of Inquiry, learners participate in real life projects that promote responsible citizenship. If you take a look in our classrooms, you will find internationally trained teachers engaged in challenging learners to participate in a wide range of learning activities beyond the class. Field trips, guest lectures, assemblies are regular extensions and enrichment to our classroom methodology. Parent-teacher-learner collaboration is an essential feature of our school. If you wish to unravel more of this wonderful world of inquisitive and curious minds, please contact our Admission Office.[4] Pixie World Campus 

AIC History

Old Logo OF AIC
Old Logo OF AIC
Angels International College (AIC) started its journey in 1974 as first Pre School in Civil Lines, Faisalabad and within two years on parents request the school started primary classes in 1976. As an outcome of the consistent dedication of all stake holders the Middle years began in 1980. Hard work of the team members resulted in affiliation with Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Faisalabad, Pakistan in 1990 as a Secondary School. AIC established its second campus in Peoples Colony in 1999 and got affiliated with Cambridge International Examination in 2003. An important landmark was the inauguration of the purpose built Canal Campus covering 3.12 acres in 2005. AIC now functions as three city campuses namely; Atlantis, Pixie World and Little Angels. To achieve the objectives of consistent quality improvement having learners as knowledgeable global citizens made AIC planned to apply for International Baccalaureate  Primary Years Programme (PYP) and Middle Years Programme (MYP). In May 2013 AIC became IB-PYP Candidate Institution and achieved MYP candidacy in January 2014. Now AIC is moving forward for PYP authorization planned for October 2015

AIC Messages

Rector Message

The beginning of new academic year is a promise for all to put our efforts together for the accomplishment of our goals. Goals we set for moving ahead achieving more and better. 2015-16 has begun with a new fresh look for all academic programmes. Our Primary Year Programme across the three campuses has been enriched with new class set ups making energetic inquirers enjoy their learning at fullest. In addition, inclusion of resources and learning engagements are making learners research, explore and share with different community members through presentations, performances and surveys. Middle Year programme has brought more challenges making students unravel the inquiry statements using problem based learning. The inter disciplinary approach provide students apply the conceptual knowledge and understand the linkages between local and global communities. High school students with more challenging goals to achieve are occupied to groom themselves as young professionals. They are to develop as citizens who can contribute in improving the constructive and positive societal approach. As an academician I would like to request all to support AIC management in making this institution a centre of excellence. Our common goal should be to enrich Pakistan with thinking minds ready to be caring problem solvers.[5]Rector's Message of AIC 

Principal Message

Angels International College is a unique school. From its infrastructure to class room practices,  their exists a spirit of internationalism. We are striving to create a global student, equipped with a skill set to do well in national and international universities. Heart of our efforts are topnotch faculty, co-curricular activities like Harvard University MUN, student exchange program with USA  and competing in rugby champions in UK. And the end product is a unique student! [6]AIC Principal's Message 

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