Abdul Razzaq Bds

Abdul Razzaq Bds (Security Forces)

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Abdul Razzaq Born in Quetta in 1974 and completed his early education from Islamia School and passed his matriculation in the late 1990s.Razzaq had joined the police force’s special branch at the age of 21, During the last one and a half decade, Commander Abdul Razzaq had defused more than 600 explosive devices, including IEDs, high power explosive material, timer devices, rockets etc,  not only in Quetta but also elsewhere in Balochistan. Undeniably, Abdul Razzaq had been giving the militants a hard time to survive.

Title Description
Name: Abdul Razzaq
In Urdu: عبدالرازقق
Famous As: Brave Son of Quetta
Motto: “when I have to die, nothing will save me and when I have to live on no one can kill me”
Nationality: Pakistani
Education: Islamia School Quetta 1990
Religion: Islam
Profession: Bomb Disposal Squad
Courses: Patwari
BDS Rank : Commander
Joined Police: Age of 21
Date: 1974
Place: Quetta Pakistan
Siblings : Tariq (Brother) Farhan (Nephew)
Date: 13 February 2017

Early life

He completed the ‘patwari’ course and preferred to join the police department and soon he was promoted as the head constable because of his bravery and counter-terrorism attempts.


Always the risk involved in his career, the commander didn't want to get married as he did not want to have a family without him being around. He, however, left behind an aged mother and eight siblings.“He bravely continued the fight against terrorism”, said his brother.


BDS Commander Who Sacrificed his Life in Line of Duty

BDS Commander Who Sacrificed his Life in Line of Duty

He was famous and fearless Bomb Disposal Squad commander had 21 years of experience behind him and managed a big team of BDS members across Balochistan. His life was always in danger because he foiled many nefarious designs of anti-state elements. He always had a strong belief in destiny and Allah.He always used to say “when I have to die, nothing will save me and when I have to live on no one can kill me”.[1] Career


on 13 February 2017 , Abdul Razzaq was called to reach and check Saryab road Quetta, where a suspicious plastic bag was spotted near the bridge.Officials and his colleagues said that the commander had jammed two options that could lead to the explosion which was timer and remote control  and as he was about to work on the third option that might be photocell switch, the explosive device went off with a big blast.The explosion was so powerful that the commander Abdul Razzaq and his colleague police constable Abdul Majeed stood no chance of survival.

His Mother Wording About him

“He was my lovely son; I am proud he sacrificed and dedicated his life for the people,” she echoed, adding more prominence to his professionalism and passion.“He would tell me that he would not marry until or unless he would buy a new house,” she revealed about Razzaq’s commitment towards providing a more comfortable life for himself and his family.[2] His Mother Wording About him


Even though Razzaq’s expertise merited many accolades, the only medals to his name were the Pakistan police and Quaid-e-Azam medals.

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